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"We are lacking mana… dang it!" Kira was as pale as a ghost.

Both men would have been crushed to death by the silver gravitational core placed at the center of the formation if it wasn't for Kuen who was using his gravity magic to limit the power of the silver core. Just like the others, he wore a dejected expression on his face but he couldn't speak or dare lose concentration at a critical moment like this.

[she shouldn't have this much power left… that's why we jumped in… Did we overestimate ourselves or just underestimate the strength of the gold realm masters? If only we weren't this worn out… this battle would have been over faster than it started!] Kuen cursed in his mind.


Diana stared at the black blood sea which took the shape of a sphere with keen interest. The fact that the magic was yet to dispel meant the casters of the magnificent spell were still alive.

"Kuen!" she hissed disdainfully.

Without anyone telling her, she knew the only one capable of challenging her silver core is someone with powerful control over gravitational magic. 

"Struggle no more! Just accept your fate!" Diana roared and a fourth gray moon slightly bigger than the others appeared above the other three which had already surrounded the black blood sea

"Moon magic: Fourth world crash!" Diana cried as she watched the fourth gray moon descend slowly.

The fourth moon soon appeared above the other three and the black blood sea which was still trying to resist, crashing into them violently.


Kuen spat out a mouthful of blood but he didn't let go of the silver core threatening to crush them faster than the four gray moons.


Diana was about to end it but it was then the bright golden light blazing from afar caught her attention, forcing her to check on Francis's situation, only to be stunned by her discovering. 

From a few kilometers away she could see the ma.s.sive golden sword dug deep into the ground and only the green vines slowly wrapping against it made her realize Francis was pinned. Her eyes soon shifted to the winged, majestic-looking being standing on the hilt of the golden aura sword with a ma.s.sive hexagon cube made of pure energy, floating above his head. He was whispering something that Diana couldn't understand but his rising aura was enough to tell Diana he was going for a finishing move.

[How did I not notice? I was so absorbed in my own battle that I didn't notice what's happening around me! If those light mages kill Francis I'll be next… I need to wrap this up and help him out!] Diana suddenly realized how bad her situation is.

"I would have loved toy with you all a bit longer but I don't have much time left! Moon magic: four-way moon formation seal!" 

With a loud explosion, the four gray moons crashed into each other with great force, trying to destroy the black blood sea and crush all those within it. 


"You dare lay your hands on my most trusted subordinates? I will be sending you over to the underworld now! Aldora, go!" Derik's voice echoed once again and his aura spread forth like a plague once again.

Suddenly a golden beam of light shot out from the mountain ranges shooting past Diana who was fast enough to evade only to realize the mistake she made. She returned her attention to the moon formation seal she set up and saw the round, big-bellied midget, observing the formation with a bright smile on his face like a child who was given a candy bar.

"These are interesting techniques you gat here… You have gotten bold… But you heard the boss… You have to go" Aldora wore a friendly smile on his face and simply slapped the air.

Immediately a ma.s.sive golden palm appeared beside Diana, sending her flying with a powerful slap even before she could resist. His face showed no joy in his actions as he turned his attention to the moon formation seal.

While Diana would have been a monster to these silver realm elites and even the new gold realm fire mage. Gerald. For someone like Aldora who was a bonafide gold realm master in his past life, in her weakened state Diana was like a powerless human to him, unable to hurt a hair on his head.

Supreme deity path: Divine severing palms of the great buddha!

A faint image of a mountain-sized buddha appeared behind him before striking forward with over ten gigantic palms. Aldora got more fascinated with the formation the more his buddha palms collided with it, to the extent he began doubting if he had to power to shatter it if Diana was at full power. The realization that the elf cosmic spirit host could be more powerful than him, if they are forced to battle on equal terms disturbed him greatly but he quickly pushed the thoughts away. Even though he has become an undead and only powerful light mages can threaten his life, she was quite sure this sealing formation will be able to trap him for eternity.

"Break!" Aldora roared and prepared to land a decisive blow on the moon sealing formation but then a beam of silver light shot from afar, towards his direction.

Moon magic: Moonlight!

"Annoying!" Aldora grunted as he slapped away the beam of silver light which was twice his size, only to realize Diana was already above him and had fired another beam of silver light.

"Even with the master's aura, destroying your cultivation from within, you are able to showcase this much power? I'm truly impressed!" A vicious grin appeared on Aldora's face as he reached or the skies and blocked the beam with an open palm, not bothering to take any defensive measures.

"Serving under the death mage for too long as made you as reckless and dumb as those three!" Diana's voice range in his little elf-like ears as her figure appeared right in front of Aldora whose chest was exposed. 

In her hand was a silver rod that was shrouded in a thick layer of her aura as she struck at Aldora's exposed chest ruthlessly.

"Am I ?" Aldora replied with a sinister grin on his face.


Right before her eyes, the silver rod shattered into a thousand pieces, not leaving even a single scratch on Aldora's chubby body.

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