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SPENCER: _Principles of Sociology_.

SPITZKA: _Insanity_.

STANLEY: _In Darkest Africa_.

STEPHENS: _Yucatan_.

STUHLMAN: _Mit Emin Pasha_.

STRABO: _Works_.

TEULON: _Orig. de la Famille_.

TYLOR: _Anthropology_.

VIGNOLI: _Myth and Science_.

VOGT: _Lectures on Man_.

WAPPAUS: _Allgem. Bevoelkerungsstatistik_.

WALLACE: _Travels on the Amazon_.

WESTERMARCK: _Human Marriage_.

WHITE: _History of the Warfare of Science with Theology_.

WALLACE: _The Malay Archipelago_.

WEIR: _Dawn of Reason_.

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