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Chapter 915 - Chapter 915: Supreme account (9000 words) 6

Chapter 915: Supreme account (9000 words) 6

Translator: 549690339

It was a standard room with two beds.

Yang Liufang was watching a drama on the next bed. When she heard someone knocking on the door, she got up and opened it.

With the door half-closed, she asked the staff member in a low voice, ” what’s wrong?

The staff member didn’t dare to look at the room. He only explained, ” sister yang, young master Ji t s mother is here, When Miss Lou was about to leave the set, his mother happened to see her. Now, Mrs. Ji wants teacher Meng to go over.

Yang Liufangs expression turned cold when she heard this.

She had received a lot of messages on her phone.

Sister fan, yang zhaolin, they all told her to look after Meng Fu and let her rest.

Hearing this, yang Liufang immediately knew what that Madam Ji was up to.

we’re not going, ” she refused flatly. we’ll discuss this tomorrow.

After she finished speaking, yang Liufang was about to close the door.

Just as she reached out, Meng Fu’s low and hoa.r.s.e voice came through. wait a minute, I’ll be right out.

She lifted the blanket with rustling sounds.

Yang Liutang frowned. She closed the door and turned on the light. Ah Fu, why are you going there? ” This Lou Hongyan is obviously looking for trouble.” it’s okay. Meng Fu did not change his clothes. He took a coat and put it on. He was not in the mood and his tone was calm. settle it quickly and come back to sleep.

“Yes, I’ll go with you.” Yang Liufang also took a coat.

The two of them went downstairs.

She happened to see little Li, who had come out to use the toilet. are you two going out so late? ‘

When yang Liufang heard this, she lowered her eyes and sneered, ” yes, I’m going to find the director. Someone is here to support Lou Hongyan.

The two of them went downstairs. Xiao Li understood what she meant and quickly returned to his room to tell Lu Wei and the others about it.

The director’s studio was downstairs.

When Meng Fu came over, Madam Ji had already finished half a cup of tea.

Mrs. Ji looked up at Meng Fu. This girl was indeed good-looking. She had heard grandma Ji talk about Meng Fu many times, and she didn’t have a good impression of this girl.

The director stood in front of Meng Fu and introduced her to him. this is Mrs. Ji, our investor this time.

Meng Fu yawned. She knew Mrs. Ji, so she greeted her politely and distantly, “”Good evening,” she said.

I’m here today to clear up the misunderstanding between you and miss Lou. We’re all from the same Festival group, so there’s no need to be so tense. The director started the show gently.

I also want to solve this problem as soon as possible, ” Meng Fu said nonchalantly. let’s play a few more rounds. I’ll use your computer and account.

As she spoke, hurried footsteps could be heard from outside.

Lu Wei, he Miao, and Ji Ziyang had all arrived.

The originally s.p.a.cious office was instantly crowded into a ball.

Lou Hongyan’s back had been facing everyone the whole time. When she heard the sound, she turned around and laughed silently. it hasn’t even started and your fan club is already here? ‘

Ji Ziyang pursed his lips and looked at Madam Ji, his head aching.”Mom, why are you here?” he asked. Let’s just stop talking about this matter.”

“Stop here?” Lou Hongyan was so angry that she laughed. Ziyang, you should have watched the video when you went back, right? Have you found a problem?”

Ji Zivanz was silent for a moment.

Lou Hongyan sneered silently.

Meng Fu was getting impatient. She pulled up the collar of her coat and lowered her eyes.”Change to your computer, Let’s Play Two more games, then I’ll go back to sleep.”

He Miao, Lu Wei, and the others were a little hesitant about Ji Ziyangs reaction.

Hearing Meng Fu r s words, he Miao felt relieved. He raised his head and said, “‘Can’t you just change your computer and play again?”

Mrs. Ji sat on the chair and held a teacup. She looked at Meng Fu and didn’t speak.

“Is there a need to fight?” Lou Hongyan only looked at Meng Fu.

Seeing that Meng Fu did not want to admit it, she did not say anything and walked out with her luggage.

