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During the last week of her stay, Inna decided to make the most out of it. Knowing that the books she took for granted were actually really precious and ancient books that came from her Master's personal collection, she suddenly wanted to read them.

So for the past few days, she crammed.

She buried her face in the books, rarely going out to eat or even train. She didn't want to waste time so she began using spells inside the room to immediately try the new ones she discovered.

And over the days, the room's beauty rapidly deteriorated to the point that it looked like it was bombed by a grenade then ransacked by thieves.

On the last day, Inna decided to try a spell that was written in one of the oldest looking books. It looked like something similar to 'Lumos.'

Feeling like a true born wizard, she grabbed an arrow from her heap of weapons to act like a wand on her hands. She stood on her bed and used the blankets as a makeshift robe as she calmed the mini fan girl within. Then, as if she was truly a wizard in Hogwarts, she waved her hand as she chanted the spell from the book. It sounded gibberish for her, but apparently, it was an older version of the Eridoan language.

"Khraktur. Nguno. Ganri. Biseron. Ganri Gaea Junhrieda Homii …"

She waved her makeshift wand while chanting, totally feeling the moment. And just like how she modified other spells, she decided to add her own word in the end for originality.


She pointed her wand at the room's wall.

Suddenly, bright light came out from the arrow she pointed at and she can't help but grin. In fact, she felt absolutely ecstatic after seeing the familiar Harry Potter-like effect.

But, in a split second, the light in the tip of the arrow expanded then, in a blink of an eye, it exploded violently. It released a ma.s.sive amount of energy that blasted her away from her bed.

Her back hit the wall roughly, making her fall into a heap on the floor while her eyes were momentarily blinded by the bright explosion. She felt ringing in her ears and she shook her head to try and get rid of it.

After a few seconds, she heard multiple hurried footsteps before the door was forcibly opened.

"MISS!" Five young maids screamed in unison. They looked at her and then the room alternatively. Their jaws wide open and none of them uttered a single word anymore out of shock.

Hearing their voices, Inna recovered from her daze and immediately stood up and tried dusting her robes. But when she looked down, she noticed that her white robe became completely black from soot.

Wait, soot?!

She looked around her room and saw another identical room in the distance. And she didn't fail to notice the sudden disappearance of one of her room's wall.

It's gone! Holy s.h.i.t, the wall is gone! I can see the other room!

The rest of the room was covered in black soot and even if she didn't look at a mirror, she knew that she was covered from head to toe as well.

Thankfully, when she inspected her things and the precious books, they were still intact, save for the black dust all over on them.

She grabbed the book that she got the spell from, and tried to read it again.

It was supposed to be an Illumination Spell! Not a friggin' grenade!

She tried to read it again and again to find what's wrong.

But then, she was interrupted when she heard a squeak near the door.

"Miss… this…" A young maid was absolutely dumbfounded with what just happened. To think that the room they cleaned yesterday was suddenly blackened with dust!

This was every maid's nightmare!

Inna looked at the doorway to see five young maids hugging themselves in fright and sadness.

"Miss…" One seemed to have recovered early.

"We heard an explosion and we thought there was an attack so we rushed here to save you but…" A young maid trailed off awkwardly.

Inna laughed awkwardly in response.

"Sorry…. I was, uhm, practicing magic." She smiled sheepishly while closing the book. Since she didn't see a single clue, she decided to just give up on it and ask her Master later.

"Miss… these black dust…" Another young maid, probably the youngest, looked around in sadness.

"And the wall…"

She was close to crying.

They will probably not sleep tonight trying to clean everything up!

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