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Chapter 914 - Chapter 914: Supreme account (9000 words) _5

Chapter 914: Supreme account (9000 words) _5

Translator: 549690339

In the game, Meng Fu’s movements were very smooth. He jumped, jumped, and flipped. With the Archer’s second skill, [ leap, heart-piercing arrow ] , he easily landed on the edge of the stairs and avoided Lou Hongyan’s big move.

Lou Hongyan’s demon race’s big move was a fire attack. It had a large range and had a 1.3-second formation time.

Meng Fu r s character didn’t escape at the start. Instead, she waited for her ultimate to be released before she started moving. This meant that she had to escape to the safe zone within 1.3 seconds, but this would require at least 500+ hand speed.

It was indeed as Lou Hongyan had said. It did not seem to be a matter of luck.

rainy night, don’t you think … Ji Ziyang paused for a moment. there was indeed something wrong with Meng Fu r s first attempt at dodging?

The latter could be described as luck, but the first one …

A hand speed of 500+ was indeed terrifying.

In Lou Hongyan’s room, she didn’t go to sleep after sending the video. Instead, she went to change her clothes.

Then, she packed her luggage.

He dragged a suitcase out.

He walked straight out. The others were all in their own rooms, taking a shower and getting ready to rest.

Seeing Lou Hongyan come out, the director and the staff hurried over. Miss Lou, it’s so late. Where are you going?

“Let’s go back,” he said. Lou Hongyan didn’t even look back. She didn’t take the Jie group’s car either. She just took out her phone and made a call.

She stood at the intersection and waited for her driver to pick her up.

The director groaned in his heart.

He knew that this program would not be recorded well. A group of ancestors had come. Forget about Meng Fu. Although she was an ancestor, she was an easy-going person and never made things difficult for others. He really did not want to meet someone like Lou Hongyan.

If it was another artiste, the director would have asked her to leave immediately.

However, this person was neither an actor nor an artiste.

The director could only contact his boss. Then, in the middle of the night, he put on a coat and accompanied Lou Hongyan to wait at the intersection. At first, the director even said a few words to Lou Hongyan, but Lou Hongyan ignored him.

He fell silent and didn’t say anything more. He asked the staff to turn on the light and wait with Lou Hongyan.

At the end of the road, the headlights of the car lit up.

It was a business car.

Lou Hongyan took a step back to make way. However, the van stopped in front of her.

The car door opened and mother Ji t s face was revealed. She looked at Lou Hongyan and frowned. Hongyan, it’s so late. Why are you here alone?

Lou Hongyan tilted her head and did not look at mother Jia She coldly replied, “”Auntie, I’m waiting for the driver.”

“Where’s Zi Yang?” Seeing her like this, mother Ji t s face also darkened.

Lou Hongyan tilted her head and still didn’t speak.

After hearing Lou Hongyan’s words, the director also guessed the ident.i.ty of mother Ji. His expression changed. He didn’t expect Mrs. Ji to come at this time!

The two juniors were fine, but if Madam Ji came over at this time, it wouldn’t be easy to end things.

“Madam Ji, Miss Lou. she …” The director explained subconsciously. Mrs. Ji only glanced at him indifferently. did I let you speak? ‘

The director’s heart sank.

“Hongyan, come with me to the lounge.” Madam Ji took Lou Hongyan’s hand and looked back.

Her chauffeur came over immediately and took the luggage from Lou Hongyan.

Lou Hongyan pursed her lips but still walked up the steps with Mrs. Ji. The festival team had set up a studio and a lounge outside.

In the lounge, Madam Ji sat on a chair. She adjusted her shawl and asked Lou Hongyan, “”Tell Auntie, what’s wrong? Did Zi Yang give you any trouble?”

“You can ask him yourself.”

Lou Hongyan didn’t want to explain. She just stood there and didn’t sit down. Her eyes were cold.

Mrs. Ji pursed her lips and looked at the director who had poured her tea.

The director pursed his lips and explained the whole thing. In the end, he still spoke up for Meng Fu. the results are out. There was nothing wrong with teacher Mengs operation. It had nothing to do with teacher Meng. This is a complete misunderstanding. Young master Ji also believes that teacher Meng did not cheat.

The director knew very well whether there was a call on the computer.

The official results were out.

Lou Hongyan thought highly of herself, and the director hoped that Madam Ji would listen to his words.

When Mrs. Ji heard the director’s words and realized that Ji Ziyang was on

Meng Fu’s side, her hand that was holding her shawl paused for a moment.

She then said, “”Bring Meng Fu over.”

The director’s heart sank again. He didn’t say anything and gestured for the staff to invite Meng Fu over.

When the staff knocked on Meng Fu l s door, he was already asleep..

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