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A figure gradually appeared in front of everyone. It was humanoid and had a very big head with no hair and a mouth filled with fangs. It looked like an elderly person with gray-white skin and many wrinkles.

The figure held a wooden staff and was naked, and it had a powerful aura. This was the evil G.o.d that had been summoned.

There were only a few people here, and the main person who would be fighting was Zhao Fu. The Corps and Generals were engaged by the four worlds, so there was no way to bring them over.

The isolation barriers had been activated, and the evil G.o.d had already sensed that something was off as its eyes coldly looked at Zhao Fu.

The rest did not need to be said, and after a large battle, Zhao Fu held a black tongue of flame.

Nothing out of the ordinary happened, and Zhao Fu had thought that the evil G.o.d would descend with its true body. However, it had not done so, and because the clone was not very strong, Zhao Fu had been able to kill it easily.

He then refined the evil G.o.d's body and obtained its Divinity; this Divinity had an evil aura to it and was slightly weaker than the demon G.o.d's Divinity.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

As for how he would use it, Zhao Fu had already decided that he would use it on the Giant Wolf Den. Out of all of the beasts in the beast army, the Giant Wolves were the weakest. If he fused this Divinity into the Den, the Giant Wolves that sp.a.w.ned in the future would have a trace of the evil G.o.d's bloodline, and their power would be stronger.


An explosion sounded out as a black pillar of light shot into the sky with terrifying force. Countless wolves howled, shaking the surrounding thousands of kilometers.

Zhao Fu fused the Divinity into the Giant Wolf Den, and all of the Giant Wolves started to go through mutations. Their bodies became even bigger than before, and their eyes became completely black. Their mouths were filled with fangs, and the Giant Wolves looked quite ugly and terrifying.

After sensing the changes in the Giant Wolves, Zhao Fu gave a trace of a pleased smile. The Giant Wolves now had a trace of the evil G.o.d's bloodline, and their names had become the Evil G.o.d Giant Wolves; they were definitely much stronger than before.

After dealing with some administrative matters, Zhao Fu suddenly remembered that the Ancient Stem Banquet was today, so he hurried to the inner region of the Ancient Stem Domain.

By now, there were countless people gathered on a ma.s.sive stage. As the largest banquet in the Ancient Stem Domain, countless people were in attendance, and there were all sorts of races present. People's voices filled the s.p.a.ce, and the scene was quite lively.

Some major figures sat at viewing platforms on the sides, while the people below were gathered in small groups, most of which had one person as the head.

The people at the head of the groups were naturally those with the most powerful auras. All of them were the strongest from where they came from, and they all looked quite proud, showing how extraordinary they were.

Suddenly, the voices became even more raucous because a red-haired man giving off a powerful aura had appeared on the stage. His appearance was like a ball of searing flames, causing the temperature around him to continuously rise, and a heatwave spread out from him.

After seeing him, the people around him made way because this was the person who was ranked tenth on the Ancient Stem Rankings. He was the Young Sect Master of the Volcano Sect, Huo Yan. He cultivated a fire-type Art and was already at a high level.

Sensing the gazes around him, Huo Yan arrogantly laughed and walked towards where the Volcano Sect was.

Sensing his aura, the people around him whispered to each other about how Huo Yan's aura had become so powerful, more than twice as strong than the previous year. The heat that he gave off was almost unbearable for those around him, and it was possible for him to enter the top six this time.

However, some people said, "Even though Huo Yan has become more powerful, this is the same for others. Let's wait for the others to arrive."

Following this, more and more powerful auras descended.

Bing Qixue brought his two bodyguards as he calmly appeared from the side. His extraordinary bearings and his handsome appearance caused many people to look over at him. There were even many young women crying out; Bing Qixue was quite popular.

The Eight Essence Dragon Sect's Young Sect Master, Long Yang, had been kept under house arrest in the Eight Essence Dragon Sect to prevent him from making trouble. However, they gave him special permission to come out for this banquet.

Long Yang gave a happy smile as he walked up from one side, followed by seven peerlessly beautiful women who were also quite eye-catching.

"Roarrr!" A roar suddenly sounded out as a ma.s.sive figure heavily landed, sending out ripples that made it difficult for others to continue standing.

The figure was a terrifying bear that had a pair of blue eyes filled with violence and ruthlessness. It was covered with jet-black, iron-like fur, and the devil qi from its body swept out like a flood, causing people to feel a chill.

The bear gradually disappeared, revealing a young man who looked quite wild and arrogant.

He was the Bear Mountain Kingdom's Third Prince, who had enmity with Zhao Fu. He was called Xiong Xiao, and he was ranked sixth on the Ancient Stem Rankings.

Another powerful aura descended. It was a beautiful woman with a confident smile on her face. She had a mature figure and wore tight clothes, and she had tanned skin.

She was called Gu Qingyue and was the Young Mistress of the Ancient G.o.d Sect, one of the Five Great Sects. Her personality was quite cheerful and bold, and she was also quite famous and popular within the Ancient Stem Domain. Her appearance caused many people to smile and greet her.

She was ranked eighth on the Ancient Stem Rankings, one ranking higher than Bing Qixue.


An eerie and ghostly wind blew, causing people's hairs to stand on end. The surrounding people could not help but feel fear as they looked over and saw a man wearing gray robes giving off a cold aura.

He was You Qianyue, the Prince of the Nether Yin Dynasty, one of the 20 Royal Kingdoms.

Sensing this eerie aura, the nearby people could not help but marvel at how powerful You Qianyue was. Just looking at him made them feel afraid, and they wondered what ranking he would obtain this time; it definitely would not be low.

He was ranked seventh on the Ancient Stem Rankings.

"Hehehe…" A few giggles sounded out, causing people's hearts to tremble. They could not help but look over and saw an enchantingly beautiful woman with an enticing figure in a red dress, followed by a group of female attendants.

She was Jiu Xiaoyun, the Princess of the Wine Sun Kingdom. She was incredibly powerful and was ranked sixth on the Ancient Stem Rankings.

Seeing her seductive figure and her charming airs, people could not help but gulp, and some people even shouted out her name. It could be seen that she had a high reputation within the Ancient Stem Domain.

"Hmph, that vixen," a young woman coldly harrumphed as she appeared before everyone. She wore a green dress and had delicate features, and she also gave off a powerful aura.

She was the Princess of the Greenwood Kingdom and had the Greenwood Bloodline. The Greenwood Bloodline could increase one's lifespan, resulting in their bodies growing quite slowly. As such, this young woman only looked 15 or 16 years old but was actually 20 or so years old.

"Oho, little girl, you came as well?" Hearing this young woman's voice, Jiu Xiaoyun was not angry and instead coquettishly laughed, emphasising the words 'little girl.'

This caused the young woman to become quite angry; she evidently hated being called that, and she started arguing with Jiu Xiaoyun. Everyone else was quite used to this because they knew that the two of them were arch-enemies.

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