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Translator: Ichinonsense
Chapter 15 - Grievous News

The square in front of the Green Light Hall was packed by a bunch of people whispering around. There were dozens of disciples in the crowd who were bandaged, apparently injured. Yue Qianchou ran to the square, everyone else that saw him had to make a way.

Several wounded elders were sitting cross-legged on the ground, there were people behind to heal them. In the middle laid a body, it was covered with a white cloth. Yue Qianchou rushed into the crowd, at this time he tried to calm down, his gaze swept over several wounded elders, but he couldn't find his master, eyes fell on the white cloth, his facial muscles twitched, he slowly stepped forward.

The square instantly went quiet, hundreds pair of eyes were quietly moving together with his steps. Yue Qianchou squatted down, his trembling hand slowly reached toward the white cloth, he pulled the corner of the white cloth, it revealed an unusually pale knuckles, as if lifting a heavy weight, it slowly uncovered.

The familiar face of an old man was in sight, memories of the past resurfaced, the gentle voice of the old man... ...Oh! You grew up fast in your cultivation. For this time 'Rookie Convention', Sect Leader Senior Brother and i will to go out, tomorrow we will depart with a few Senior Brothers together, then allocate some Foundation Establishment pills, i'll save up one or two for your Foundation Establishment preparation....

Master's last words as if spoken right inside his ears, looking at the pale old man's face, Yue Qianchou's mouth was devoid of blood, his heart was in thorn as if teared apart. If not for himself, master certainly wouldn't go to the bulls.h.i.t 'Rookie Convention', certainly not.

The squatting Yue Qianchou unconsciously kneeled down, his shivering hands put the white cloth back carefully, that action as if afraid to disturb the sleeping old man. Yue Qianchou suddenly opened his arms wide, clenched his fists fiercely, his face confronted the sky with an angry silent cry, without uttering a single word. The gnashed teeth shined by the sunlight, the veins in the neck bulged visibly.

Under the watchful eyes, the kneeling Yue Qianchou suddenly spit a mouthful of blood..."Poof". Several elders who were healing the wounded heard the sound and turned to each other in amazement. Some of the female disicples have been tempted to cry, they didn't expect that in this very cold cultivation world, there was unexpectedly such a deep feeling between master and disciple. Everyone thought that with the sc.u.m of Green Light Sect losing his master, afraid his future would be even dimmer without anywhere to go, some of them sobbed unceasingly.

Standing in the crowd was Qu Ping'er, she could no longer connect the peeping pervert and the Yue Qianchou who vomited blood in front of her, she remembered the two songs from this person, couldn't help but shed some tears from her two eyes.

"Sect Leader is coming!" Someone shouted. Liu Changqing came out of Green Light hall with a bunch of elders behind him. He stood in front of Yue Qianchou, Liu Changqing stopped and glanced over the blood on the ground and the bloodstain at the mouth, he made sigh, "Things have happened, my condolences to Martial Nephew."

The kneeling Yue Qianchou didn't budge, even his eyelids didn't lift, with a hoa.r.s.e voice he calmly asked, "I just want to know exactly what had happened?"

The people around were slightly surprised, could not think that he didn't even saluted the Sect Leader, they also didn't want to get mixed up with the sc.u.m who no longer had a master.

A good-looking young man walked out from the crowd, with a look of anger he strode toward Yue Qianchou. Liu Changqing stared at the kneeling people in front of him with a slight displeasure, but also gazed at the handsome young man to stop him. All the people here knew that the young man was the grandson of Sect Leader, and the outstanding person of his generation, Liu Zhengguang. His appearance charmed so many female disciples, they were looking at him with adoration, Qu Ping'er was no different.

Sect Leader Liu Changqing said to one of the elders on the corner, "Junior Brother! Explain what had happened!" The old man nodded, with a livid face he began to tell the story.

Originally, some Green Light Sect elders were on the way back after attending the 'Rookie Convention' and they found a spiritual plant, the name was 'Rainbow Spirit Mushroom', what was rainbow spirit mushroom? it was a top quality spiritual plant, if one wanted to breakthrough from their current cultivation stage, it would help the person with almost certainty to advance. Needless to say that such a thing would be treated by cultivators as a precious treasure.

The discovery of the spiritual plant was precisely made by Yue Qianchou's master, Hao Sansi, just as the Green Light Sect's convoy rejoiced, they encountered the arrival of the Great Canopy Sect. The law of the jungle was not uncommon in the cultivation world, seeing such a treasure, the Great Canopy Sect immediately claimed that they discovered the spiritual plant first, both sides immediately clashed. The Great Canopy Sect was ranked second in the cultivation union, while the Green Light Sect barely ranked sixth, the latter naturally was not the former's matching opponent. The result was not only some of the elders of Green Light Sect wounded, some of them were heavily injured, Hao Sansi was attacked by a few Great Canopy Sect's elders together into a very serious injury. Finally, the spiritual plant was taken by the Great Canopy Sect, and Hao Sansi died before reaching the Green Light Sect.

After listening to the story, the Green Light Sect's disciples in front of the hall were in uproar, they cursed the Great Canopy Sect. Yue Qianchou's expression was cold as ice.

Sect Leader Liu Changqing gaze swept all the people in the square, he said loudly, "Unfortunately, the Green Light Sect's strength is not as good as the Great Canopy Sect. However! This matter have been reported to the secluded ancestors in the back mountain, from the overall situation, the ancestors told me not to be impulsive about the humiliation. This matter will be reported to the union so we can uphold justice."

