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Translator: Ichinonsense
Chapter 17 - Occupied by Martial Uncle

"Oh!" Yue Qianchou immediately threw aside the sword, and put the 'Mountain Piercing Claws' on, his ten fingers were attached with ten dark and shiny claws, his hands now were looking quite impressive, and the size was on point. According to the White Fox, once true Qi was infused into the gauntlets, it would immediately fit in according to the user's hands, and if the true Qi circulation was cut off, the gauntlets would loosen itself.

"This thing seems good, i'll give it a try," Yue Qianchou was feeling excited, he made a slicing gesture with one finger toward the stone, the claw on his finger was quietly cutting without any effort until the stone was cut apart, he turned his head and put his hands together, "Thank you Big Sister, for giving me this treasure."

The White Fox shook her head, "I didn't give it to you, this is the inheritance of my fox clan, so i have no right to give it to you, however, i'll lend it to you for some time."

"Er..." Yue Qianchou was speechless for a moment, then made a wide grin, "I know," He turned back toward the boulders, the two hands were on the move, stone debris were flying everywhere.

In less than half a day, Yue Qianchou finished the sarcophagus with a satisfying result. He took off the gauntlets and looked around for the best burial place according to Feng Shui.

After finding the right place, Yue Qianchou put the sarcophagus that had been hollowed out into the pit, then carefully laid the remains of his master inside it. After covering the sarcophagus with a stone cover, the overall looking was like a big mantou. Naturally, his master was the mantou's filling, then he started to bury the sarcophagus.

Yue Qianchou turned his head left and right over and over again, always felt that there was something missing, then finally slapped his forehead, It's still missing the gravestone! Wearing the gauntlets again, he began to make the gravestone. Written in a large characters, 'Revered Master Hao Sansi's Tomb', beside it, a few small words were etched, 'Filial Piety of Yue Qianchou'. Finished, after taking a closer look, he found that in addition to the ugly written characters, there should be no other problems.

He was about to install the gravestone against the grave, but suddenly got a little dumbfounded, he circled around the grave a few laps with an anxious expression and sweaty forehead, Originally, because he wanted to make a perfect burial for his master, the grave was made too round, and he forgot which side the head and feet of his master was buried. It's impossible to just casually install the gravestone without looking at how his master was buried.

"Your Grandmother!" Yue Qianchou scolded himself, he put aside the gravestone on the ground, and wiped the sweat on his forehead. Yue Qianchou was ready to re-open the grave to see how his master was buried.

The White Fox who was on the corner, saw Yue Qianchou circled a few laps around the grave with a gravestone in his hands, she had no idea what he was doing. Is this the custom around here? The beautiful eyes curiously stared at him. Until the guy put the gravestone aside and ready to re-open the grave, the White Fox hurriedly came over. Her silly little brother actually forgot how his master was buried, now unexpectedly wanted to re-open the grave to check how his master was buried, this should be what was going on! She didn't know whether to laugh or cry.

The White Fox looked down at the stone by her feet and kicked it, the stone fell right on the edge of the grave in a standing position.

Yue Qianchou saw a stone was falling, needless to say who did it, there was only the White Fox in this place other than him. Squatting on the edge of the grave, he looked up toward the White Fox and saw her eyes were glaring at him, until she finally came closer, the White Fox told him what his buried master position. The former's finger pointed toward the stone, and shouted at her, "You mean it's buried here?"

The White Fox nodded, Yue Qianchou carried the gravestone toward that position, he looked around, it seemed a bit wrong here, he couldn't help but shouted at her again, "Big Sister White, are you sure it's here?"

The White Fox had always been temperament, and finally couldn't help but rolled her eyes, she decided not to confront him, how she just wanted to walk away, a single word could be vaguely heard from her two lips, "Idiot..."

Yue Qianchou thought that she wouldn't lie to him, then installed the gravestone on that spot. He reviewed the grave again, there was still something missing, his eyes suddenly lit up, then ran over the surrounding to collect some wild flowers.

Not far away, the White Fox was attracted to her little brother's behaviour, looking at his not so good-looking face. Originally, there weren't many wild flowers around, he looked everywhere and made a mess. After gathering enough wild flowers, he made a garland out of it, and placed it in front of his master's gravestone.

Subsequently, Yue Qianchou also hunted two birds, grilled them, and placed it in front of the grave. Yue Qianchou kowtowed a few times, he vowed to get revenge for his master. After a toss for his master, it was all finished.

Yue Qianchou stood up and made a sigh, he turned around and saw the White Fox was standing alone in the wilderness, he realized that there was no place to live in, it's not good to let a woman live a life in the wilderness ah! He immediately hit the idea to build a house.

Yue Qianchou focused his mind, and he returned to the pavilion. Today, no one played at the pavilion, it was particularly quiet. Looking at the fluorescent stones, Yue Qianchou thought that the house would also need an illumination during the night, he didn't waste his time and about to grab some fluorescent stones. Suddenly, a thought crossed him, his mind focused on the golden bead, touch this, touch that.... He found out that as long as his hand touched the fluorescent stone, he could directly transport it to his own s.p.a.ce. This discovery made him very excited, until he reached the last fluorescent stone right beside the pavilion, however, his hands didn't stop.

The White Fox inside the golden bead s.p.a.ce saw the non-stop rain of the fluorescent stones from the sky, she couldn't help but be startled. But not long after, she guessed it was Yue Qianchou's doing, she also more or less understood his intention, she began to collect all of the scattered fluorescent stones.

However, not long after, more absurd things happened, a big tree was falling from the sky, followed by more trees, than a bunch of bamboos. The White Fox kept avoiding the falling trees, her expression was a little dumbfounded while looking at the sky.

