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It was not just the people in the top ten of the Ancient Stem Rankings who were looking at Zhao Fu solemnly; even the major figures on the viewing platforms were looking at him with serious expressions.

The people in the top ten could feel a pressure from Zhao Fu that they had never felt before; it not only caused them to feel solemn but also told them that they had to treat Zhao Fu incredibly seriously.

"This person is terrifying." That was the thought in all of their minds.

The major figures on the viewing platforms had heard of this mysterious Emperor before and paid some attention to him. After all, his ident.i.ty was quite prestigious.

Even though they knew how terrifying that person must have been to reach the top of the Ten Thousand Dragon Stage, after personally seeing him, they understood that he was indeed quite extraordinary. In fact, he was even more terrifying than they had expected.

With their amount of experience, they had seen Emperors before, but it was the first time they had seen such a terrifying aura before.

As for the ordinary people, they all stared at Zhao Fu in the air with wide eyes full of shock; they felt completely terrified.

Facing everyone's gazes, Zhao Fu felt slightly nervous as there were simply too many people. Moreover, there were so many powerful experts present; had he been too extravagant in revealing his aura just then?

Just as Zhao Fu was thinking about his actions, the Ten Thousand Dragon Financial Group Elder next to him smiled as he said, "Emperor, this way, everyone is waiting for you."

Zhao Fu nodded and followed the Elder to the viewing platform.

Because Zhao Fu was the Emperor from an Empire outside of the Ancient Stem Domain, he naturally could not partic.i.p.ate as a compet.i.tor and could only watch as a VIP.

As Zhao Fu went to the viewing platform, everyone looked away, and the Dao Cultivation Sect's Sect Master finished making the opening announcement, causing everyone to cheer.


A ma.s.sive sound rang out as a ma.s.sive stone stele on the stage was activated. Countless runes lit up on it as it gave off a ray of light that shot into the sky.

Immediately, clouds began to swirl as Fate from all over the Ancient Stem Domain started to quickly gather here.

The Fate gathered as auspicious clouds, and countless multi-colored glows descended from the sky, accompanied by falling flower petals.

The scene was extremely beautiful, and it was as if it was a wonderland. This was all caused by that stone stele.

It seemed that the Ancient Stem Rankings was not simple at all; it was most likely that those who ranked highly would receive Fate from the entire Ancient Stem Domain.

This Fate was quite shocking because the Ancient Stem Domain had 1,000 or so worlds, and it was difficult to tell just how much Fate was gathered.

Sitting on the viewing platform, Zhao Fu understood why so many came to partic.i.p.ate in the Ancient Stem Banquet and why all of the factions took it so seriously.

Anyone who could rank on the Rankings would receive a ma.s.sive amount of Fate that was not inferior to how much a Kingdom had.

Moreover, this sort of Fate was a type of additional Fate that was different than ordinary Fate; it could not be used and was simply added to one's body.

Ordinary Fate such as the Fate of a Kingdom or Sect could be used freely, such as being sent into a Nation Armament to unleash destructive power.

Even though this additional Fate could not be freely used, it still had some functions.

Within the Heaven Awaken World, Fate was naturally incredibly important, as it could affect one's destiny and opportunities.

As such, the additional Fate was still quite useful.

Names started to appear on the stone stele: Number one was Bai Haoran, number two was Gu Jain, number three was Yin Ruoshi…

After the names were also their ages. After all, the Ancient Stem Rankings had an age limitation; not anyone could go on the Ancient Stem Rankings.

After all, as the most powerful expert in the Ancient Stem Domain, who would be able to rank higher than the Sect Master of the Dao Cultivation Sect?

The Ancient Stem Rankings recorded 126 geniuses, and the rankings at the top were all taken by the 20 Royal Kingdoms and Five Great sects. With their foundations, the people they nurtured were all geniuses among geniuses.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

As such, it was essentially impossible for others to surpa.s.s them, and they could only fall behind them.

Of course, that was with the exception of Zhao Fu, that monster.

Those closer to the top of the rankings would receive more fate, and those who were at the bottom would receive less.

Apart from rewards of Fate, the 20 Royal Kingdoms and Five Great Sects had also provided various rewards.

First place would receive a Desolation Divinity, eight days of Cosmos Comprehension, eight Mortal-Casting Pills, and 8,000 top-grade Spirit Crystals.

Second place would receive a Level 12 Saint Armament, the Death Race Sword, eight days of Cosmos Comprehension, eight Mortal-Casting Pills, and 8,000 top-grade Spirit Crystals.

Third place would receive a Saint Pill, six days of Cosmos Comprehension, six Mortal-Casting Pills, and 6,000 top-grade Spirit Crystals.

Fourth place would receive a Golden Roc Egg, four days of Cosmos Comprehension, four Mortal-Casting Pills, and 4,000 top-grade Spirit Crystals.

Fifth place would receive an Earth grade Art, the Heavenly Cicada Art, two days of Cosmos Comprehension, two Mortal-Casting Pills, and 2,000 top-grade Spirit Crystals.

Sixth place would receive a World Pearl, one day of Cosmos Comprehension, one Mortal-Casting Pill, and 1,000 top-grade Spirit Crystals.

Seventh place would receive a Level 9 Saint Armament, the Moon Void Saber, one Comprehension Book, four Refining Pills, and 5,000 high-grade Spirit Crystals.

Eighth place would receive an Ownerless Blood Jade, one Comprehension Book, three Refining Pills, and 4,000 high-grade Spirit Crystals.

Ninth place would receive a Dukedom City, one Comprehension Book, two Refining Pills, and 3,000 high-grade Spirit Crystals.

Seventh place would receive a Level 7 Saint Armament, the Shield of Falsehood, one Comprehension Book, two Refining Pills, and 2,000 high-grade Spirit Crystals.

After these rewards were announced, they instantly caused an uproar; they were the most abundant rewards in the recent 100 years.

The first place prize was a Desolation Divinity, and it did not say that it was a remnant, meaning that it was a complete Divinity. It was only something that someone who had killed a G.o.d before could obtain.

Moreover, desolation G.o.ds were a type of incredibly ancient, powerful, and violent G.o.dly spirit. They were more powerful than ordinary G.o.dly spirits, and killing one was quite difficult.

However, looking at the rhombus-shaped blood crystal that was as big as a little fingertip, it was most likely a low-grade Desolation Divinity.

The other rewards were more ordinary, such as Cosmos Comprehension.

This was a piece that had fallen from the Cosmos Historical Remnant, which had been the cultivation location of a higher-being in the past. It contained boundless heaven and earth power, and it was of great help to comprehension.

Comprehension Books also contained this kind of power, but it was merely a replica and the effects were much weaker.

Next were the Mortal-Casting Pills. They were a high-grade medicinal pill that could increase the purity one of one's bloodline and expel the impurities in one's body.

There were also top-quality Spirit Crystals. They were a cultivation item that contained a large amount of spirit energy. Low-grade Spirit Crystals could be obtained in the boundary region, and only the Heaven Domain had top-quality Spirit Crystals.

Zhao Fu was quite moved by these rewards; most of them were quite useful to Zhao Fu.

For example, the Level 12 Saint Armament was essentially the highest grade of weapon that could be obtained in the outer regions.

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