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Alana screamed again in disgust as she looked at her high quality robe being stained with orange fluids added with questionable chunks of 'something.'

But no one minded her outburst since their eyes were glued at Inna.

Since, she was making quite a scene.

She just kept vomiting then stopping at random intervals to gasp for air.

Her vomit was so much that it made a puddle beneath her and soaked her robes.

Favian was about to rush to her side when Elder Fang glared at him to stay put.

Elder Fang raised five fingers and folded each one as each second pa.s.sed.

Favian immediately understood what he meant.

There are still five seconds left before the match officially ends. Before that, no Watchers were allowed to enter the match.

During these five seconds, Raghnall and Inna's team were petrified. They were unable to move because of the sudden events happening. Raghnall was looking at Inna in disbelief and he was unable to think straight. He was confused on whether to laugh or get worried.

When Elder Fang's last finger went down, Favian used his superior speed to dash towards Inna.

When he arrived beside her, he placed a comforting hand on her back as she heaved.

"Are you okay?"

Inna wasn't able to answer him as another batch of vomit surged up her throat.

"Hey! Can you hear me?! HEY! STAY CONSCIOUS OKAY?! INN---mph!"

Raghnall covered Favian's mouth in a flash.

"She's fine! She just needs to get all the steaks out of her stomach. She ate too much earlier."

Hearing his explanation, Favian suddenly felt stupid for worrying.

He actually thought she was on the verge of dying!

Or something even worse!

He thought she was pregnant!

Nevertheless, he still tried to help her by trying to relieve her symptoms through a healing spell.

Inna was covered in a bright white light as she felt the pain on her throat and chest started to get better. Her mind was no longer dizzy though she still had that urge to vomit.

After vomiting three more times, the s.p.a.ce around her was fully filled with orange bubbly juices and chunks of chewed up meat. And the smell was near unbearable.

"Holy—Woman. What did you eat?! It smells so bad!"

Inna glared at him as she wiped her mouth with her hand.

"I can't really give a f.u.c.k about what I ate right now!"

"Well, you should! It's the whole cause of this!"

Inna glared at him and decided to wipe her dirty hand on his robes.


She noticed that both men beside her were using some sort of levitation spell that made them float about two inches above the floor, unable to touch the ground that was filled with her vomit.

Feeling oddly irritated by that, she also wiped her other dirty hand on Favian.

"Hey! What did I do?!"

Inna glared at them and was about call them 'sissies' when she suddenly felt another batch of vomit surge up her throat.

She vomited again while clutching her stomach in pain.

Oh G.o.d, when will this end?!

When Inna ended vomiting, she raised her head to speak but then everything seemed to move around her. Her eyesight became unfocused and hazy so she tried to blink a lot to try and focus it.

But then, the next thing she knew, the whole world turned black.


Raghnall saw her suddenly closing her eyes and her body immediately turned limp that his heart almost leapt.

He grabbed her body regardless of it being covered with her vomit. The smell and disgusting vomit didn't even register in his mind when he caught her before she fully fell on her own vomit.

While steadying her to his side and nullifying Alana's restraining spell on her, he tried to feel if she was still breathing.

She looked really pale and her lips were in an odd pale color as well so he got more worried.

He placed a finger towards her nose and when he felt the even breaths she was releasing, he sighed lightly in relief.

"Favian. I'll take her to the Lily Dorms. She needs to rest there. Also, try to ask Elder Fang if he can send a physician to check on her."

Favian nodded in understanding and left to talk to Elder Fang. The rest of the students looked curiously as Raghnall lifted her limp body and carried her towards the dome's exit.

Then, they shifted their attention towards Favian who's now talking with Elder Fang.

"A physician you say? Why?"

Favian wanted to slap the Elder for his stubbornness!

Is he really asking him 'why' she needs a physician?!

Didn't he see her vomiting and fainting?!

Favian kept his inner thoughts as his face was devoid of any expression.

"She's vomiting and had just recently fainted. According to her fellow student, he said that she ate too much and from constantly moving around in top speed during the battle, I guess it somehow made the food she just ate to resurface in her throat and induced her vomiting and fainting. To avoid possible complications, her fellow students suggested that we were to let a physician check up on her."

"So she simply gorged too much food. It's not such a big deal. Just let her rest. No need to ask a physician over unless it was something life threatening. Our physicians are too busy to entertain such a minor problem."

Elder Fang spoke with such conviction that Favian already knew that it would be useless on trying to coerce him into doing it.

So, he just sighed and made a mental note to switch and visit Inna later.

At least his other 'self' has a bit of medical knowledge from some medical books he memorized.

Upon seeing Favian giving up on the idea of calling a physician, Elder Fang decided to address the confused students.

"Do not worry students. She merely ate too much that she was unable to keep it down. We shall continue with judging the matches."

"Since both teams were unable to defeat each other in the limited time frame, I declare that these two matches are both draws!"

The members in Raghnall's team scrunched up their faces in disgust and embarra.s.sment.

They were supposed to be the strongest team!

Why did they end up with a 'draw'?!

Meanwhile, the reaction of Inna's team were the total opposite.

They all smiled in joy as they heard that they wouldn't be demoted!

After all, if they were to be demoted, they would end up in the Lily cla.s.s!

And no matter how much they admired Inna, they wouldn't want to suffer along with her in that wretched cla.s.s!

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