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One month later, the king contracted strange dieses, and the minister and advisers suggests the coronation of a new king, but Wimbledon III refused saying that none of the princes and princess is ready to ascending the throne.

Then Wimbledon III of Graycastle's summoned all of the princes and wonderful proclamation to his children saying, "You want to inherit the kingdom? The first-born prince doesn't necessarily have the right to become king, only the person who proves themselves as the most capable of governing can inherit the country."

He placed various territories under the rule of his five children, and after five years he'd decide who would become his successor based on the level of skill they displayed in governing their respective territories.

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In Wimbledon City, the capital of Graycastle kingdom

The sun rise with a new that shocked everyone.

The king Wimbledon III announced Royal Decree: that the king's selection in this generation could be a bit deferent; the first born prince will be the next king, if he doesn't show that he deserved the throne.

He was sending the five princes to the deferments region of the kingdom for them to learn and develop does territories. They will have only a minister and a team of Knights, to a.s.sist them.

1st Prince Gerald Wimbledon was sent to Coldwind Ridge;

2nd prince Timothy Wimbledon was sent to the Valencia City;

3rd Princess Garcia Wimbledon was sent to the Port of Clear Water;

4th Prince Roland Wimbledon was sent to Border Town;

5th Princess Tilly Wimbledon, she was sent to Silver City.

By the population? Military power? Economic standing? Wimbledon III hadn't mentioned any standard, nor did he put the slightest restrictions on their methods of compet.i.tion. In case someone secretly a.s.sa.s.sinated the other candidates, the new king should be the prince which more achievements whiten five years.

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The king maybe wanted, the princes to mature and grow by setting the succession compet.i.tion, even if the other princes end up like dukes, they could still help the king guarding the borders. But he, himself ended up dying in his own favorite son.

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