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When he woke up, he heard Du's thin snoring, so he relaxed a little.

He looked over his shoulder and saw Dean, thin and asleep beside him.

He could see the worry in Du's wrinkled eyebrows. Apparently, he was scared out of his wits when he was unconscious.

It was discovered to be a closed s.p.a.ce, and he wondered where it was.

Then, he heard the voice of the Mage from the Profound Palace … As long as you are awake, you are inside my magic item, the Purple-Gold Bowl.

In a little while we'll be in Tchaiko, and when we get there I'll let you out.

""Thank you, mage.""

There was a hint of weariness in the voice of the Palace Hall as it asked, ""What are you thanking me for?""

I don't help the wicked, so there's nothing to thank you for.

""Rest a little longer, I'll call you when we get there.""

With a grunt of agreement, An Zeng closed his eyes once again.

He didn't know why, but he had a very, very long dream when he was sleeping.

The reason why he hadn't woken up for so long was because he was in that incomparably vivid dream.

In truth, even now, even after the conflict had awakened, he was still unable to determine whether it was truly a dream or if someone was giving him some guidance.

Why had he never had such a dream before?

Was it because after he had arrived in the Western Regions, something had touched his heart?

He closed his eyes, remembering the dream.

Was it a peaceful lake?

When the conflict began, there was a huge lake in front of them, with no end in sight.

There were no ripples on the surface of the lake, not even a hint of wind.

However, he didn't feel the slightest bit stifled. The world was cool and comfortable in his dreamland. He felt completely relaxed from head to toe.

There was a boat by the lake, just one boat.

Why am I here at this lake, why is there a boat by the lake, and why is there only one boat?

Therefore, he boarded the boat and began to paddle towards the center of the lake.

He didn't know where he was going or whether he was going in the right direction.

However, he knew that there were people who wanted him to enter the lake, so they brought him here. They even prepared a small boat for him.

The lake was huge, so big that it struck terror in the hearts of people.

He didn't know how long he had been rowing, but the sun and the moon continued to rotate above his head.

However, he did not feel tired. All he felt was boredom and bewilderment, as well as fear of the unknown road ahead.

But the lake never seemed to have a boundary on the other side.

Finally, when his patience was running out, he seemed to see a vague island ahead of him.

The island was on the surface of the lake. It looked very far away, and it also looked very strange and square.

An Zui headed in the direction of the lonely island for a long time, finally arrived in front of.

Afterwards, An Zeng could not help but stand up on the boat, his face somewhat pale.

This was because it wasn't an island, nor was it a mountain. It was two doors … Two incomparably huge bronze doors suddenly appeared on the surface of the lake, appearing as though they were connected by a lake.

The door was so big you could see the top of it from a distance.

But when he looked up again, he couldn't see the frame of the door.

These two bronze doors gave An Zhe an an unprecedented sense of oppression.

But this was not the cause of the struggle. He was shocked because this was not the first time he had seen the two doors.

Every time a battle broke out, the sound of the door opening could be heard.

An Zhe had never been able to clearly see what the huge bronze door in his dantian's Qi Sea looked like. However, when these two doors appeared in front of him, An Zhe was certain that this was the bronze door inside his body.

Did the bronze door in his dantian's Qi Sea appear in the outside world, or did he enter the world of his dantian's Qi Sea?

No one gave him an answer.

From afar, the two enormous bronze doors were closed.

When they got close enough, they found that the door had actually opened a small crack.

It was wide enough for at least ten people to enter at the same time, but it was a small crack in the door itself.

Anjou rowed the boat through the two doors.

No matter how thick the door was, it was still a piece of cake.

However, when An Zizheng entered, he discovered that he couldn't see where the thickness of the door ended.

It looked more like a straight canyon, with towering mountains on either side.

It was a very familiar aura.

An Zaihai looked around, and the fear in his heart gradually disappeared.

No matter what world this is, at least it doesn't have any malice.

The boat drifted forward on its own.

An Zhe's expression changed, because he saw himself on the walls on both sides.

The self of the past.

He saw the fight for the head of the Dazhi Mana Division, which was wearing brocade silk clothes, and saw that cold face.

Was that his face?

He subconsciously touched his face, feeling a bit confused.

Right now, I am the leader of the sect, not the head of the Great Xi Mantra.

The images continued, as if they had not received the slightest effect of the dispute.

He saw himself, and he saw the Heavenly Lightning Escort at its peak.

At that time, he was really powerful.

When the Heavenly Lightning Rankings was released, there were almost no opponents in the Great Xi.

But what Anjou wanted to know more was why the door had appeared.

The boat gradually came to a halt and floated silently in the air.

What An Zhe saw was his current self.

He saw him being reborn in a long city in an illusory world, he saw him being separated by a thin person, he saw him leaving the Cang Man Mountain and going to the border between Zhao and Yan Country.

He also saw Gu Qianye and Qu Liuxi, as well as Madman Qu and Zhuang Feifei.


""What's the door?"" he asked.

