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54 let’s spread the Oth.e.l.lo!  1

In the meantime, let’s spread the Oth.e.l.lo.

 Paper-making and other things can be done even after the social season is over. Even if you come to royal capital from time to time, it is possible that it doesn’t seems to be difficult even though it is far away. It doesn’t mean, I visit everyone all the time.

 But according to the strategy, in order to spread the Oth.e.l.lo, I have to meet various people here and there. Apparently, I think the amount of people in the capital has increased.

 Somehow, I hope it keeps up during this socializing season until the announcement of the tournament……

After the announcement, I can take it easy for the time being. The production, transportation and sale of Oth.e.l.lo, will take some time and if it does spread, it will sell like a hotcake. I’m not going to push it too far. The tournament is scheduled for the next social season.

Mitsuha: 「That’s why, Pez-san. From now on, when you went to our territory, please carry the Oth.e.l.lo and Shogi that we made, along with the usual seafood. Please also sell it.」

Pez: 「Well, yeah, that’s fine, but … well. Will it really, sell….?」

Mitsuha: 「Please leave it to me!- I got it.  In the name of Granny of the candy store!」(TN: reference?)

Pez: 「Well, no, who is that!」

Petz-san pleasantly accepted it. But, I was also given some strange condition.

Pez: 「That’s good, but there is a favor I’d like to ask….」

Mitsuha:「What」 (Nani?)

Pez: 「Well, the same picture of the signboard that you have put to the stall in the plaza, is it okay to attach it to my carriage as well?」

Mitsuha:「Eh?  Well, I don’t mind it though…. Oh, if you like, I’ll introduce you to the girl who painted it.」

Pez: 「Oh, I hope I can meet her!  Thank you very much」

It’s a weird request, but whatever, I didn’t mind. And as for the children of the orphanage, it’s a great opportunity to make money and connections with the merchants. I can not hold back on this guy. Probably there are no choices.

I told him to tell director-san and let him contact me, and then I left the Petz rolling store.

The paper that has explained the rules of Oth.e.l.lo and Shogi has already been created. Oth.e.l.lo was easy, but Shogi was a little troublesome….

I download the picture from the net, but the text is handwritten. It was good that the printer at home was multi-purpose printer and there was a copy function. If you are seen it by someone printing a suspicious foreign-language flyer at a convenience store, it will look like its a black scripture of a dubious dark religion. (TC: maybe you’re weirdly laughing like some chuuni, while printing.)

Unlike big cities, there are many familiar faces in rural towns and bad rumors can quickly spread. No, it’s true!

Actual distribution and advertis.e.m.e.nt starts after the Oth.e.l.lo arrives in the capital. It can’t be helped, you can’t advertise if there’s no product.

Even if Pez-san departs in a few days, considering the round trip and the time of business in each town, it will take quite long before arriving at the capital. By then, I will take the initiative and advertise to the higher-ups.

Eh.. Why don’t I just [transfer] it, you say? Because, the trade between the territory and the capital that I will continue for a long time, will be pointless if I use my abilities instead a of proper trading, don’t you think?

And I don’t even know when I’ll be in an accident or get sick, and maybe I’ll have to run away from this country. At that time, if I had the economic activity relying on my existence, the territory would collapse.

If you manage somehow, Even if you don’t have me, you will be able to maintain your living level somehow under the next lord. Even if taxes were reset to original.

So, except for a few sets made in j.a.pan for the royalty and some higher n.o.bles, the others will be carried from the territory normally.

A few sets of games are not good. (TN: like cheating) I won’t say anything!

Besides, in the first place, untill today, the actual product has not yet been produced.

I immediately asked the orphanage about the picture.

It was a 9 year old girl who painted it. I thought about the design myself.

No, of course I knew. The thing that the child drew.

But let me tell you something… What, is this orphanage!

A secret organization, training center or something that gathered talented children from all over the place? just what is this place? (TC: Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters maybe?)

On the way back to the shop, I stopped by j.a.pan for a bit and bought several additional pieces of Oth.e.l.lo and Shogi.

I should have bought it all together from the beginning …

So, when I went back to the shop, Sabine-Chan was waiting in the front.

Sabine: 「Mitsuhnesama, too slow!」

I didn’t know you’re there!… it’s true!….

Sabine: 「That’s why, I’m telling you to give me the shop’s key!」

No, its dangerous if you wander around inside the shop, when the crime prevention equipment is in active mode!  Teaching you how to change the mode means that, you can freely make this shop your own, it tells a considerable part about my life as well as the ability to transfer, I would only like you to become an accomplice, That’s all.

Mitsuha: 「No.」 (Dame!)

In one word of my serious face, Sabine, who is sadly looking down.

