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Chapter 219 - Getting Out The Same Way You Got In

The dean was one of the higher-ups at the hospital- it went without saying that he knew who Guan Xin was… She was Guan Xuemin's granddaughter, daughter of one of the shareholders! A lower ranking doctor might not know about that, but the dean was no low ranking doctor! No one would want to cross a girl with a background like that.

Up until that point, the dean was still trying to figure out exactly how close with Guan Xuemin this Lin Yi was… That was a factor that directly affected the seriousness of the situation. The whole thing would blow over if they just knew each other… A closer relationship, on the other hand, meant that Guan Xuemin, whether intentional or not, might've made the dean look bad in front of Mister Qin…

And out of nowhere, it turned out that Guan Xuemin's granddaughter knew Lin Yi- it meant that Lin Yi was close with Guan Xuemin's whole family!!

Guan Xin had finished up her work, and started walking around without really a purpose in mind, just wondering if she'd get to b.u.mp into Lin Yi. She hadn't asked him which room he was in, too.

A sweet smile formed on her lips with a spark of joy when she heard Lin Yi call out to her. "Lin Yi- I was just wondering if there was anything I could help you with."

"Oh. Nothing now- I just took care of it." Lin Yi said as he eyed the dean.

Guan Xin wasn't quite sure how to continue the conversation when she saw a girl as pretty as her standing beside Lin Yi, disappointed. "Is this your… girlfriend?"

"No, no, I've got nothing to do with him……" Lin Yi didn't even have a chance to speak when Tang Yin jumped out in self defense.

"Oh." Guan Xin relaxed with a sigh. "Lin Yi, give me your phone number- I still hadn't thanked you for last time yet. I'll treat you after work."

Lin Yi didn't mind- he told her his phone number, and Guan Xin dialed him up to get her phone number to Lin Yi as well. Tang Yin, on the other hand, was frowning- Had Lin Yi helped this girl before? She started regretting clarifying her relationship with Lin Yi that quickly… What was the rush?

This dude was pretty lucky with the ladies, it seemed, b.u.mping into a pretty nurse all of a sudden! Tang Yin continued moving, down-spirited as she quickened her steps.

Guan Xin was a bit older than Tang Yin, and more mature as well- she couldn't help but smile at Tang Yin's reaction. "I think your friend's getting jealous. I'll be going then- call me when you're free."

"Ah……" Lin Yi smiled at that. "Yeah, keep in touch."

Guan Xin had only wanted to come see Lin Yi for a bit- she hadn't a clue what she was supposed to do after really b.u.mping into him.

She sighed as she watched Lin Yi walking away with Tang Yin, wondering at the same time what she was even sighing for…

In a high-cla.s.s hospital room was Zhao Guangdong, who was peeling a mandarin orange for his boss. "How's the room, Chairman Zou? Not much different from a five-star hotel, right?"

"Yeah. Not bad, Guangdong- didn't think you'd have connections in the hospital! I've underestimated you." Chairman Zou said. "Looks like I'll have to promote you!"

"Heh heh, it's nothing, it's nothing! I'm just a social man, good with people, friends everywhere! They just give me face, that's all!" Guangdong said with a laugh.

"That's right, Chairman Zou! My Guangdong has a lot of friends, if nothing else!" The woman with heavy makeup chimed in. "There was this idiot from earlier asking for a high-cla.s.s hospital room… the dean didn't so much as look at him! All my Guangdong had to do was bring his friend in, and here's the room!"

"Who are you calling an idiot?" Xiaobo said angrily as he pushed the door open, his finger pointing at the woman.

"Oh? That's right, I'm talking about you! What're you going to do about it, coming all the way here? Unhappy with how things turned out? Should we call security? I'll count to three- get out of our sights!" The woman said, reaching for the b.u.t.ton at the bed.

"That's right- the idiots are the ones getting out. You guys can leave now." Lin Yi said as he followed Xiaobo into the room. "Hey, idiots- should we call security?"

"What is the meaning of this? Who are these people?" Chairman Zou said a little unhappily as he looked at the intruders.

"Chairman Zou, I'll get security right now!" Guangdong wasn't a brave man, but he was a prideful one.

"No need for that! This room is theirs now!" The dean said with a sigh- these people weren't joking around, barging in and spitting at the occupants like that… There was no salvaging this mess now.