Outside the golden bead s.p.a.ce, Yue Qianchou was planning to bring several larger trees into his own s.p.a.ce, however, he didn't seem to be able to transport a tree that was bigger than an adult person could wrap their hands around it, his idea was dismissed, he could only stood there while looking at the trees with a sigh. Gazing at the top of the mountain, Yue Qianchou thought of his master's belongings, he decided to pack some up to bring into his s.p.a.ce.


The small courtyard was still quiet, but the atmosphere had completely changed. Standing outside the gate, Yue Qianchou mood was heavy, he gently pushed open the courtyard gate, there was someone standing in front of the house with the back facing him, Yue Qianchou's hand quickly grabbed his sword. The man turned around, after staring at Yue Qianchou for a short time, he slightly smiled, "Martial Nephew, it's good to see you!" It was Wu Baoru.

Yue Qianchou had spent more than a year in the Green Light Sect, he naturally knew who this person was, this person was still the brother of his master, Yue Qianchou remembered the day this person took the lead to plead remission for Liu Zhengguang punishment, although he was unhappy, Yue Qianchou's face was still calm, he bowed while replying, "Martial Uncle Wu!"

Wu Baoru nodded, seeing the opposite face was not so good, probably because of his master death, with a sigh he said, "Hah! Junior Brother Hao..... No one could ever thought that such a thing would happen. The deceased is in the past, my condolences to Martial Nephew. Hmm.. Where is Junior Brother's remains?"

"f.u.c.k your mother, son of a b.i.t.c.h! withered old fox, your sharp mouth and chin shaped like a monkey!" Yue Qianchou cursed in his heart, while saying, "I have buried Master in the back of the mountain, is there anything i can help Martial Uncle with?"

"Yes!" Wu Baoru nodded, he stared at Yue Qianchou for a short time, then continued, "Yesterday i saw Martial Nephew's palm strike, really make the entire Green Light Sect surprised, Martial Nephew has reached Qi Condensation level five. I'm here to deliver Sect Leader's order and grant you the Green Light Sect Sword, from this day onwards you are registered as a Green Light Sect Disciple, you will also receive 500 low grade spirit stones every month." Finished saying, he threw the sword toward Yue Qianchou.

Yue Qianchou caught the sword, his eyes glanced at Wu Baoru, he did not say anything, but thought in his mind, "Is this good thing? Hey! Father doesn't believe a meat pie is falling from the sky."[1]

Wu Baoru put his hands behind his back, with a compa.s.sionate expression he said, "The matter about your master, it's not that the Sect doesn't want to get revenge for your master. However, our Sect's strength is not comparable to the Great Canopy Sect. Why are we not comparable to them? Because for thousand of years, the gifted disciples with good root bones have always get taken by those pioneer sects. The consequence of this is that the strong ones become stronger, and the weak ones become weaker... However, now is time to change the fate of our sect..." By here, Wu Baoru paused, his two eyes were staring vividly at Yue Qianchou.

"Heh! It's not hard to guess what his intentions are," Yue Qianchou sneered in his heart. Sure enough...

"Martial Nephew is a disciple who doesn't have suitable root bones in my knowledge, and shouldn't be able to cultivate at all, but now you have reached Qi Condensation level five. This is a great news for our Green Light Sect, so Sect Leader had asked me to find Martial Nephew and inquiry the reason behind it. As long as our Green Light Sect unfolded the mystery behind it, we will no longer need to worry about the disciples who don't have suitable root bones. Hundred of years later, our Green Light Sect will surely become a great sect. At that time, Martial Nephew will surely become our sect's revered hero...." Wu Baoru became more excited the more he spoke, he gestured with his hands and smiled vividly as if the brilliant future of the Green Light Sect was right before the eyes.

Yue Qianchou was unhappy seeing Wu Baoru's antics, he thought in his mind, "This old fogey would be really talented as an MLM agent, tricking people one after another, do you think Father is an idiot? Do you want to know how can i cultivate? Father won't tell you!"

The impa.s.sionate speaking from Wu Baoru finally finished after a long time, he stared excitedly at Yue Qianchou, "Martial Nephew should have understand how important this matter to our sect is, Quickly! tell the mystery to your martial uncle. I will pa.s.s it to Sect Leader afterwards, and you will be rewarded heavily."

Yue Qianchou scratched his head and asked curiously, "What mystery?"

"Er... ..." It seems that this kid doesn't understand, was my explanation too complicated? Wu Baoru took a deep breath and asked again, "What is the secret of your cultivation?"

Yue Qianchou asked back with a puzzled look, "Do i have a secret in my cultivation?"

"Is there really no secret?" Wu Baoru asked while gnashing his teeth

"Is there?" Yue Qianchou gave a silly naivety look.

"Do i ask you, or you ask me!" Wu Baoru finally couldn't help but shouted out.

"Oh yes! I remember, there is a secret," Yue Qianchou widened his eyes as if remembered something important. Wu Baoru's eyes glittered, he happily asked, "What is the secret? Tell Martial Uncle quickly!" The former shook his head, "No, i can't say it, master had ordered me not to tell outsiders," The latter suddenly had the impulse to beat Yue Qianchou up, but quickly stabilized his emotion, he tought in his mind, "So Junior Brother Hao knew this secret for quite a time, and he even wanted to bring this secret to his grave without leaking it to even the sect, really... How vicious."

The more Wu Baoru thought about it, the more his interest aroused, he smiled calmly, "Outsiders are referring to the people outside our Green Light Sect, i am your master's Senior Brother, not an outsider, it is okay to tell me, your master won't blame you."

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