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Chapter 106        Wild Strike

The buildings on Broome Street generally had four to five stories and the distance between each room was actually quite close. Zhou Qingfeng was able to reach the skylight of the building with ease while Katrina brought a large amount of food into the building occupied by thugs.

The ferocious lady did not bring any weapons with her. But, she was equipped with a mini wireless radio. Her earpieces and microphones were covered up by her hair thus, she was able to communicate with Zhou Qingfeng conveniently. After knowing that Katrina had entered the building, Zhou Qingfeng opened the skylight on the fifth floor and sneaked into the building with stealth.

The five-story building had quite a boxy structure. There were at least ten rooms on each floor. Zhou Qingfeng was holding a USP45 which was mounted with a silencer as he carefully investigated every single room. He was fortunate enough to find himself ma.s.sive gains in the first room.

Cheese, peanut b.u.t.ter, fruit salad, black pepper beef, yogurt drinks, and a hearty lunch on the table of the room. There’s even half a bottle of champagne sparkling wine!

“d.a.m.n it, these b.a.s.t.a.r.ds lived lives more luxurious than mine,” Zhou Qingfeng cursed in silence. Tons of food and drinks were piled up in the corner of the room. Among them was a ready-to-eat beef set meal that had been warmed in the microwave. "They seem to have robbed a supermarket. They’re now very rich in resources."

He suddenly heard the sound of water flowing coming from the master bedroom. Zhou Qingfeng gradually walked towards the room and saw a nude girl sitting on a sofa, crying. Clothes were scattered all over the floor, including a few used condoms.

F*ck! This doesn’t look like the cataclysm at all! The b.a.s.t.a.r.d who lived inside this room was indeed living life to the fullest. Not only did he have water for bathing, he even had a young, busty girl. Zhou Qingfeng’s life was bitter when compared to his.

The young, busty girl was sobbing when she suddenly saw the man in black. She instantly stopped crying and stared at Zhou Qingfeng and his gun.

Zhou Qingfeng put a finger in front of his mouth. He tried to silently gesture to the girl to be quiet. He walked towards the bathroom and saw a long-barreled gun and a short-barreled gun in the sink. There was a man singing while showering through the shower curtain.

“You’re living every man’s dream life,” Zhou Qingfeng said quietly. “But, it seems like time’s up. How dare you not even activate the security alarm?”

“What……?” The guy immediately opened the shower curtain but Zhou Qingfeng had his gun pointed at him. The guy wanted to grab his gun in the sink. However, Zhou Qingfeng countered his movement and landed a hit on the joint of his elbow.

“Ouch……” the guy screamed in pain. Zhou Qingfeng then squeezed his neck, dragged him out of the bathroom, and slammed his spine using the b.u.t.t of his gun. The guy immediately felt like screaming from the excruciating pain.

Meanwhile, Zhou Qingfeng continued clenching the guy’s neck. The man would actually suffer more if he tried to break free. After a few seconds, due to the lack of oxygen, he eventually fainted.

Zhou Qingfeng then threw another glance at the young, busty girl and asked her, “Is there anyone else on this floor?”

She shook her head, but she did not say anything. She only looked at Zhou Qingfeng with teary eyes.

“Then stay here, don’t move,” said Zhou Qingfeng. He tied the guy up and dragged him out of the room. He then investigated the rest of the floor and confirmed that there was indeed only one person on the entire floor. On the other hand, Katrina had finished identifying the exact location of all the hostages. All the children were trapped in the bas.e.m.e.nt. The teenage girls were trapped inside several rooms, getting s.e.xually hara.s.sed by the thugs.

The clueless white man followed Katrina the whole time when she went down to the bas.e.m.e.nt to take a glimpse of the children. The white man even touched her leg from time to time, “Hey girl, since you’ve already seen what needs to be seen, it’s time for us to have some fun.”

There were also two armed men guarding the bas.e.m.e.nt. They seemed to be extremely interested in Katrina as well. All of a sudden, the ferocious lady said, “Victor, I’m going to take action now.”

“Roger that, I’ve just cleared the fifth floor. You couldn't have imagined what I just saw! We’ve got ourselves quite a ma.s.sive gain this time around.”

Zhou Qingfeng’s voice could be heard through the earpiece.

The thug who kept hara.s.sing Katrina was surprised when he heard Katrina mention the term ‘Zhou Qingfeng’. However, he suddenly felt his body glide through the air. He fainted in just the blink of an eye.

Katrina Riven had swiftly launched an attack. The ferocious lady released two extraordinarily powerful kicks. She first kicked the thug who kept hara.s.sing her. She then accelerated and kicked the other two thugs who were guarding the bas.e.m.e.nt.

One of the thugs was staring at Katrina. He actually tried to lift his gun to shoot her the moment he realized that something was not right. However, Katrina’s kick had landed on his chest before he was able to pull the trigger.

Katrina was wearing a pair of high-heeled shoes. With her strength, her heels were able to penetrate directly into the thugs’ chest.

The bones in her legs were made from reinforced t.i.tanium and the muscles in her legs were made of carbon fiber and powered by biofuel. Thunder could even vaguely be heard when Katrina released a kick. The thugs who got kicked immediately collapsed and spat blood. The first thug was dead on the spot!

The other thug felt a razor-sharp gust before realizing what had actually happened around him. Katrina took a razor out and slit his throat before he had the time to respond.

It was actually Katrina’s second ultimate move. Her movements were too quick that even taking out a gun to fire a shot was simply too impractical. Hence, she decided to cut off her target’s throat with a razor; the result is the same anyway.

In the blink of an eye, three men were killed. At that point in time, half her body had already been soaked with blood. She then reported to Zhou Qingfeng via the wireless radio, “Bas.e.m.e.nt area, cleared.”

“No way… that’s too quick.” Zhou Qingfeng had only started to take action on the fourth floor.

“I’ve always preferred to work rapidly,” she did not even need to use her gun. Instead, she only accelerated and cut off her target’s throat once she located them.

When Zhou Qingfeng finished clearing the fourth floor, he walked downstairs and saw a thug gliding across the third floor. The thug was spitting blood.

“Awww…… Too bad!” Zhou Qingfeng pouted but he mourned for the corpse. Her killing methods are indeed, a little too violent.

Katrina, who was completely drenched in blood, walked slowly towards Zhou Qingfeng. She straightened her face and asked Zhou Qingfeng angrily, “Have you finished clearing the upper floors?”

“Yeah,” Zhou Qingfeng nodded. But, he asked her, “Why do you seem unhappy? Was there something wrong with the hostages downstairs?”

Katrina replied, “The hostages are fine, but, there was a b.a.s.t.a.r.d just now who kept touching my legs.”

Ss…… death indeed serves those thugs right! This ferocious lady has always hated others looking at her legs, let alone touching them.

Zhou Qingfeng immediately tried to change the topic, “I just found over ten boxes of marijuana on the fifth floor. It’s f*cking marijuana, hahaha…..! From now on, we no longer need to worry about exchanging resources with the rest.”

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