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Translator: Ichinonsense
Chapter 2 - My Mother, My Father

"What the h.e.l.l licking father's face, didn't i die?" Guo Jianjun did not believe about the underworld things, the first thing he thought was that he did not die. He desperately opened his heavy eyelids, the sun shone through the top branches, dazzling.

"Really not dead!" He exclaimed in his mind, as he opened his eyes, a big red tongue was dangling in front of him. He turned to look at it, the head of a dog was in sight, a big yellow dog.

The dog saw him woke up, it jumped in joy and was very excited.

Guo Jianjun slightly surprised for a moment, then felt very weak, his hand laboriously propped up the body, not fully seated, the hand suddenly went soft, and he laid down again. "s.h.i.t! So hungry!" Guo Jianjun had partic.i.p.ated the survival training in the army that year, and he was very familiar with the situation. However, his body was so weak that it was not far from death. He Immediately felt a little panic, survived from the hands of the government, but in the end, starved to death.

"Oh s.h.i.t! How long have i been sleeping, how can i be so hungry?" Guo Jianjun clearly aware that this situation represented the physical characteristics of a very dangerous point. A bowl of sugar water would be good, allowing the body to quickly recover part of the energy. But the current situation was obviously impossible.

"What to do, can't wait to die here! Eat something!" Looking around, Guo Jianjun's head almost wanted to break, he couldn't figure out what he should do. The big yellow dog saw him not moving again, then leaned over.

"Yes, dog's blood is the tonic! it's a good thing to restore strength," With that goal, Guo Jianjun was ready to start, to live is more important than anything. Hand groped the ground around, then grabbed a stone with his hand.

Looking at the dog's appearance, it seemed that he was very familiar, but Guo Jianjun didn't know it. The thought in his head was that to hit the nose over and over again, He had experience in this matter. Hand slowly hugged the dog's neck, the dog didn't wary, as if quite happy, the tail was wagging.

"Aoo... Aoo..." Suddenly the big yellow dog screamed, Guo Jianjun concentrated his strength in his hands for a long time, finally broke out his grabbing of the dog. He exhausted his strength to fall. The big yellow dog fluttered for a long time after breaking free, then lied on the ground slowly losing the breathing, it's eyes fixed staring the person in front, it couldn't seem to believe it.

Guo Jianjun rested for a bit, then went all out to crawl, held the dog's neck in his arms then bit it. Regardless of how uncomfortable the dog's hair in his mouth was, he ignored it, desperately biting the dog's neck, and a gulp of salty liquid went into his mouth, flowed into the stomach.

With a burp, Guo Jianjun relieved, the body turned, he used the big yellow dog as a pillow to lay down. The dog's blood in his stomach did not take long to rush to all of his limbs and bones, feeling dry and hot. He knew it was working, Guo Jianjun thought about what happened while lying down, quietly waiting for physical recovery.

The scene of the execution by shooting was in his mind, probably was struck by lightning, but a stroke of luck, he obviously didn't die by lightning. But thinking here, the execution personnels wouldn't let him off freely. The verdict of the pervious day, the officers told him clearly that this time he would die, otherwise they would not be able to account for the international public opinion.

Thinking of the possibilities, He didn't know which brothers that would brave enough to plunder the execution ground, such courage, such boldness. "d.a.m.n it, rescuing my a.s.s! why threw father here, what the h.e.l.l? Almost starved father to death. However, this one owes big enough. It doesn't matter, living is good enough, there are several hundred million of deposit in the swiss bank, the situation will be clear later. Hey! it's not good to stay her for too long, first find a safe place to hide."

He shook his two arms, although the strength had not recovered fully, it should be enough to walk. Stood up, Guo Jianjun thought, "where is this?" Looked around, he suddenly stunned. In front of the woods, not far nor near, an ancient city wall stood, he faintly saw people entering and exiting the gate, strange, there were people riding in and out. He could not help but muttered, "Are they filming? is this the Hengdian World Studios? i wonder which brothers have the power to bring this thing to be so realistic, is it safe around here?"

With a series of doubts, the weak Guo Jianjun slowly walked outward the woods. Before he went too far, he held a tree to rest, behind him came the rustling sound of leaves, turned his head to look that an old woodcutter was carrying some firewoods to go out from the woods. Guo Jianjun laughed in his heart, The appearance was very similar, really like in the film.

The old woodcutter saw in front of him that there was people but paid no mind, he picked more firewoods as going, he took a glance at Guo Jianjun's side, walked a step, then suddenly stopped, the firewoods on the shoulders fell to the ground, he turned around and looked surprised at Guo Jianjun.

"Bad! This old fogy seems to know myself, has it turned to a national arrest warrant?" Guo Jianjun surprised, changed his mind, evil spurted from the will to live, in his mind thought, "Unavoidable to kill a witness, otherwise it would be difficult to escape considering my present's physical strength."

The old woodcutter however, was pleasently surprised, and shouted at Guo Jianjun, "Young Master Yue! What are you doing here? Where have you been for such a long time? Master Yue is looking for you everywhere!"

"Hey! Pretending to be the wrong person! This dead old fogy is really malicious, actually dared to play with this father, when father is just a newcomer rookie, then don't blame me for being impolite!" Guo Jianjun stared coldly at the woodcutter, his hand clenched slowly into a fist.

The old woodcutter shouted enthusiastically, "Young Master Yue! Come back with me immediately! Master is dying looking for you!"

"The old fogy acted really quite alike, worthy of being an actor, still dared to call me as Young Master Yue!" Guo Jianjun saw him coming near, his killing intent aroused, suddenly his brain crashed loudly, the words Young Master Yue echoed in his mind unceasingly, his whole being fainted.


In a coma, the memory of Young Master Yue constantly revolved in his mind such as watching a film. When Guo Jianjun opened his eyes again, he was already lying in a soft bed. A girl with a braided pigtail was looking at himself, Guo Jianjun was very familiar with the girl in front of him.

The girl saw Guo Jianjun woke up, surprised then shouted "Master! Madam! Young Master has woken up!"

"Oh s.h.i.t! Her voice is also very familiar" Guo Jianjun wanted to cry, he wasn't stupid, combined with the antecedents and consensuses, as well as a new memory in his head, it reminded him of a very absurd thing, he had read it countless times in some webnovels... Guo Jianjun really died, then crossed the world, and if not mistaken, he was now called Yue Qianchou. Here should be Yue Zhanggui's mansion, Swallows city's biggest rich merchant.

"Chou'er!" A woman's voice came out of the door, the sound of a hurried footstep followed.

"This should be my mother's voice," Guo Jianjun listened to the sound, wondering who it was, a kind woman's appearance came in mind, with that, she came exactly to the side of the bed at the same time. A fat middle-aged man beside the woman was looking at him with concern.

"This should be my father," Guo Jianjun last bit of doubt in his mind was gone, he was completely speechless. His discerning eyes brushed around the bedside crowd, then stopped on one of the young man, if Guo Jianjun didn't admit it, this person was his cousin. Thinking of the scene in his brain, Guo Jianjun's two eyes slightly narrowed, flashed a cold gleam.

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