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Chapter 6: Things I protect


An empty can make an eerie sound as it fell onto the sideway. A man wearing suits reached out to his leather bag.  A black shadow jumped out of the trash can that was filled with trash making it seems as though it in self was abandoned.


“Do, Don’t! I have a family to feed! I have daughter and wife at home! So, please, I’ beg please no!”


The black haired youth pushed his feet onto the trembling man’s shoulder. Looking dully at his leg that sank inside the man’s body, the boy glanced at the man’s face.


Is it because of the exhaustion that welled up inside him from the work or the denial of having to meet such miserable fate, the man’s face was very crooked.


“I’m sorry but I also need of this survive”


Saying so he swung the leather wallet by his fingertip in front of the man. The man stared deeply at the swinging wallet as it swings to left and right. His mentality to not give up hope. I don’t hate that.


At that moment the man jumped thinking the timing as a perfect chance as he extended both his arms at the swinging wallet. Unfortunately for the man, the boy with black hair’s reaction speed far exceeded the expectation, as the boy dodged to the right and kicked him in the back. Forcing the man to fall to his face.


The boy combed his not so long hair as it covered one of his eyes and combed them all the way to the back. For some reason sigh escaped his mouth. It’s a rain.


“Please! My wife and daughter are waiting for me at home!”


Behind him was a man who was supposedly unconscious after the kick shouting at Adam’s back without giving up slight hope.


Hunger for money like a starved wolf, and protecting something like an idiot. It’s no different with me but&h.e.l.lip;.


“It’s just gonna be a baggage, I don’t need it”


Throwing the wallet at the man, the boy left the place as if escaping from something.


“Thank you, thank you so much”


If you are to thank someone then thank your family. You can  still. Protect someone important to you.


Getting out of the array, an old abandoned factory could be seen.

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