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So I got a lot to say with this author’s note but I hope you’ll read through it all :3

Anyways first of all, I would like to say thank you to all of you who spent the time to make comments the [Changes] Thread.  I loved all of your ideas and I hope to bring out some of those ideas outin the future.  I wrote it to get your opinions meaning that your advice greatly affects whether or not it will happen.  Right now though, I have no intentions on making any of the re-edits for some time.  Likely I’ll keep the orphanage and Core gamer idea for now.  However as the story becomes more in depth and you guys find out who Hydra/Landon truly is, maybe we can discuss what will happen then.  (Yes there is more to Hydra than any of you think TRUST ME)

The next thing.  I truly had no idea whether to tell you guys the conversation of the Bread G.o.d and Aspa, right now and wanted to come back to it awhile later, however someone asked for it.  So here it is.  It will confuse you, but you guys will just have to ponder it, for IDK 200-300 chapters?

That goes into another topic: Secrets.  Yes  I have kept so much from your guys and literally have only showed you the idenity of Irina.  But now there’s MORE secrets.  Everything will be explained sooner or later, but I can say that most characters are hugely important in their own way.

I was so surprised to see the amount of votes for V4.  I’m very happy to see that it was the most like one.  Why?  Simply because that was something I thought might have been the least liked.

Finally, this chapter will be the regular of tuesday.  (Because chapter 80 was 6k I’m counting it towards the regular specially that I had midterms and it was my birthday I even managed to get out the amount of regulars for you guys last week)

PS:  If you guys can take a moment to write a review.  It’s one of the only way you guys can support us author’s and its definitely something that encourages us.  I’d greatly appreciate that.

Until next time Ciao Cubs~

“So, Bread G.o.d, what can I do for you?  Clearly you being here must mean that even over your life you care about Hydra more right?  Otherwise, even if you were just born, there’s no way the other G.o.ds wouldn’t have warned you about intruding on my domain.”

Aspa, stared at the figure that appeared before her.  His body was neither tall nor short, similar in height  towards Hydra.  His hair didn’t have the similar cowlick that Hydra had however the length was near identical.  The colour matched a perfectly baked piece of bread fresh out of the oven and his br.i.m.m.i.n.g smile would cause anyone to feel at ease.  He was wearing a simple light brown robe that gave the feeling of calmness and easygoing.

“Indeed, I have been forewarned about the dangers that threaten even the G.o.ds however, without that man I would not be here today.  How could I not worry about him meeting with the strongest, most unpredictable  power of [Tsula].”

“As I know you’ve only been born, I’ll give you a warning only once.  Don’t you dare put me, a Descendant, on your, Ascendant’s level.  I have never once interfered with you Ascendants ruling [Tsula].  I only made sure that the world wasn’t going to be destroyed during that pathetic war.”

At these words, the Bread G.o.d froze.  Because he had just been born from the faith of his subjects, it was hard to learn of all of the secrets that the world contained.  Such as one of them being the difference between Aspa and the G.o.ds.  Although they called themselves G.o.ds, it was only a name adopted when the humans and monsters alike called them that.  In fact the ancient way of calling them that was like Aspa had said, Ascendants.  What did that truly mean?  Even the Bread G.o.d was unsure.  However he knew that with a flip of her finger the entire world could be destroyed by Aspa.  That was a power that not even the G.o.ds together could manage!  Thus the Bread G.o.d could only bend his head in gratefulness and thank Aspa.

“Something of which I’m sure all the G.o.ds are grateful for Lady Aspa.  I, too, do not wish to test your might.  I was just looking out for Hydra.”

Aspa’s facial expressions during the entire time had not changed from a cold deathly look. At the same time the Bread G.o.d didn’t have a shred of worry, not because he could contend with the [White Winged Tree] but simply because he knew that Aspa wasn’t willing to lower herself to kill him.  It was then that Aspa waved her hand and disappeared, leaving a whisper in the wind for the Bread G.o.d to hear.

“This is a good time to you Ascendants know, from now on, I will protect that boy.  Any of the G.o.ds who wish to take action will be destroyed and I won’t even allow you the benefit of reincarnation.  Now go, because you share a relationship with that boy, I will forgive you for intruding.”

The Bread G.o.d, nodded in agreement.  He only came for Hydra’s protection and knowing that Aspa was also looking over his safety, he had nothing to worry about and quickly disappeared grinning as his body blended into the surroundings.

As Aspa was now back in his domain in the room that she had rushed out of to have Hydra, she sat in her bed made of silky soft leaves and thought to herself.

‘How shameful.  I, Aspa, was infected by an insignificant creature and killed my own kind.  Who would have thought, in my time of need it would be their son would come to my rescue.’

The more she thought, the more a grin crept onto her face.  As she couldn’t help but think that the entire world was going to shake due to his appearance!  It might not be soon, however she knew without a doubt, that everything would turn out to be for fun.

Noticing that her descendant had started the trials, Aspa patiently, waited for her arrival.  When Irina, finally finished the third trial, Aspa was already waiting for her and called out to her.

