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Chapter 108        Unable to Save


At that instant, Zhou Qingfeng was crouched on the top of a building that was located in the intersection between Broome Street and Central Street. He was dressed in a camouflage outfit that was made from rags and was responsible for monitoring the surroundings. He knew that Katrina had successfully persuaded him to do something which he was not willing to do in the first place.

The streets nearby were very quiet and occasionally, there were shadows swaying in the streets. They might belong to the trapped residents who were looking for supplies. Without the help of their peers, even if they could find supplies, they would not be able to keep them for long.

More than hundreds of people were moving at that moment and various pieces of debris had been moved into the car. Zhou Qingfeng discovered that most of these people were either weak or old. Rumor had it that these men once formed a team to find their way out of the area. However, only thirty men returned, even though two hundred men headed out. The ones remaining were wounded.

Old man Chavez was actually a priest in a church in the neighborhood hence, he had gained considerable prestige. He was ordering the people to clear up the streets, otherwise none of the vehicles, including Zhou Qingfeng’s fire truck, would be able to leave Broome Street. That was the reason Zhou Qingfeng offered shelter to the hundreds of people - he needed the extra manpower.

That’s right, Katrina had finally persuaded Zhou Qingfeng to bring the hundreds of people along. One of the main reasons he agreed was because there were plenty of restaurants and shops in Broome Street. The area was quite rich in resources.

Zhou Qingfeng was guarding the post as the day pa.s.sed. All of a sudden, he noticed some movement behind him. He immediately adjusted the position of his muzzle and aimed at the rooftop. A young, busty girl soon appeared on the rooftop.

She was afraid when she saw the muzzle and she only spoke after she blanked out for quite a while, “Mr. Hugo, I… I… I’m here to serve you dinner. We’ve made you some fried prawns, some taquitos, and some sushi too.”

Housewives made up the majority of the population in Broome Street. Moreover, most of them ran restaurant businesses. Therefore, they were pretty skilled in culinary arts.

“Just put them down,” Zhou Qingfeng said coldly.

The young, busty girl put the lunchbox down on the floor of the rooftop. However, she saw that there was still a distance between Zhou Qingfeng and the lunchbox. She then decided to move the lunchbox closer to Zhou Qingfeng. She continued moving the lunchbox forwards after noticing that Zhou Qingfeng did not stop her. She was already by Zhou Qingfeng’s side within a few seconds.

“I made the taquitos myself, I hope that you’ll like them. I originally wanted to bring you a bottle of beer, but my mom said that you can’t drink when you’re on duty,” the young, busty lady spoke to Zhou Qingfeng. However, he did not seem to respond. Thus, she stared at him with a foolish face.

Zhou Qingfeng had no choice but to remind her once again, “You may leave now, it’s too dangerous here.”

“Oh……” the young, busty lady nodded, turned around, and left. Before leaving, she also expressed her grat.i.tude to Zhou Qingfeng, “Thank you for saving me, you’re a good man.”

Zhou Qingfeng frowned as he vaguely recalled that the lady was actually the young, busty girl who he previously saved from the hands of the thugs. But, he did not say anything to her. He opened the lunchbox and found out that they even prepared a pair of chopsticks for him.

“They taste good,” Zhou Qingfeng picked up a taquito with his chopsticks and put it into his mouth. However, he felt even hungrier once he started eating.

“I’m glad you like it.” The young, busty lady decided to stay after hearing his praise. She sat together with Zhou Qingfeng and watched him eat his meal, “You’re much more handsome than you were on the television. I really like you, can I go to your room tonight? I feel like you can provide me with a sense of security. My mom has agreed too. She said that we can have s.e.x as long as we practice safe s.e.x.”

The young, busty lady even blushed and she shrugged. But, her dewy eyes indicated that she really wanted to get close to Zhou Qingfeng.

Zhou Qingfeng was shocked when he heard what she said. He did not even know how to respond to the lady who volunteered herself to have s.e.x with him. He simply started a topic and said, “You’re not an adult yet, right?”

“I’m fourteen. But, I’ve already had two boyfriends before. I know a lot of things, so you don’t need to worry too much about morals. My mom said that in our current society, every woman needs a reliable man. We'll be fine as long as I don’t get pregnant.”

“Is that true? Then maybe we could try if we get the chance,” Zhou Qingfeng felt that p.u.b.erty went well for her. The fourteen-year-old lady was actually mature enough to think independently. She even knew things that should not be known by people her age. It’s actually against the law to have s.e.x with this kind of lady in 2016. But, it’ll be a great loss if I didn’t get to f*ck her once in the Wasteland.

“Okay, I’ll find you tonight when I’m free,” she smiled. She finally left happily with the empty lunchbox.

“All hail capitalism! It seems like not everything about the Wasteland was terrible,” praised Zhou Qingfeng. He then turned his head around and continued guarding the post. However, the next thing that happened was no longer wonderful.

A woman was escaping from the intersection of Central Street with a parcel in her hand. Three strong men followed her. The woman screamed and cried loudly for help, but no one in the surrounding was willing to lend a helping hand.

“Victor, I hear someone screaming.”

Katrina was responsible for guarding the post on the other side of the intersection. She communicated with Zhou Qingfeng via the wireless radio.

“That’s right, it’s happening right in front of me. Three men are robbing a woman and it seems like there might be rape,” Zhou Qingfeng said calmly.

Katrina fell silent for a moment. She then asked, “Would her life be in danger?”

“I’m not too sure. Probably,” Zhou Qingfeng saw that the girl who was robbed had already been pushed to the ground by the three men. The three men dragged the woman to the corner of the alley and were getting ready to rape her.

There was an endless stream of vehicles and the clamor of pedestrians on the street. The woman’s pleas and screams had clearly reached not only Zhou Qingfeng’s ear, but also Katrina’s.

The woman kept emphasizing her difficulties in front of the three thugs. She emphasized that she still had kids to raise, but everything was useless… the tragedy was simply inevitable.

Meanwhile, Zhou Qingfeng did not react to the whole situation. With his SCAR rifle, he had a clear vision of the three thugs. Nevertheless, he did not pull the trigger despite the rape. Katrina asked him again via the wireless radio, “Victor, can’t you just help the pitiful lady? I can't stand her pleas anymore.”

“Do you want me to kill her?”

“Stop kidding, you know what I meant. I want you to save her.”

“I can’t save her, there are more and more thugs appearing. They’re riding motorcycles and they are coming in a large group. I believe that this is the Zetas which you’ve mentioned. After all, this area belonged to them. They’re back.”

Hundreds of gangsters emerged from the streets and the number continued to increase. They surrounded the poor woman and even enjoyed watching the rape. The woman's screams were initially loud and clear, but the scream soon got weaker. In contrast, the whoops of delight by the gang members were getting louder and louder.

Zhou Qingfeng turned his head around after he heard the sound of someone dashing and leaping behind him. He then saw the ferocious Katrina approach him in anger. She was able to tread on the rooftop like she was walking on a flat surface due to her powerful legs.

However, when the ferocious lady finally came to Zhou Qingfeng’s side, she saw that the gang members had already gathered in circles. As for the woman who got hara.s.sed, it was very likely that she was already dead.

Katrina sighed when she saw the scene. Meanwhile, Zhou Qingfeng remained calm as he said, “Don’t blame me, I really couldn’t save her.”

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