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1. SUBLIMATION -- sublimation is a compromise involving the gestation phase of problem solving. This often includes hobbies or other relaxation things that tend to disengage the left brain and allow the right brain greater autonomy. These relaxation devices allow the right brain to both synthesize new solutions and recall long unremembered solutions, as well as create new things for the fun of it. This activity occurs naturally. Sometimes sublimation activities are a compulsion driven by feelings of abandonment, as are other compulsions like substance abuse, gambling, and compulsive spending.

2. ANGER -- anger is often an immature reaction to frustration or stress, and is not considered a part of higher neo-cortex thinking; it is rather a reptilian reaction in MacLean's Triune Brain scheme.

Anger is also a step in the Grief Process described by Elisabeth Kubler-Ross that progresses through denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and finally acceptance.

3. REGRESSION -- a return to the "Good Ole" Days. This problem evasion mechanism is farther from the problem solving pathway than anger. It involves the return to behavior of an earlier age.

4. DISTORTION -- these problem evasion mechanisms pa.s.s even farther from problem solving toward problem evasion.

i. PROJECTION -- attributing unacceptable thoughts and feelings to someone else: "They don't like me."

ii. REACTION FORMATION -- forming good feelings for a tyrant to minimize bullying: the terrorized victim reaction.

iii. INTELLECTUALIZATION -- continuing research to find fool-proof solutions, rather than taking a chance at failure.

iv. DISPLACEMENT -- prejudice, racism. Sarcasm and cynicism are frequently used in expressions of superiority over others.

5. REPRESSION -- This is the final evasion of problem solving and the most severe. It is a denial mechanism that involves blocking from consciousness that the problem ever existed.

Problem Solving Evasions.


i. Tears.

ii. Rage.

2. REGRESSION -- "If things were only just like the Good Ole Days."


i. PROJECTION -- Attributing one's own feelings to someone else: "He hates me."

ii. REACTION FORMATION -- Adopting favorable emotions toward an abusive-domineering bully. "If I love the terrorist, maybe he won't hurt me."

iii. INTELLECTUALIZATION -- "I'll wait until it is totally safe before I do anything. I'll continue to research the problem."

iv. DISPLACEMENT -- racial prejudice, cynicism, sarcasm.

4. REPRESSION -- "This is now not important enough to spend time on.

I can't even remember why it was once important."

Interpersonal Problem Solving.

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