The dean had wanted to explain his situation to Guangdong beforehand, get them to leave nicely… There was no point to that now. Whatever happened, it was simply a certainty that he had to be on Lin Yi's side.

"Hear that?" Xiaobo's c.o.c.ky levels started skyrocketing as he pointed at Zhao Guangdong. "Get out the same way you got in!!"

Xiaobo was quoting what Lin Yi had said, but he didn't care- there wasn't anything wrong with using the boss' words. He thought it was a really powerful sentence.

Guangdong's face changed instantly upon hearing the dean's words- not paying any attention to Xiaobo, he tried to talk to the dean, to no avail.

They were in the hospital- the dean's territory. He wasn't influential enough to be standing on equal ground with the dean, too, and had to plead his case with a confused smile on his face. "Mister Ma, hadn't we talked about this earlier?"

"They were the ones who came first- it's a simple rule." The dean was starting to get impatient- he didn't want to keep Lin Yi waiting. He waved a dismissive hand to Guangdong. "Alright, you three pack up and move to a double room- I have everything arranged."

"But, Mister Ma…… For the sake of Doctor Xiaoliao… Our Chairman Zou is here, too……" Guangdong didn't know why the dean had changed his mind all of a sudden, but he knew that the chairman wouldn't be pleased if he had to move out of the room like that, especially after all that boasting he just did…

Guangdong was trying to figure something out when Chairman Zou spoke up. "Mister Ma, is it? I'm Zou Tiandi, chairman of Tiandi Industries, close friends with Director Sun of the Health Department."

Songshan's First Hospital was a munic.i.p.al hospital, and it wasn't under the Department of Health… Yet the two were in the same category, and no one in the hospital wanted to cross those in the health department. After all, the director of the health department had to have connections in the Bureau of Health, definitely not someone you'd want to p.i.s.s of for nothing.

But the dean didn't care anymore- he'd rather p.i.s.s the director off than cross Guan Xuemin!!

Chapter 220 - Free Ride

My brother did this chapter, he's trying translating out! I edited the first third, but apparently I'm really slow at editing so I left the two thirds after that for my editor.

Zou Tiandi's face darkened at the dean's silence. "Few would dare cross me in Songshan- you're embarra.s.sing me here, Mister Ma."

"Chairman Zou…" The dean was in a difficult position. Despite not having made the acquaintance of Zou Tiandi, he'd heard his name- he was quite well-known throughout Songshan… He'd started from humble beginnings, but had managed to start a large-scale KTV business, yielding him quite a couple of connections.

"Enough with this nonsense- I've no intent on leaving this room, who's telling me otherwise?" Tiandi would never just leave the hospital room like that- The room itself wasn't the most pressing of concerns anymore, his name in Songshan was at stake here.

He'd be made a laughing stock the next day should he comply to something like this.

Besides, he believed that logic was on his side- Zhao Guangdong had paid for the room officially, with a receipt and everything- where did these people come out of, kicking him out?

"So you're not moving? I'll help you out then." Lin Yi said, not bothering to waste his words on the man- Fen was waiting for them! With that, he walked over and grabbed Tiandi by the collar before swinging him out the door, his feeding tube still attached to him. He flew through the air and landed heavily on the sitting bench outside the room, the tube still miraculously hanging off a clothes rack behind the bench.

Lin Yi was generous enough to have let the guy fall on the bench- he could've thrown him under it if he'd wanted to.

Tiandi hadn't thought much of Lin Yi as he walked over with his hands raised. Who did this guy think he was? Did he have a death wish attacking a person of his caliber like that?

He was already floating five feet off the floor when he opened his mouth, finding himself on the bench outside the next instant.

The dean, on the other hand, hadn't expected Lin Yi to be doing something this violent, throwing the guy right out without even bothering with words. He smiled bitterly at the development- at the very least, however, he needn't explain himself anymore.

Guangdong was in disbelief as well- who the h.e.l.l was this guy? One wrong word and he threw you straight off the ground? But Guangdong didn't have quite the guts to stand up or say anything to Lin Yi. Being the cowardly type he was, Guangdong fled the hospital room to check on boss after he'd flown out the room.

"Chairman Zou, are you alright?" Guangdong asked, his face pale as he reached his boss in the corridor.

