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The remaining man looked at Inna strangely. After a moment, he decided to approach her. He went to the waters and grabbed her hand to guide her.

"Sorry for that. We were on guard because we never expected someone to be in the Miasma forest tonight." He said with a smile.

"Miasma forest?" Inna asked.

"You don't know the Miasma Forest?"


"We're standing on it right now. This is the Miasma Forest near Tarnil. Tarnil is a border city which is separated by the Miasma Forest towards the other countries. No one usually enters the Miasma forest because it's filled with ferocious beasts and it's also well-known for poisonous plants as well. Well, aside from adventurers. In fact, mostly adventurers live in Tarnil because they get good money from the resources here in the forests. The quests and missions also pay good money too depending on the risks involved."

He said these as he guided Inna towards the campfire made by the youth. "Here, keep yourself warm. By the way, my name is Roderhin but most people call me, Rod. I'm a swordsman." He handed out a blanket before sitting beside her, placing his blanket on his wet pants.

"Thank you. My name is Inna. I'm a swordsman?" She said but it ended up being more of a question to herself.

Rod didn't seem to notice as he began pointing at the people he was with. "The female there is Renee. And as you might have guessed, she's a ranger." He pointed towards a direction heavily guarded with bushes.

Guess she must be taking a bath now.

"Is she a forest ranger?" Inna scrunched her eyebrows together in confusion.

"Forest ranger? What's that?" Rod said with confusion as well.

"They are people who are employed to protect forests, parks, or the countryside."

"Did that wrench just call me a lowly forest soldier?!" Renee screamed at her in the distance.

Rod erupted into laughter. "No, no, no. Rangers use long-ranged weapons. At first, I thought you were one when I saw that you had a bow on you."

"How come you don't know what a Ranger is? Or even what Miasma Forest is? Even children knew of this back in the town."

"Actually, I have no idea at all. Today, I woke up here and I don't remember anything. Even I have no idea how I got here."

Here goes my excuse to everything.

"I think I might have partial amnesia."

After hearing her speak, they all stiffened. "am--nee--sha? W-what's that?" Rod said with a shaky smile. "I-Is it a c-contagious disease?"

What..... Do they not know what amnesia is?

"It's not contagious. It just a temporary disease that made me forget some of my memories before." Inna looked at all of them strangely when they all sighed in relief.

Great, I'm supposed to be the one with no memories but here I am, explaining things.

"So it's like a curse that locks some of your memories?" The youth appeared beside Inna, making her squeak in fright.

"Curse? What curse?"

"Wow, you don't even know what a curse is. It really made you forget a lot, huh." He muttered. "By the way, the name is George." He held out his hand for a shake, but before Inna can hold it, he withdrew it.

"A curse is something casted to have a negative effect on you. Common curses are usually used for pranks and stuff while the rare high level curses can make someone crazy or even kill. They are usually casted by witches and warlocks to people who offends them."

"Oh, so it's those kinds of curses." She mumbled but George was able to hear it.

"You mean, you remember some other type of curses?! Tell me! Tell me!" George tugged at Inna incessantly. He read about the different kinds of curses from different books but the books he had were limited. So, knowing new things without spending for a book, he was really excited!

"It's really hard to explain all of them. I guess I'll just mention the simple ones. And they don't really do much aside from making the other person angry beyond relief." Inna said sheepishly.

"Awwww, even though it doesn't do anything, tell us! It might give us a clue on who cursed you with this 'ameeeshia'!"

"Okay, if you insist." Inna said while trying to gather her thoughts. "So my favorite curse word is 'f.u.c.k.' You can use it anytime. From being too angry, to being too sad. Or when you're in a dire situation, or when you're happy! But it's fun to alternate it into 's.h.i.t' as well. Now, there are also curses that depends on the person you're cursing. When you're mad at a man, you call them 'a.s.shole' or 'b.a.s.t.a.r.d.' But when you're talking to a lady, you can call her a lot of things but my most favorite is 'b.i.t.c.h.'" Inna whispered with a straight face.

"Those are some of my most basic words in secretly cursing at people. You can always mix it up or combine them."

"Wow. Okay, okay. So..." He pointed at Rod. "He's a b.a.s.t.a.r.d." And he pointed at Renee at the far distance. "And she's a b.i.t.c.h!"

After hearing him repeat it many times, Inna couldn't help but laugh out loud.

Oh man, the guy is too innocent.

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