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Chapter-79: PVP Test

The list of PVP battles was posted into the wall.

The rules of this test are,

1) Only the lowest rank can challenge the highest rank.

2) Only gold core students can challenge the lowest rank.

3) A student can challenge or be challenged by 5 times at most.

4) If the challenger withdraws his challenge then he will be counted as defeated automatically.

5) If the defender does not accept the challenge he will be counted as defeated automatically.

6) Above rules are also applicable for Gold Core students.

7) The mark of each battle winner is 20, loser does not get any marks. For a draw match, the lowest rank student will get 11 marks, and the highest rank student will get 9 marks.

8) The match schedule will be posted in two days before the test.

And today is the two days before the test.

"So who is your opponent Naruto?"

Ikuse asked Naruto.

"Its position number 23, 20, 15, 11 and 8."

"Seems like all of those are an easy target for you"

Ikuse stated with a.s.sured voice.

"And what about you?"

Naruto asked about his opponent.

"Well, except you I challenged the all Gold Core student."

Ikuse replied.

"Come on buddy why did you leave me for the party?"

Naruto asked with a joking tone.

"As imperfect I am, I don't want to lose my marks."

However, Ikuse replied with a serious tone.

"Oh, you are overestimating me so much, Dattebayo."

Naruto said that while slapping on his back.

"No, not actually, not only me, didn't you notice the fact that no gold core challenged you? And I bet those who challenged you had no other way because they cannot challenge the lower rank student, and other students schedule was blocked already."

Ikuse stated the obvious fact.

Accepting the fact Naruto didn't stretch about this topic.

"But number 8 huh, that Gauch guy challenged you huh... That guy feels suspicious to me. But well, I don't see the possibility to be defeated by that guy."

Ikuse said.

"That guy, huh... At the beginning of the school days, he did disturb me, I did a number on him. I guess he wants to take revenge."

Naruto reply that after thinking a while.

"Well, best of luck on your exam then."

"You too buddy."

Saying that they went to meet their respective teacher that they are closed door disciple of.

From afar Gauch was watching them.

"Naruto Uzumaki I will finish you this time for sure."

The black miasma was swirling around him.


"I thought you will challenge Naruto Uzumaki."

Rita Khan said that to Leo White.

"I just want to ensure that how capable he is."

Leo White replied and continued with a frown,

"And I also don't want to lose my marks if something wrong happened."

"Hha seems like you are in full alert for him."

Shirin Shura said that with a wild laugh.

"Well, same for me, I also don't want to lose my marks by challenging him without knowing anything. It's just we don't know his limit."

Xavier Nepolia also stated his worry.

"But I heard Gauch challenged him."

Rita Khan said.

"Yeah, it seems like he has some personal grudge on Naruto Uzumaki."

Xavier said with concern.

"I know he is strong, but I think he is not enough to take Naruto Uzumaki yet."

Shirin shared her personal opinion. And no one refutes that.


"Naruto Uzumaki and Josh b.u.t.tler, start your battle."

When referee announced that both Naruto and his challenger Josh b.u.t.tler become ready for facing each other.

It was Naruto's first match of the PVP test.

His opponent, Josh b.u.t.tler was a number 23 position student. He is a cool looking student who can use 3rd tier magic without any chant.

Josh b.u.t.tler summoned a lightning sphere with a magic circle and shoot towards Naruto.

Naruto didn't dodge or anything, instead, he deflected it with Rasengan he created.

Even after deflecting the magic, the energy of Rasengan didn't fade away.

Naruto closed the distance of them with super speed and directly buried the Rasengan into his belly.

In the whirling energy of Rasengan, Josh b.u.t.tler's cloth was torn apart, similarly with his cloth wound created on his skin.

He was blown away from the stage

It was a KO victory for Naruto Uzumaki.

"Naruto Uzumaki won the battle."

The instructor announced.

All of the five battles will be held in one day. The student will get one hour break in each interval of battle. Because the student has to recover from fatigue and exhaustion from previous battles.

Naruto won his 2nd and 3rd battle with KO. Now he was watching the battle between Leo white and Valentica Strada.

Leo white was throwing the light magic one after another, but Valentica deflecting them quite easily.

At some point Leo seems like out of his breath, he used too much magic already but on the other hand, Valentica was still in good shape.

"Lose your gas?"

Valentica provoked.

But Leo White didn't respond.

"Well then, shall I finish the battle."

Saying that she chanted magic. A huge spear created above the stage of the arena. Which directly hit his stomach before he could defend his body.

He was thrown away from the stage. He lost all office strength to get up again. It was a KO victory for Valentica.

"Hey, congratulation for your splendid victory."

Naruto congratulates her with a big smile.

"Thank you, congratulate you too, seems like you are having a good time."

Valentica replied his congratulation with a smile and didn't forget to congratulate him too.

"Thank you. Your next match with Ikuse, isn't that?"


"Well, good luck then, I will support both of you then."

"Thanks. I think he would be the strongest opponent yet."

"Yea, he has tough skin. But well you have the devastating attack power, so I can't tell who will win among you."

Like that Naruto and Valentica chatted before Naruto's fourth match.

It was another KO victory for Naruto.

Now, Naruto's final opposition is Gauch, who yet to show his face today. But before that, he went to enjoy the battle between Valentica and Ikuse.

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