Tiandi was fine. He'd been taken aback by what had happened, but who wouldn't be after getting thrown out like that? Especially when that person was as aged as Tiandi was. He felt as if his heart had almost fallen out.

"I'll say this once, stay in the room if you dare. If not, get out in the next hour!" Tiandi took a short breath, and continued to threaten the people in the room. "If you do decide to stay, I'll make sure that you stay in that room for no longer than "

Bam! Lin Yi slammed the door shut before Tiandi could finish his rant.

"You…" Tiandi was so p.i.s.sed that he'd lost his breath. "Very well, you chose this yourself. Guangdong, call Ruoguang, tell him to bring his men!" Tiandi instructed as he motioned Guangdong to call.

"Of course, Chairman Zou." Although Zhao Guangdong had already thought about calling Ruogang, he was waiting for his boss to give the orders, as he didn't want to do anything that his boss didn't want done. Once Ruogang arrives, the people in that room would definitely be done for! Zhao Guangdong smirked as thought to himself.

Tang Yin usually didn't approve of violence, but this time was an exception and she snickered at what Lin Yi had done to Tiandi. Lin Yi had always been reckless, like the day he'd smashed Zhang Biaogan's barbeque stand.

Like what Lin Yi always said, "Different people require different approaches. When dealing with a violent man, violence is always the answer."

"Lin Yi, this man you just messed with… he has some ties with some very powerful people… you might want to be more careful with him next time." Ma advised as he was concerned about Lin Yi. He even suggested calling security.

"Thanks Mister Ma, but I think I'll be fine. Although you might need to call a couple of paediatricians to come up soon." Lin Yi said confidently.

"Huh?" The dean was at a losss. But as he started to think about it, he wondered if Lin Yi was trying to imply that after Zou Tiandi's men arrived, he would be so badly injured that he would need medical a.s.sistance from the paediatricians.

But why go through it at all? Why would he want to get beat up? Ma was even more confused. But since Lin Yi had said so, he had no choice but to agree and improvise.

"Xiaobo, you and Miss Song will go and pick up Fen. Tang Yin and I will stay here in this room" instructed Lin Yi. "Zou Tiandi's probably not going to leave without a fight. And if we're going to face him, we might as well do it today."

Lin Yi was never afraid of a fight. The incident with Tiandi didn't seem to budge him a bit.

Kang Xiaobo was well aware of Lin Yi's capabilities. He wasn't worried at all. He had this weird confidence in Lin Yi- no matter what Lin Yi did, he always thought his boss placed first at whatever it was he was doing.

On the other hand, Song Huiping didn't really know what to do. She knew from Kang Xiaobo that Lin Yi was an aggressive man, so whatever Lin Yi was doing, she didn't know how to help. Instead, she just spectated from a corner.

If it had been another time, she wouldn't have dared to mess with a figure like Zou Tiandi. But this time, Lin Yi was around. And she definitely wasn't going to stop Lin Yi from messing with Tiandi.

At this point, she could only follow Kang Xiaobo's lead, and they both walked back to the original room where Fen was at.

As the two left, Tang Yin and Lin Yi were left alone in the room. When Lin Yi suggested that she would stay in the room with him, she didn't say anything, but she had an unnatural look that seemed to be against it. "To be honest, we didn't have to change the room. All this ha.s.sle for a new room… I don't think it's worth it." Tang Yin said.

"What ha.s.sle?" Lin Yi questioned with a grin. "That guy at the door, he couldn't even look me in the eye. If he wants a fight though, he'll sure as h.e.l.l get one."

Having heard that, Tang Yin couldn't help but burst into laughter. "Why do you like to bluff so much? Even if you were a young master, he's still a pretty powerful figure."

"Ha…" Lin Yi chuckled. When you know you're in control of someone's life, a person's occupation or status doesn't seem to matter that much anymore.

Since Lin Yi's solo missions from the age of ten, he saw his targets as only targets, even though some of them happened to be billionaires or mafia gang leaders.

"You and your r.e.t.a.r.ded laughs…" Seeing that Lin Yi was not going to respond to her comment, she angrily turned her back towards him, giving him the cold shoulder.

"Would you believe me if I told you I'm helping Fen because she's your friend?" Tang Yin was pretending to be angry, and Lin Yi couldn't help but tease her a bit.


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