Yeah yeah, Sabine-chan, a cheerful little devil, is also cute, but Sabine is depressed … well, I am Sad!  No, I don’t drink sake while I work, and I don’t have a cat named Me-Kun!

Sabine-chan, who wants to see the DVD as soon as she gets into the account seat and puts the shop in opening mode.

…… Maybe this girl does not care for me, I just lost to the DVD ….

(sob).. ( .·´¯`(>▂<)´¯`·.>

No, don’t think about it. don’t think about it!  It’ll becomes a human distrust … ….

Mitsuha: 「Sabine-chan, would you like to try a fun game, instead of a DVD?」

Sabine: 「Game?」 (Gēmu?)

Mitsuha: 「Yeah, this. The rules are simple, even the old Dragon will remember in 30 seconds」

Sabine: 「Old dragons are smarter than humans!」

Oh, right, come to think of it. Was the [old dragon], useless for replacing [even monkey knows]… …. Was it [even a goblin knows] here?

Mitsuha: 「Well, if you win, can ask me for something. However, anything related to the shop are exception. 」

Sabine: 「 You’re on!.」

Fu fu, choroi!  (ふふ、チョロい!)

……….I lost.

Dry cloth friction, no, I lost by the absence of perfection.

No, I’ve done it many times, with my friends.

Why did this happen ~ ~ ~! !

Sabine: 「It’s quite interesting, Mitsuhneesama. Especially, the game you can win.」

Said by Sabine-chan with the Doya (smug) face.

Sh, Shut up, how annoying!!

Sabnine: 「It seems you have confidence, but still, excluding the shop as a precaution, truly a wise move, Mitsuhneesama. I’m sorry, but I can’t help it.…」

It, it was good!  It was a really good call!

Sabine: 「Well, that, remember the tool that can be used to talk to you, even after you return to the territory, there was another choice right, that, give me that one.」


If you lightly look at the wall side, the guard-ojisan has become pale.

And I gently take off my gaze from the guard-ojisan.

The face of the guard-ojisan, who was about to cry.

.…I’m sorry.

Afterwards, I heard the impression from Sabine-chan, I got the confirmation that Oth.e.l.lo can be sold in this world. In any case, there are no good entertainment. A sophisticated game that is very popular even on the earth, which has a lot of entertainment, was brought in here. Once it became popular, there is no reason not to sell.

… … It was a bad bet, I had to do something.

It’s devastating.

Mainly, to the guard-ojisan, who is sunken near the wall.

No, I’m really sorry!

At the very least, in order to get a little damage, I gave Sabine-chan a pair of Oth.e.l.lo and Shogi, and a paper on which I wrote an explanation and asked Sabine-chan to challenge the King or the Prime Minister for a game.

If Sabine wins, everyone who lose will come running (crying) to me, they can save the time and effort of persuasion when selling it.

While measuring the body of Sabine-chan for buying a bicycle, I suddenly noticed.

…I wonder if this girl and the King are willing to make a bet. Something, really outrageous.

While measuring the length of her feet, Sabine-chan glanced up and smiled.

A very nasty one.

Oh,my G.o.d!

Let’s wish the King a good fight….

The next morning, I went to a bicycle shop.

No, because it is said that [if you can give it quickly, you can give it quickly]. Troubles are less to the one cleaning up earlier.

Bike’s safety first. A cheap item is easy to break, so choose a solid one made in j.a.pan.

I’d like to make it a relaxing ride like sipping a tea, but Sabine-chan is probably going to use it hard, so a mountain bike, maybe….

Road bikes, can also produced such a speed, but.. The road surface is also not good. Road bike demonstrates its true value at high speed, on a paved road. …But, It’s unsuitable for enduring a child’s violence.

A Cross-bike?

What am I thinking, giving Sabine-chan such a versatile machine!

What will I do if Sabine-chan, who used the cross bike, [I came~] and appears next day after returning to the territory!  It would be too scary! !

Regardless of the instantaneous maximum speed, you cannot catch up even with a horse, considering the sustained speed. It’s all over, if the guard doesn’t notice for a few hours that she’s gone!

That’s why a heavy-duty mountain bike.

No, this can still go in the territory. Because it’s just a little slower than cross bike. But, well, to the degree of comfort…..

I got a various consultation at a specialty shop, I showed the measured data, told me the growth of a girl, and gave me a few candidates. From among those, I choose something that Sabine-chan would like, then purchased sidebags and helmets, protectors and other items for safety.

She don’t need an auxiliary wheel. The auxiliary wheel does not suit the mountain bike, and Sabine is probably riding it on the first day

.…I’m sorry. Especially to the escort guard-ojisan, I am really sorry.

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