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"No way! I'm very happy that you're here to save me, brother. However, I can not go with you to complete the so-called revenge. I have my own rules, I will always be a member of the Falcon, and I can never do anything that will harm our country. Sorry, birds of different feathers do not flock together. See you later."

Ye Fei was not afraid of the threat of Liu Han at all.

"Fei, how can you be a fool?"

Liu Han was so angry that he hit on the wall of the cell and made a hole.

At this time, outside suddenly came to the voice of w.a.n.g Zhong, "Brother Han, the police have reacted now! They asked the armed police to come here and equipped heavy fire weapons! We can't stop them! Let's get out of here!"

"Well, tell everyone to evacuate immediately."

Liu Han loudly shouted to w.a.n.g Zhong, then turned to look at Ye Fei, coldly said, "Fei, I ask you again last time, leave here with me?"


Ye Fei did not even think about it, but said directly.

It was impossible for Ye Fei to betray the country. In Liu Han's eyes, such this kind of behavior might be silly, but it was the bottom line of Ye Fei as a person.

As a man, especially one who had been a soldier, if he betrayed the country that gave birth to him, in the eyes of Ye Fei, it was just like a b.a.s.t.a.r.d!

"All right, Fei. Your addiction will break out in three days! I hope at that time, you don't come to beg me!"

Liu Han coldly said.

He turned out of the cell, but thought Ye Fei after all was his comrade, so he came back, dropped a note to the ground, coldly said, "If you really can't insist, call this number to find me! I know how hard it is to have a drug addiction, because I've experienced it!"

After that, Liu Han walked out of the cell with w.a.n.g Zhong and others.

A volley of gunshots rang out in the night, and sirens wailed.

After Liu Han this group of people left for seven or eight minutes, a group of armed police, wearing body armor and armed with blast shields and batons, arrived at the detention center and kept the situation under control.

Zhou Hongtao hurriedly walked over, "How's it going? Did you find out what happened?"

"Yes, a gang of people break into the jail. Now some police officers are calling the roll, it is estimated that those people take at least 20 young inmates away."

A policeman came over and reported.

Zhou Hongtao seemed to be thunderstruck, and his brain was empty.

Zhou Hongtao was pale when the Huayu Building exploded during the daytime. But now his face was livid, because he was so furious.

After this day, he was sure to be fired by the police.

If there was any good news, it was that the previous case of missing martial artists had been solved.

The missing martial artists also broke into the jail for unknown reasons.

The mastermind of the incident was soon found out, it was the special soldier of the Falcon, his code name was Eagle Claw. 

To Zhou Hongtao's surprise, Ye Fei did not escape from prison with Liu Han, which made him feel a little relieved.

Immediately, Ye Fei was sent to the interrogation room again, the subject of this interrogation was the whereabouts of Liu Han.

Although Ye Fei disliked Liu Han's behavior, this did not mean Ye Fei would betray his former comrades.

Ye Fei could not betray Liu Han because Liu Han took lots of people to the jail, and wanted to save him out.

Ye Fei did not look at the number that Liu Han give him, he directly put it into his mouth, swallowed it into the stomach.

The interrogation had been to the morning, and Zhou Hongtao had been overwhelmed, because he completely didn't know what to do.

"Ye Fei... To tell you the truth, I don't want to beat you! But, you are not honest! These two cases are all related to you! I advise you to stop pretending. We've got enough evidence! When you are on the court, and then it is too late for you to want to explain."

Zhou Hongtao suddenly patted the table and shouted angrily.

"I really do not know what you have said. I have no way of explaining anything! Besides, even if I say something, you don't believe it!"

Ye Fei sighed, now he was a little annoyed.

"d.a.m.n, Ye Fei, You really think you know the central leader, then you can do whatever you like! Do you think I dare not touch you? I tell you, here is my territory, you let me be dismissed, you will be punished."

Zhou Hongtao angrily shouted.

At this time, Zhou Hongtao clearly knew if this case had no breakthrough, by eight o'clock, the suspension notice must have been informed.

If Zhou Hongtao wanted to let Ye Fei confess, it was useless for him to take the general method, he could only extort confessions by torture.

In fact, Zhou Hongtao did not want to do that, but now he really had no way!

"Now I go out to smoke! The man's injury is very heavy, you do not beat him to death."

Zhou Hongtao stood up and winked at the remaining policemen.

As a matter of fact, they had just agreed that the final solution was torture.

After Zhou Hongtao walked out, an elderly policeman immediately stood up, his eyes were full of bloodshot, then he commanded two young policemen, "Don't let him move! I will teach him a lesson."

Ye Fei shook his head and sighed. Now he knew that evil people were bad all over the world.

He originally thought Zhou Hongtao was different from other police officers, but now it seemed that there was no difference.

The elderly policeman lit a cigarette, suddenly pressed the hot cigarette b.u.t.ts on the back of hand of Ye Fei.

Now the feeling of Ye Fei was very strange, he not only did not feel painful, but but there was a feeling of excitement. 

Ye Fei's temple was constantly beating and his eyes suddenly turned red.

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