The quiet voice of all the disciples went uproar again. Who knew.. The union might be a puppet, the side of the strong was probably the only side to be heard, to them, it would be unlikely there would be justice.

Everyone's voice became louder and louder, Liu Changqing frowned, with a hum, his divine sense swept past the crowd, the square in front of the hall went quiet. Suddenly, a sneer rang, everyone was stunned.

"Hey! Hey! Great Canopy Sect!" Yue Qianchou stood up from his knelt and stared at Liu Changqing in a straightforward manner without any respect toward the higher position, "Is this the sect's decision?" By this time, not only Liu Changqing, even the elders' expression changed.

All of the disciples took a deep breath, secretly thought that this sc.r.a.p good for nothing actually had a big courage, incredibly dared to talk to Sect Leader like that, he really didn't want to live. Qu Ping'er's face was full of worry.

"Bold! How dare you to be so rude to Sect Leader!" On the side, Liu Zhengguang stepped forward, he striked a palm toward Yue Qianchou. In front of the hall, Sect Leader Liu Changqing and the elders were aware of the event but no one stopped it.

"Humph!" Yue Qianchou issued a cold hum, Profound Heavenly Art revolved to the extreme, another palm greet the opposite side. Everyone was taken aback, this sc.u.m actually dared to confront Liu Zhengguang, the Green Light Sect outstanding disciple. However, Yue Qianchou was the kind of people who would fight back even if beaten. Besides, Master is dead, it's hard for him to be cool-headed.

"Bang!" The two palms produced a loud sound, the two people were simultaneously shaken, but Yue Qianchou apparently took a few steps back.

Silence... Absolute silence... Not only were all of the disciples of the Green Light Sect, Sect Leader and all of the elders were dumbfounded. Even Liu Zhengguang, who struck with his palm, was looking unbelievably at his hand.

The sc.u.m actually hid his cultivation secretly, anyone could see that what he did was not an ordinary palm strike, at least a Qi Condensation level four. All of the disciples opened their mouths wide. Sect leader and the elders were stunned, with their cultivation base they couldn't even notice that Yue Qianchou had entered the cultivation realm.

How could it be? How did people who doesn't have suitable root bones able to step into the cultivation realm? This eternal law was now broken! For an instant, some elders became hot-headed, it was known that many people have their descendants wanted to become immortal. Unfortunately, there was no way to cultivate with extremely poor root bones.

That palm strike, Yue Qianchou actually was a bit lucky, his Qi Condensation that almost reached level six was circulated to the max, while Liu Zhengguang just wanted to teach him a lesson, he did not expect to hurt him. After all, there were many witnesses around. Otherwise, with Yue Qianchou cultivation of Qi Condensation level five, he had no way to overcome the mid Foundation Establishment Liu Zhengguang. That was like an adult who was not ready to stand up and could be pushed by a child.

Yue Qianchou felt uncomfortable after receiving the palm, his blood circulation was unstable, it took a bit of time to stabilize, he stared at Liu Zhengguang and sneered, "You, a tenth generation disciple actually dared to attack your martial uncle, hey! What a great courage, is it because your grandfather is the Sect Leader so you could put the Green Light Sect's rules aside? I'd like to see if you are not affected by the rules! I'd like to see if the Green Light Sect is your own turf! I'd like to see how the Green Light Sect will handle you!

After three consecutive of 'I'd like to see', Liu Zhengguang facial expression suddenly became pale, everyone was staring at the Sect Leader Liu Changqing. The latter face was cloudy and uncertan, the two eyes stared fiercely at Yue Qianchou, and then stared at Liu Zhengguang with a shout, "Kneel to me!"

Thump! The grandson obediently kneeled in front of his grandfather, the latter chest went up and down significantly fast. At this time, an elder took a step forward and said, "It was his first offense, but he also did that in order to maintain Sect Leader prestige, purely unintentional move, Sect Leader please be lenient."

"Sect Leader, please be lenient!" several elders pleaded together.

Liu Changqing's expression gradually calmed down, he stared at his grandson and said, "According to the sect rules, you should be crippled of your cultivation and expelled from the sect, however, looking at the plead of the elders and the nature of your offense, you will be confiscated of your supply of spiritual stones for ten years. Are you willing?"

Liu Zhengguang didn't dare to have any other opinion, if he were to be expelled from the sect and had to cultivate again from scratch, that life would be no different as death, he hurriedly kowtowed again and again while saying, "Disciple is willing to be punished!"

Sect Leader Liu Changqing nodded, he looked at Yue Qianchou with a meaningful gaze and said, "Disrepecting your elder, according to the sect rules, you should also be punished. My nephew!  Do you think it's fair for me to deal with this?" He said that clearly was to tell Yue Qianchou, just now he disrespected Sect Leader, but did not punish him, so he should not hold a contempt to his grandson.

"Heh!" Yue Qianchou sneered indecisively, turned around and carried the remains of his master, then strode away. The crowd gave way, while Liu Zhengguang eyes stared at Yue Qianchou's back with a venomous gaze.

Everyone secretly shook their heads, sighed in the heart, Yue Qianchou had offended Liu clan, he should be prepared for his future in the sect/ As everyone expected, Yue Qianchou had a plan to deal with it, he was ready to go and hide inside the golden bead, exclaimed in his heart, "See if you can bite me!"

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