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Chapter 333 - Please Don't p.i.s.s Him Off

Guangbo frowned tiredly as the doorbell rang- was Jin Gubang here again? The guy just came yesterday…

He didn't want to meet him, but told the nanny to go open the door anyway.

But Mama w.a.n.g opened the door to a sight she never thought she'd see again…

"Y… Young Master..?" Mama w.a.n.g stared at the starved Xie Jinbiao, speechless with shock.

"Mama w.a.n.g!! It's me!!" Jinbiao had heightened emotions as well- Mama w.a.n.g had been so young that day he left! Her hair was all white already…

Guangbo had been on the sofa pretending to be sick when he heard Jinbiao's voice- he'd sprung up the next instant. "Son..? Son, is that you?!"

"Dad……" Jinbiao understood that moment that all his years of living the high life was nothing compared to home, to family.

"Alright, alright, save that for later. Where are my shares?" Lin Yi would be lying if he said he wasn't at least a little bit touched by the reunion- but there was no pity in there. 

Jinbiao had been nothing but a spoiled child- but that was his father's fault for not educating him properly. He never had the time to pull away from work, always thinking that it'd be fine if he could leave a fortune for his son, but…

He was overjoyed to see his son come back, but the thought that Lin Yi would take all of his shares made him hesitate- he'd have nothing left the moment he pa.s.sed those to him.

He'd be fine without that wealth, but his son… Would he be able to live a life as one of the poor? He'd been prioritizing his son's safety above all else, but now that that had been settled Guangbo started placing value on money once more…

That was how it was- humanity is a greedy bunch, always unsatisfied, always wanting more. He didn't really want to give all those shares to Lin Yi anymore!

"Mister Lin… Would this work..? I give half of my shares to you unconditionally, and the other half to Jinbiao… I guarantee that he wouldn't support Jin Gubang……" Guangbo said after some hesitation.

Lin Yi frowned- so the guy decided that he'd go back on his word now? He should be thankful he wasn't robbing him clean of all his a.s.sets! What was he thinking? Lin Yi was just about to scold him when Jinbiao spoke up.

"Dad, come on, what're you saying… Just give this bro what you promised him… Please don't p.i.s.s him off, I don't wanna die yet……" Jinbiao said right after his dad's suggestion.

He'd witnessed firsthand the sort of G.o.dlike capabilities Lin Yi had back at Blue Town- he didn't want Lin Yi to just kill him because he was p.i.s.sed.

"Jinbiao…… You……" Guangbo was stunned- he was putting his life on the line here to keep as much of the shares as possible for his son, but why didn't he want that?

"Dad, just give them to him… It's good enough that I came back alive!" Jinbiao understood exactly how scary death was after what he'd gone through- he'd really rather not have an existence scarier than that eyeing him all the time because he didn't get what was promised.

"Alright then, those shares aren't any use to me if you don't want them!" Guangbo nodded before turning to Lin Yi. "I'm sorry- I was greedy, Mister Lin. I was thinking that this old life of mine is free for you to take whenever you'd want, but- nevermind. I'll get the paperwork and write all of my shares to you!"

Guangbo went up and returned with a stack of share-transfer doc.u.ments. He signed them and gave them to Lin Yi.      

"You guys keep the villa." Lin Yi said after one look at Jinbiao. "Alright, see-ya. Have fun with your reunion!"

He then walked out the house and looked for a public phone before dialing Pengzhan up.

"h.e.l.lo?" Pengzhan had been as worried as Guangbo was the past two days- he couldn't even look at any doc.u.ments with a calm mind. He wasn't in the mood to answer an unknown number when his phone rang, but did so anyway.

"Uncle Chu? I'm Lin Yi!" Lin Yi's voice sounded from the other end, a voice Pengzhan had been waiting for. He didn't care if the mission was even successful at this point as long as Lin Yi was fine.

But it was a Songshan number..? Was Lin Yi making a long distance call?

"Lin Yi? Are you alright? Where are you?" Pengzhan asked.

"I'm fine, just got back and heading to your company. Are you there?" Lin Yi asked.

"I'm here. Where are you? I'll tell Li Fu to come get you?" Pengzhan said, relieved that Lin Yi had made it back.

"No need. I'll take a taxi."

"Alright, I'll wait for you at the office!" Pengzhan didn't insist- Lin Yi wasn't in as much danger anymore now that he was back.

Lin Yi stopped a taxi and reached Pengzhan Industries' main outer gate ten minutes later.

He'd been here a couple of times, and the security at the gates had a particularly strong impression of him. They greeted him with big smiles.

Lin Yi nodded and walked straight to Pengzhan's office. He knocked on the door, to which Li Fu responded a second later.

"Welcome back, Mister Lin. Mister Chu's waiting for you inside!" Li Fu was quite surprised to actually see Lin Yi in person- he'd heard from Pengzhan that Lin Yi had returned, but found that hard to believe. It hadn't even taken two days! Had Lin Yi brought Jinbiao back in just that short a time period? Or was the mission unsuccessful?

He didn't press Lin Yi with those questions- he was about to talk to Pengzhan about it anyway.

"Yi!!" Pengzhan stood up to greet Lin Yi, clearly putting a lot of value on him. "I've been worried, but it seems that you're fine."

"Ah…… Uncle Chu, didn't I say it was a piece of cake?" Lin Yi shrugged with a smile.

"Piece of cake? So you're saying that Xie Guangbo's son……" Pengzhan looked at Lin Yi, shocked. He'd a.s.sumed that Lin Yi had come back this early because the mission had failed, but that didn't seem like the case from Lin Yi's tone...                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             

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