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At this time, many people rushed out in the back, trying to sneak up on Ye Fei.

In the face of these people, Ye Fei was very furious, turned and rushed into the crowd, fought with them.

There were about fifty or sixty people who could stand there now.

Ye Fei rushed into the crowd, as if a tiger came into the sheepfold, where no one could get next to him. Although he was surrounded by fifty or sixty people, but the scene was dominated by Ye Fei.

These martial artists, who had been practicing martial arts since childhood, so their physical quality was superior. But they never experienced group scuffle, and they had not seen the special soldier.

It could be said that any special soldier who had experienced the battle in this occasion, would not fall into the pa.s.sive.

But, Ye Fei's internal injuries were more and more serious, although he was not hit by the people, the blood flowed out from the mouth, and his strength was increasingly weak.

At first, as long as Ye Fei beat someone, he would be beat down, and could not stand up and continue to fight. But after a while, when Ye Fei knocked him down, the man covered his wounded place and groaned, then he could get up and continue to fight.

Anyone could see that Ye Fei was already a spent force.

The shadow of machetes flashed, and the two machetes cut on the back of Ye Fei. A burst of hot blood rushed into Ye Fei's head, then he grabbed the throat of the man who held the machetes. Then Ye Fei pinched it.

The man who took the machete immediately lay on the ground, died.

"Ye Fei killed him."

Someone uttered an exclamation.

Ye Fei originally did not want to kill him, but these people were too provocative, obviously they wanted to kill Ye Fei.

Ye Fei was not a kind man, some people wanted to kill me, he certainly could not sit still, so he killed that man.

For a moment, all the people who besieged Ye Fei were stunned.

In their eyes, now Ye Fei had become a mad dog, and they didn't want to fight against a mad dog!

Taking advantage of this opportunity, Ye Fei the whole person suddenly jumped up to two meters high, jumped over from seven or eight people, to the face of Yuan Chen.

Yuan Chen guessed he could not escape, so he didn't run, looked at Ye Fei and coldly said, "Ye Fei, you incredibly dare to kill others in public. We all have seen this matter, I advise you are obedient, if you dare to touch me, your offenses will be more severe, I will let you have no place to live in your life!"

"You're hopeless!"

Ye Fei shook his head and lifted his leg, used his knee to hit the chin of Yuan Chen.

Yuan Chen was kicked to fly out by Ye Fei, after he landed to the ground, his mouth and nose was full of blood, and half of his teeth were knocked off, then he stood up, staggered back a few steps, and still scolded something, but because of teeth, his words were not clear.

The crowd who besieged Ye Fei did not expect that Ye Fei had taken Yuan Chen as a hostage, these people dared not come over, stepped back, looked at Ye Fei, just like they saw the monster.

Ye Fei's pinched Yuan Chen's throat, loudly shouted, "All of you get out."

They hesitated for a while, were preparing to move aside, at this time, Yuan Chen suddenly shouted, "He dares not kill me! Come on, chop him to death!"

Yuan Chen had no other ability, but he was very clear to his ident.i.ty. As long as Ye Fei wanted to stay in China, he could not really kill himself.

Ye Fei looked a bit grim. His eyes were like blade, glanced around the crowd, he was very angry, and he really wanted to immediately kill Yuan Chen.

Everyone was scared to shake, now who dared to move forward?

At this time, there was a sudden noise of traffic outside the door. They turned around, found a van broke through the door of the roadblocks at high speed to the parking lot.

Several security guards near the door wanted to stop him, but they were knocked to the ground by the van. Instead of slowing down, this van sped toward Ye Fei.

In the face of this van, everyone dodged in a hurry.

When the van rushed to Ye Fei's side, suddenly stopped, the door was opened, revealing Li Bin's anxiously face, he loudly shouted, "Ye Fei, get in the van!'

It never occurred to Ye Fei that at his most dangerous time, it was Li Bin who rushed in to save himself!

Ye Fei pushed Yuan Chen aside, turned over and jumped into the van.

Li Bin closed the door, launched the van, many people came to block, but were hit by the van.

"Li Bin, how did you get over here!"

Ye Fei pressed the wound on his back, full of astonishment.

"In the morning, you said Zhong Mei was looking for you, I felt something wrong, so I made a phone call to her, knew you were lying to me. I know the taxi driver who just brought you here, I come here."

Li Bin stepped on the throttle, said with a very fast speed.

Ye Fei just knew Li Bin was not a coward, but a man.

"Get in the car and chase them! Stop Ye Fei."

Yuan Chen covered his throat, said in a hoa.r.s.e voice.

Yuan Chen was very clear, if Ye Fei escaped today, then another day, he must come to revenge. 

With Ye Fei's skill, even if Yuan Chen employed the famous bodyguard to protect him, he still could not escape his a.s.sa.s.sination!

Li Bin did not slow down, stepping on the accelerator, but he did not break through the blockade, suddenly hit a car. 

The front windshield of Li Bin's van was completely smashed, and the blood flowed down his cheeks.

"No... We can't get out of here!" Li Bin looked at the cars stopped in front of him, and his eyes were filled with despair.

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