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Chapter 732 - 732: Why Don’t We Fuse Its Genes With Humans?

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

On the Divine Sword’s screen, a tall Pirnaian in a white coat was laughing maniacally like a mad scientist.

The humanoid tiger in golden armor slowly walked over; it was a unique genetic secret.

It bowed its head in salutation and spoke in a language that was filled with complicated tones.

The Divine Sword immediately translated the message to Wu Mo.

His eyes trembled violently because it was asking the leader of Pirna to attack the human planet.

“That’s great. Once your race has multiplied enough, the starry sky will be ours!”

The leader of Pirna looked at the humanoid tiger with admiration and a smug smile.

Everyone in the research center stood up as if they had been electrocuted.

“Mr. Wu, we have to take action. We can’t let them make preparations to attack!” an officer shouted.

How could they stand by and watch the enemy mobilize?

Wu Mo’s eyes revealed a firm light as he slowly said, “We need to calm down. They’re planning to just ma.s.s produce such monsters? It can’t be that simple. Otherwise, wouldn’t they already have an extraordinary army?”

“Mr. Wu, you know how advanced Pirna’s technology is. They might have already replicated these monsters in large numbers!”

One of his a.s.sistants frowned. His voice was full of worry.

Wu MO remained silent for a moment. Clearly, he had also considered this, but he had his own plans.

If Pirna had truly created a complete monster army, then Wu MO had his own strategy too.

“If they’re bold enough to come here, I’ll give them a glimpse of what h.e.l.l is,” he said coldly.

“In that case, why don’t we consider combining their genes with human thoughts to completely master their abilities?” a young researcher suddenly suggested.

Wu Mo’s eyes flashed with excitement. “What a bold idea!”

Although humans had the Biological Regeneration Agent and some basic abilities, they were still very weak.

There was still a huge gap between them and extraterrestrials.

An alien’s mind was filled with different ways of thinking, and it even had a larger brain capacity.

If the fusion was successful, mankind would usher in an unprecedented era of power.

Feeling determined, Wu MO walked straight into the Inst.i.tute of Special Biology.

He began to carry out small-scale experiments.

First, he extracted a genetic sample from an alien and placed it in a test tube for careful observation.

However, the result disappointed him. These genes were unusually stable, and they would not easily combine with human genes.

Nevertheless, Wu MO had always been good at challenging difficulties.

He decided to inactivate the genes before he attempted to implant them into the human body.

Even though such an attempt was full of unknown risks, he believed that only with risks would there be gains.

What if the alien genes completely dominated the human body?

If he were to become similar to a Pirnaian or Dark Starling, then Wu Mo’s entire experiment would be wasted.

More terrifyingly, he would be punished for this.

“Director Wu, it has been three hours. The volunteer’s body is normal, and there are no abnormalities.”

His a.s.sistant would report to him every once in a while.

Wu MO nodded slowly. This was a good sign.

They just needed to wait patiently for the results.

After two days and two nights, the volunteer finally opened his eyes.

His deep pupils seemed to be engraved with the vicissitudes of time.

He dreamed that he was wandering in the vast universe and surrounded by darkness. He had lost his way and was not bound by gravity.

“You’re awake. How do you feel?”

Wu MO walked to the bedside, and his eyes filled with antic.i.p.ation.

This volunteer could become the first person to fuse with an alien. This was definitely a historic moment.

The volunteer shook his head and replied in confusion, “Director Wu, I think I had a strange dream. It was as if I had become an alien. I even felt like I could fly.”

“Fly?” Wu MO smiled and said teasingly, “Then let’s try and see if you can really fly.”

The volunteer looked at him in disbelief and smiled. “Director Wu, are you kidding me? How can humans fly?”

Before he could finish his thought, he instinctively tried to jump off the bed.

Unexpectedly, it was as if he was lifted by the wind, and his body flew straight to the ceiling.


His head hit the ceiling before he fell like a meteorite. He sat on the ground and gasped in pain.

In the depths of the laboratory, the tall young man’s face was filled with confusion.

“Mr. Wu MO, I…” What happened to me?”

It was obvious that his heart was pounding. It was like a small boat that was. .h.i.t by a storm, and it was difficult to stabilize.

Wu MO looked at the test subject in front of him and smiled.

As if he had seen the most precious treasure, his eyes shone with excitement. “It’s a success!” he shouted and rejoiced.

This meant that his gene fusion experiment had taken a crucial step.

The test subject before him had a completely human mind.

However, he already had the extraordinary jumping ability of the people of Pirna.

“You know what?”

Wu MO approached the test subject with a deep gaze. “You have completely inherited the abilities of a Pirnaian. Your ability to jump is probably unparalleled in the world now.”

The test subject had obviously not recovered from the shock just now. After hearing Wu Mo’s words, the shock on his face turned into unconcealable excitement.”

“You mean… I can now jump as high as a Pirnaian?”

“Not only that.” Wu MO smiled slightly and tried his best to keep his tone calm.

He did not want to put too much pressure on the test subject. “You will possess abilities stronger than anyone else.”

The test subject’s eyes lit up as if it had found a new life goal. “This is great! I want to partic.i.p.ate in the Olympic high jump event and let the whole world know me!”

Wu MO didn’t know whether to laugh or cry at this sudden statement.

“You want to partic.i.p.ate in the high jump just because you have superpowers?”

“But dreams are always good.”

However, he knew that the next experiment was the real challenge.

He planned to perfectly fuse the genes of the Dark Starlings and Pirnaians.

It was injected into a soldier’s body.

This required an elite with extremely high physical fitness and a strong will.

This was because not only did such a fusion require a strong body’s endurance, but it also required a strong spiritual support.

If he was not careful, the injected gene might completely control the host, turning him into a complete alien.

A voice interrupted Wu Mo’s thoughts.

An a.s.sistant walked over. Behind him were ten young soldiers in military uniforms with outstanding auras.

They were the volunteers for this experiment.

In the laboratory, the dim yellow light mixed with the transparent reagents. It gave off a mysterious and unnerving feeling..

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