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Chapter 733 - 733: Modification Test

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Wu MO stood on the high platform with his arms crossed. He looked at the people below with determination.

“The risk of this experiment is far beyond your imagination. Who’s willing to be a volunteer for this historic moment? Before that, you need to understand this. If it fails, the alien genes may take over your mind and control you like a puppet.’

The warning rippled across the group like a stone falling into a calm lake.

The ten people present were troubled.

With the unknown and dangerous nature of the experiment, even the best in the medical field could not guarantee that everything would turn out perfectly.

Hearing Wu Mot s words, their hearts clenched up. One by one, they all fell into a dilemma.

Each of these ten young men had excellent physical fitness and tenacious willpower.

However, such a high-risk experiment would naturally make one nervous.

Who would want to become an alien puppet?

Conversely, the success of the experiment meant that they would possess unprecedented abilities. Between the considerations, people hesitated. Amidst the somber atmosphere, a young volunteer stepped forward.

“I’m willing to take that risk, Mr. Wu Mo.”l want to volunteer.”

Wu MO looked at the young man with determination and courage in his eyes.

He nodded slightly and smiled approvingly. “Very good. I hope your courage will be rewarded. Now, follow me.

The laboratory door slowly opened. The equipment inside was completely different from before.

The place had a futuristic feel, and every item was a top-notch research tool provided by the system.

Wu Mo’s every experiment was filled with uncertainty. Genetic technology was riskier, but it was also full of opportunities.

Ultimately, he had enough confidence in every tool there.

The first step was to conduct a comprehensive physical examination on the brave volunteer.

It was to ensure that his physique could withstand the following experiment.

Genetics was a mysterious and profound field. Even Wu MO was not bold enough to claim that he would achieve great results.

The gene for fusion was about to be injected into the young man’s body, and the atmosphere in the laboratory instantly grew tense.

Everyone’s eyes were fixed on the experiment table at the center. It was as if they were afraid to miss anything.

At this moment, time seemed to slow down, and every second felt extremely long.

After the injection, something unexpected happened.

The young man’s skin instantly turned red, as though he was burning iron in a furnace. An indescribable heat spread through his body.

“This… What’s happening?”

Someone shouted in astonishment, “Is the experiment failing?!” His face was pale.

Silence filled the laboratory, but the atmosphere soon became tense again.

Their hearts were in their throats as they held their breaths and stared ahead.

The young man’s body began to tremble as if he was suffering from some kind of unspeakable pain.

The trembling seemed like a sign that things would not turn out well.

One of the researchers was visibly worried. He looked at Wu MO, who was beside him, in confusion. “Chief Engineer Wu, this is… What’s going on? Should we stop the experiment?”

Wu MO did not panic. He shook his head calmly.

“Don’t worry,” he said firmly. “This is a normal reaction to gene fusion. He just needs some time to get used to it. Everyone, please wait for a moment.” The rest were still nervous when they heard this.

Nevertheless, they suppressed their anxiety and hoped that the young man would be safe.

About an hour later, the young man slowly opened his eyes. His gaze was filled with unprecedented brilliance.

He tried hard to sit up, and Wu MO immediately asked with concern, “How are you feeling?

The young man seemed to be adjusting his state of mind.

“I feel good,” he said with a smile. “It feels like my whole body is filled with endless power.”

“Alright.” Wu MO smiled with satisfaction. “We’ll go to the training room right now and see how you do.”

Then, the two of them arrived at a lively training room.

Many students were undergoing intense training over there. They seemed to put all their strength into every strike and kick.

There was a sandbag area, and students were trying to punch the sandbags to measure their strength.

“Are you ready to show your strength?”

Wu Mo’s eyes shone with antic.i.p.ation.

With that in mind, he was a little excited. Such a risky experiment was unprecedented!

The young warrior took a deep breath and replied with a confident gaze,

“Please step back, Mr. Wu.”

Wu MO nodded lightly and walked to the side as he locked his gaze on the warrior.

The elite warrior began to run, and his every step was filled with powerful energy.

Then, with his right hand, he struck the sandbag before him like lightning.

Boom! The loud sound broke the silence in the training center, and even the ground seemed to shake.

There was also a huge airflow from the impact point on the sandbag.


Many of the training personnel watched in horror. They had never seen such a powerful punch.

A fitness coach stared at the sandbag in front of him with his mouth agape. Right then, there were obvious cracks on the sandbag as if it would explode at any moment.

He took a few steps forward and looked at the sandbag and Wu Mo. “Mr. Wu, is he your trainee? The sandbag can take up to nine hundred kilograms of force!”

Wu MO smiled with pride.”lt looks like after the gene fusion, his combat strength has made a qualitative leap.”


The fitness coach was completely shocked. He could hardly find the right words to describe it.

Wu MO did not stop. “Well done. Next, let’s see your reaction speed,” he said

He then led the young man into a dark room.

Countless traps had already been set up under the room’s dim light. Once the lasers were activated, these traps would quickly spring into action.

The partic.i.p.ant needed to be agile and have excellent judgment to avoid every trap.

Only a true warrior could perform well in such a test.

Wu MO looked on with full confidence and hope that this warrior would be able to set a new record.

“Chief Engineer Wu, I’ve tried this test before. My highest record was the fourth stage, and I scored eight hundred points.”

This soldier’s calm voice carried a deep sense of confidence, and his eyes were filled with fighting spirit.

He swore that he would surpa.s.s his past self..

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