A voice came from the sky, ""You opened the door, but you didn't know what it was?""

An Xuan shook his head. ""What is a door, and who are you?""

""I don't know what I am either, because I'm here because you need me.

Perhaps you will find this somewhat unorthodox, since you are questioning me and I am giving you an answer.

""However, I am what you have in mind, so you are actually asking yourself.""

A shadow appeared in the sky, a familiar image of An Zhe … As the shadow gradually became clearer, An Zeng saw Fang Zongheng smiling at him.


He greeted himself.

Fang Zhan laughed as well, ""h.e.l.lo … It seems like you've been living quite well.""

An Zaixian nodded. ""I'll live my life according to my habits and personality. With your experience, life will be easier.""

""What are you talking about? You and I are the same person.""

Ask me what the door is... How can I explain it to you?

You opened the door, and I did.

But come to think of it, I left it here, and you're opening it up.

""It's a bit chaotic isn't it?""

""It's a little chaotic, but at least I have a clue … The door is something I left behind for myself, but I forgot about it. Is that so?""

""It's about the same, but you didn't leave it for yourself. You opened it before you died.

I was the one who fought those people on the mountain, so I should be the one who opened it.

""Because of the final strike, the Heavenly Lightning Knights' might was too great, so they managed to open this door to defy the world. I think it's pretty good to call it the 'great gate of defy the world'.""

Fang Xingjian argued, ""Whether it is me or you, we are both people who are living against the ways of this world.

We exist to exterminate all the sins and evils of this world.

And this world is full of evil, so we are the ones who are going against the trend.

""The last sign of Divine Lightning Sky opened this door. You are the one who opened it now.""

""What's behind the door?""

""How should I know?""

Fang Shouchuan glared at him, then smiled wryly, because he was staring at himself.

""The door was discovered by me using the Divine Lightning Heavenly Mark, but the one who opened it was you.""

""Hey, you're very weak right now.""

""Yeah, I'm weak right now, and I still have no way to protect everyone I want to protect.""

There is no way to punish those who deserve to be punished, so what should we do? ""

""Other than continuing forward, what else can we do?""

Behind the door, perhaps, is our ideal world.

Maybe it's a more b.u.mpy road, maybe it's the power.

But only if you open the door one step at a time will you know what's behind you.

However, I can't help you with anything. The Heavenly Lightning Marital Spirit is the strongest of the physical bodies, and it is impossible for the soul to take it away.

""With your current physical body, you cannot use the Heavenly Lightning Summoning.""

An Zaixin smiled, ""I have the righteous Pure Yang Dao now.""

Fang Zhan laughed as well. ""But he's still very weak.""

""Is this a dream?"" he asked.

Fang Xuan replied, ""Not really. It should be an illusion left behind after the Heavenly Lightning Marks let the door appear. Perhaps when you see me, it means that it's going to disappear.""

You're going in the door, and I'm going out.

After this meeting between you and me, there won't be another. ""

An Zaiyue made an ""oh"" sound, feeling a little sad.

""I've been waiting for you at the door for a long time, but I've been unable to see the world behind the door.""

I wanted to go in, but I couldn't.

Fortunately, you are me, and I will eventually see what you see.

When you open these two doors, maybe the New World will come. ""

An Zeng said, ""He seems to be very arrogant.""

""It doesn't matter if it's you or me, we've always been so arrogant, right?""

""So I was thinking, this door is something you left me.""

The way I opened the door, I was actually slowly taking back some of my power.

When I get back to your height, the door will be almost completely open. ""

""No, no, no.""

""You look down on this door too much. At my height, it will only open a little more.""

Perfection of the lesser celestial stage was just a new beginning.

There may be an incomprehensible force behind the door you can't see.

In fact, he was even more powerful than a peak Heaven Realm warrior.

An Zhan said, ""Immortal?""


Fang Biao pouted, ""I can't perceive whether it's an immortal or a saint.""

The world of the future is yours, not mine.

My time is over. I'm leaving. ""

""No, your time is not over yet. When I kill all my enemies, it will be your end.""

Fang Xingjian continued, ""Revenge ah … There's no need to be so persistent.""

It may be that at the same time as revenge, it is also a form of harm to you.

Because the truth you find will make you feel pain and disgust. ""

""What do you know?""


""Feel it. This is a door that only you can open.""

""This meeting between you and me is a kind of exchange …""

He slowly descended from the sky. His robe, which belonged to the leader of the Mages, was very proud of itself.

He walked from the inside, and from the outside, from the outside.

It looked like Fang Dengdao was a bit more slender, and his appearance was also much more frosty.

And the rivalry was a little more ordinary, and not too big.

But the two of them walked face to face, their figures gradually overlapped.

When the two of them were about to pa.s.s each other, they both extended their hands and clapped at the same time.

""Goodbye, I'll leave it to you.""

""Alright, rest well.""

He brushed past her.

The clap of a palm was still echoing in the air.

It was two doors, a big one.

An Zeng opened his eyes, and there were tears in the corner of his eyes."

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