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Chapter 8  Is It Diarrhea or a Fear of Mice?

Leng Muxuan certainly understood this truth. If Jiang Senyuan was not at home, even if her meal tasted bad, he couldn't pick on her. If he didn't eat the food she had made, he would stay hungry. Even a three-year-old child knew that. But he just wanted to catch this opportunity to annoy Jiang Senyuan. You are so patient, aren't you? You are a nice person, aren't you? Fine! I will see how long you can stick to that!

Leng Muxuann sensitively grabbed his belly with his right hand, frowned, and made a pained expression. "I have a stomachache. . . " Then he quickly rushed into the bathroom.

Jiang Senyuan looked at Leng Muxuan’s retreating figure with amazement and did a gesture like that of the singer in the song  "Perturbed," with her eyes fixed in an intensely wide stare and her mouth open. Leng Muxuan had already done it, obviously, but had the sandwich she made really caused diarrhea? Really?! She’d also eaten it today and she was fine.

Jiang Senyuan waited outside the bathroom apprehensively. She ate two more bites of the sandwiches on the table and didn't dare to eat anymore. There was only one bathroom in the house. In this uncertain situation, she still dared not take this risk using the bathroom. The scene that could result was something she desperately wanted to avoid.

As for Leng Muxuan, he opened the window in the bathroom to see the scenery outside. Wretched girl, you can just stand outside and stay worried! Originally, he wanted to stay in the bathroom for a while, but the scenery outside was really not worth seeing. The only thing worth mentioning was a dog that pa.s.sed by downstairs. This dog was immorally leaning against the wall as it peed on the first floor.

Leng Muxuan was a little embarra.s.sed at this moment. "It’s not me who’s really using the bathroom. It’s you!" He didn’t know if it was male or female. It seemed that there was a loophole in the security of the community. It was immoral for senior animals to pee everywhere. Was it immoral for animals to pee everywhere? Fortunately, he didn't have to go out, so he wouldn't pa.s.s the poor wall.

Watching this scene, which was not suitable for children, Leng Muxuan exited the bathroom. Of course, before going out, he put his hand on his belly again and wore an agonized expression on his face again.

Jiang Senyuan, who was already waiting impatiently outside, finally breathed a sigh of relief after seeing Leng Muxuan, but when she looked at his expression, she was very lost again. "Do you really have diarrhea?" Women were just like this. They always used their own intuition to guess, but they didn't know that this sixth sense was also very deceptive! When someone created an illusion, she would use it as a clue. When someone dug a pit, she would jump into it decisively.

Leng Muxuan nodded bitterly and he raised his hand, pointing at the sandwich on the dinner table. "What you did. . . "

Jiang Senyuan had already guessed things would be like that, and she had already made sufficient psychological preparations herself. So she threw the breakfast into the trash can without any hesitation. "Since I met you, I actually learned about something called wastfulness." She put the plate back in the kitchen. "You wait at home; I am going to go out to buy medicine for you."

When Leng Muxuan heard that she was going to buy medicine for him, he began to be unsettled. "No. . .  I'm good."

"How can you not take medicine? How can you not take care of your own body like this? When people are sick, they take medicine. This is basic common sense!" Jiang Senyuan began to talk about her theory.

Icy cold sweat beaded over Leng Muxuan's head. Of course, it was not because of diarrhea, but the medicine. Based on the characteristics of Jiang Senyuan, once she got the medicine back, he would be forced to take it. If he really took the medicine, how long would he have constipation? . . .

"I . . . never take medicine; I am very hungry now, so you'd better quickly cook for me first." Leng Muxuan had to do everything he could to make up for this mistake he just made. This warmhearted girl was too enthusiastic. Doesn't she feel too tired to go out and buy medicine?

But how could Jiang Senyuan, who was just like Lei Feng (the nicest person in China), be persuaded by Leng Muxuan? "You do not need to say more; if your diarrhea is this serious, you'd better lie on the sofa and rest."

Seeing the situation at that time, Leng Muxuan got anxious immediately. He screamed regardless of anything. He really didn't know what was scary about this little girl in front of him, but she just forced him to be restricted somehow.

Jiang Senyuan's foot, which was just about to step out of the house, was startled by the scream from Leng Muxuan. She turned her head angrily and her ponytail swayed back and forth, which showed her anger. Since she was willing to do errands for him, what else did this guy want? "What are you shouting at? The others will complain that we are disturbing the neighbors!"

Leng Muxuan did not listen to Jiang Senyuan's words at all this time. He didn't care if this would disturb the neighbors or not. He had always lived in the villa, and he didn’t know the meaning of 'disturbing the neighbors' at all. He just turned his eyes quickly. "Ah! There are mice! You see those mice? There’s nothing I fear more than mice!" Then he pointed under the sofa with his slender index finger, but he didn't panic, which looked very funny.

Jiang Senyuan looked suspiciously towards Leng Muxuan and she looked at him carefully from head to toe until he was scared by her examination. She sarcastically said, "A big, strong boy is afraid of mice? Isn't he afraid of others laughing at him?" Then she came back in.

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