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Chapter 162

Chapter 162 - Sorry


“h.e.l.lo, boss……” The exquisite man made sure to keep the name ‘Cihua Bro’ secret- he didn’t know if Cihua Bro wanted his ident.i.ty revealed, after all.

“Give the phone to Lin Yi- I’ll talk to him.” Cihua said.

“Oh… Yes!” The man said after a pause. He turned to Lin Yi. “It’s my boss- you wanna talk to him?”

“Ah……” Lin Yi took the phone with a smile on his lips. “Sure.”

“Lin Yi, is it?” Li Cihua wasn’t expecting Lin Yi to be this big a threat, but he did manage to see everything from the security cameras. Lin Yi’s speed was definitely high, and from how cautious the exquisite man was being, Cihua understood Lin Yi to be a master as well. He was, however, uncertain of the extent to Lin Yi’s ability. “I’m Li Cihua. I’m sure you’ve heard of me?”

“Ah, yeah, during the new years. There’s double kicks, and sky monkey too.” Lin Yi said. “Right, and mother lightnings.”

(cihua shares a name with a firework type i think..)

“......” Cihua was speechless- did this guy think he was a f.u.c.king firework? There were really only a handful of people who didn’t know his name in Songshan! He felt like laughing, finding it amusing that Lin Yi was still in the mood for joking around after hearing his name. Newborn calves weren’t afraid of tigers, it seemed.

“Haha, I appreciate the joke, Mister Lin.” Cihua said with a faint chuckle. “Come in, we’ll talk- I believe you’re interested in meeting me too, are you not?”

“I’m not, sorry.” Lin Yi said. “You can come out if you wanna meet me, stop hiding around.”

“Hahaha.” Cihua started laughing again. “I understand your concerns, Mister Lin, you don’t have to deny it. You’re worried for Chu Mengyao and her friend’s safeties, am I right?”

Lin Yi didn’t reply, but it was true- he’d walk into flaming forests for Cihua if he were alone, but circ.u.mstances made that impossible. He couldn’t just leave these two girls to fend for themselves.

“Rest a.s.sured, Mister Lin. Your suspicions or certainties regarding some things don’t matter, as long as that stays away from the table… but let me tell you this: as of yet, there’s no one in Songshan capable of crossing me!” Cihua boasted. “But, should something happen to Chu Mengyao in my bar… Ha. I’m afraid even the person behind me wouldn’t be able to protect me. That other girl with her, too… it’ll just be a ton of trouble. I don’t want her brother leveling my bar with an army, now do I?”

This Cihua character was quite eloquent, and Lin Yi couldn’t help but acknowledge that- he’d made things clear enough. Lin Yi, naturally, knew about the name ‘Li Cihua’... He also linked that name to the ‘Cihua Bro’ he’d heard the baldy say back in the SUV, too- the two should be the same person.

Cihua was practically taking credit for the kidnapping earlier, and he didn’t seem the least bit afraid, either, unworried of revealing that information to Lin Yi. It was solid evidence of how powerful the person supporting him was, and Lin Yi guessed that that person had to be on the same level as Chu Pengzhan himself.

People who had reached a certain level did things with extra caution- everything changed with the presence or absence of evidence. Anything went when things were kept in the dark, but put that stuff out in public…

Yet Lin Yi couldn&r

squo;t just take Cihua’s word for it. “Alright, I’ll get someone to take the Miss home. We’ll talk after that.”

“Haha… You still don’t believe me after all, Mister Lin? I’m disappointed.” Cihua said, evidently understanding his concerns. “As far as I can tell, you’re an intellectual man- I can’t say the same if you do something like that.”

“Whatever you say.” Lin Yi hung up immediately, not bothering to bulls.h.i.t with the guy any longer.

“h.e.l.lo? h.e.l.lo? h.e.l.lo?! f.u.c.k!!” Cihua was speechless- the guy had hung up on him! Any other young man would’ve listened to him after a couple prods… After all, young men were prideful. On the other hand, it was also true that he wasn’t planning on doing anything to Mengyao- anything that happened to her could cause major consequences for him later on.

Yet Lin Yi didn’t care about all that, hanging up on him with a sentence like that! It was a large blow to Cihua’s pride.

Young men these days were too ignorant of the world… Cihua pitied him. Heh… Lin Yi, huh? Things would’ve been a lot nicer for you if you’d chosen to cooperate with me… I’m afraid I’ll have to apologize if you don’t… Cihua wasn’t daring enough to do anything to Chu Mengyao, but killing a little bodyguard like Lin Yi… He was sure no one would avenge a character like him.

Lin Yi hung up before tossing the phone to the exquisite man. “Tell your boss I’ll be there later.”

The man had heard the conversation, and took the phone without saying anything else. He got up and walked away.

Mengyao and Yushu, on the other hand, knew they’d f.u.c.ked up, and Mengyao didn’t even dare look Lin Yi in the face. She didn’t know what was going on in her head as she looked down at the table- she hated Lin Yi, but also…… didn’t.

“I’ll call Uncle Fu- he’ll pick you two up.” Lin Yi said as he pulled his phone out.

“Lin Yi, can you not tell Uncle Fu? We can get back ourselves, we didn’t drink.” Mengyao said, feeling guilty when she heard Lin Yi bring Uncle Fu up.

“Ah……” Lin Yi smiled faintly- this wasn’t something he could just cover up for Mengyao anymore, and it wasn’t something he could just hide from Chu Pengzhan. He had to talk to Pengzhan about his meeting with Cihua, too, and Mengyao’s request simply wasn’t something he could fulfill.

“I’m sorry Lin Yi…… I was wrong…… Please don’t call Uncle Fu……” Mengyao said as she curled her lips- it was the first time she had lowered her head to Lin Yi... Everything that happened today had been all her fault, after all.



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