“Child, you have no need to test the 4th trial, as of one who will inherit the lineage, your blood is the purest and without greed.  Are you ready to inherit your responsibilities?  Are you ready to protect my children for a millenia?  Are you prepared to follow me in life and death?!”

“I am!”

Irina without hesitation looked towards Aspa.  Although inwardly she was surprised by the appearance, she knew as the heart of [White Winged Tree] she could take on any form that she so wished.  Irina was one who cared deeply for her kin and would do anything for them.  However, although she agreed without hesitation, Aspa could see the hint of regret tingling in her eyes and spoke out.

“Child, I can feel your fear, what is wrong?”

Hearing this, Irina couldn’t help but inwardly sigh to herself.  She braced and resolved herself to throw away her emotions, however her mother was the most important thing to her in her life.  How could she not regret that her actions would directly kill her?  Thus she spoke out with voice full of worries and stutters.

“Lady Aspa.  Would… It be possible to save my mother?”

“…Unfortunately no.  Although I am immortal, that is only because I sought after it myself.  Your mother, did not.  Thus without my power she will no longer be able to continue to live. Irina you must know of the pain she harbours within her heart.  She has already lived for so long, let her go.”

Irina, didn’t say anything and only nodded.  The pain in Irina’s heart could be seen, but neither Aspa or Irina commented on it further.  Seeing this Aspa couldn’t help but to be somewhat regretful as well.  It was obviously her fault due to her negligence that she killed her own kin, something she would deeply regret for the rest of her life.  However even still she could do nothing but start to gather power into her hand.  When the white gathered, she sent it straight into Irina’s body.

The warm light enveloped Irina, and started to change her hair to the beautiful platinum blonde.  Although on the outside that was the only change, Irina knew deep within she had gained inexplicable power.  She also felt a huge connection to Aspa and the surrounding plants.  Seeing that the inheritance had been successful Aspa, smiled and spoke to Irina.

“You have gained some of my power, however what I wish you to do with this is not to protect the people.  I want you to travel with that boy.  Stay with him forever, and no matter what never leave his side.  Also take this gem, you will need it in the future.”

“Lady Aspa!  What… what do you mean?!  Aren’t I supposed to protect the clan?”

“Worry not,  although I gave my power to allow my descendants to protect themselves, it was only because I didn’t wish to act myself all the time.  However this time is different, you need to protect that boy.  I will not say it again, let him take you with him.  Don’t act like you aren’t happy inside, as you have already gained part of my life, I can feel your emotions clear as day.”

Embarra.s.sed Irina looked towards the ground.  Although she wished to protect her clan, she also wished greatly to travel with Hydra.  It was her dream to travel the world, and more so to travel with Hydra.  With no more words Irina left with a similar gem that Aspa gave to Hydra as well.  There Aspa patiently waited for the final moments of Laxiss.

Time went by, and Aspa watched the scene unfold of Laxiss’ pa.s.sing.  With a frown she spoke softly with deep meaning behind her words, as she commanded the vines to bring Laxiss deep within the tree.

“Laxiss, my daughter, I have given you nothing but pain, however as to give you peace in the Descended world, I have kept your husband here.  From now on you two may join in hands for the next life.”


“Hydra wait!”

“… I’m sorry I didn’t mean to rush off.”

“It’s okay, I know you truly cared about my mother as well.  But there’s something I need to tell you before we get back.”

Hydra had impatiently walked off after saying his farewells to Laxiss, after in which he noticed the vines had disappeared in the tree.  Something of which Hydra was clear that was because of Aspa’s influence.  He had no idea what she had planned, however he knew that standing here would do nothing and nearly ran back to [Grenit] when Irina softly called him out in worry. Her face was exhausted from crying, and her tears stained her cheeks, she clearly was attempting to sound as normal as possible but Hydra easily saw through that and calmed down.

“When we arrive, you can not say anything about my mother’s pa.s.sing.  To the clan it is known that when the inheritance is succeeded, the predecessor will go on a journey and happily live out their days.  Only myself and my brother know the truth and only we are allowed too.  Thus for you to also know was because you were given the rights the moment you pa.s.sed all the trails.”

“Why?!  Why can your clan not know that she pa.s.sed on?!”

“Its because everyone one of us are so dear to one another.  Thus when everyone found out after the first successor pa.s.sed the grief overtook many of the elves and ended up suiciding.  To prevent such a situation from ever happening again, only the main family would be able to know.”


From there, both Hydra and Irina, did not speak, their minds full of turmoil.  They were both spent of their energy specially that not only did they lose someone they cherished but that they had also both pa.s.sed the [Trials of Aspa].  The walk in the dark forest, Irina and Hydra calmly walked on, it was only when Irina, softly grabbed his hand, that Hydra realized she was in more turmoil than him.  In response her tightened his grip on the trembling small hand, doing his best to warm up the chilled feelings overwhelming her.

Although their walk still continued in silence, hand in hand they both were able to lean on each other to warm their hearts.  From that moment on they both decided they would always protect those close to them.

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