He seemed to be so angry that he refused to listen to a word.

She looked like she didn’t want to play games with Meng Fu anymore.

I asked you to call her again, but you didn’t. You didn’t believe that Ah Fu didn’t cheat. Miss Lou, are you going to press your head and cheat? ” Yang liufang said coldly, ” just because you have power and influence, you can cheat? ‘

As soon as she spoke, Lu Wei’s expression changed. He pulled on yang liufangs sleeve and stopped her. liufang!

Since Madam Ji was present, it would be best if they could resolve this peacefully.

“I’m cheating by pressing my head?” Lou Hongyan finally stopped. She looked at yang liufang and then at Meng Fu. The smile on her face was cold. I was going to leave and let this matter go. 1 didn’t want to put grandma Ji in a difficult position. Since you want me to give you an answer, I won’t give you face. Meng Fu, you asked the director to tell Ziyang and I to go easy on you, do you admit that?”

“l don’t need you to go easy on me.” Meng Fu frowned.

The director’s heart skipped a beat when he heard Lou Hongyan call her grandma Ji. Miss Lou, I’ve explained many times. I’m the one who looked for you for the show’s effect. It has nothing to do with miss Meng.

whether there is a relationship or not, that is something that you all know in your hearts. Lou Hongyan did not listen to the director’s explanation and looked at Meng Fu again. it’s fine if you don’t believe me. There is one more important point. Ziyang should have noticed it. Lou Hongyan looked at Ji Ziyang as she spoke.

Ji Ziyang pursed his lips.

Lou Hongyan laughed. if you slow down and watch my video, you’ll know that Meng Fu only moved her character when my big move was about to land. This means that she has to do it 12 times in 1.3 seconds before she can jump to the edge of the arena. She has to have done it 10 times in such a short time, which means that her hand speed is close to 500.

Yang liufang furrowed her brows. “A hand speed of 500 points proves that ah Fu is cheating?”

“Miss yang, do you know the fastest player in the esports world, walk? His hand speed is only 510.” Lou Hongyan turned to yang Liufang and explained in a straightforward manner.

E-sports players were not only born with fast hand speed, but they also had to practice for ten hours a day.

Even so, walk was only 510.

Everyone had watched Meng Fu r s previous shows. She said that she didn’t play games. For someone who didn’t play games, it would be considered heaven-defying if her hand speed could reach 200.

Meng Fu 500+.

Lou Hongyan didn’t want to waste her breath on them. She looked at yang liufang and asked, ” miss yang, what else do you want to wash her for?

Madam Ji looked at Meng Fu. what else do you want to say?

Meng Fu couldn’t be bothered to say anything else. He looked at the director. excuse me, can I borrow your computer?

The director was stunned and quickly stepped aside to turn on the computer in the studio.

The computers here were also prepared by the props team, and the legend of G.o.ds and demons game was downloaded on the computers.

Meng Fu didn’t sit down. He just leaned over and opened the game on the computer with one hand.

Lou Hongyan watched Meng Fu open the game and said, told you, I won’t play games with you.”

Meng Fu ignored Lou Hongyan and chose the first District. A login page appeared.

In the studio, most of the people were watching Meng Fu r s movements.

Lou Hongyan stood in front of Meng Fu. She held the box and watched as Meng Fu entered a string of numbers and then logged in.

The game of G.o.ds and demons had a lot of memory, but the director’s computer was not the best.

After dozens of seconds of loading, the game page showed a female swordsman in black next to the main city’s NPC.

As soon as he logged in, the icon on the game page kept lighting up.

This was the icon for the private chat.

Meng Fu closed the game and opened the character introduction page. The director who turned on the computer for her only looked at the character introduction page …

[ account name: eh? ]

[ level: 150 ] Optional t.i.tle: [ No. 1 swordsman ] [ first Overlord ]

[ number one Artificer ]

Above the female swordsman’s head was a huge golden t.i.tle that was the only one in the entire Asian server[ supremacy of Seven Worlds ]!

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