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BUCHARDI: _Decretorum Libri_.

CARY: _Translations of Herodotus_.

CHAILLE-LONG: _Naked Truths of Naked People_.

DARWIN: _Works_.

DALL: _Alaska and its Resources_.

DE REMUSAT: _Lettres Edifiantes_.

DE REMUSAT: _Nouv. Mel. Asiatiques_.

DRAPER: _The Conflict between Religion and Science_.

DE QUATREf.a.gES: _The Human Species_.

DE QUATREf.a.gES: _Hommes Fossiles_.

DORSEY: _Siouan Cults; An. Rep. Bur. Eth., 1889-90_.

DU CHAILLU: _Equatorial Africa_.

EDEN: _The Fifth Continent_.

ELLIS: _Polynesian Researches_.

FORBES: _Oriental Memoirs_.

FLETCHER: _Peabody Museum Report_. Vol. iii.

FRIEDREICH: _Psychologie_.

GARCILa.s.sO: _The Royal Commentaries of the Incas_.

GOLNITZ: _Itinerarium Belgico-Gallic.u.m_.

GREGORY: _The Great Rift Valley_.

HAECKEL: _The History of Creation_.

HAMMOND: _Impotence in the Male_.

HAECKEL: _The Evolution of Man_.

HERODOTUS: _Euterpe, Clio, Etc._

HORACE: _Priap. Carm., Lx.x.xiv_.

JOHNSTON: _The Kilima-Njaro Expedition_.

KELLER: _The Amazon and Madeira Rivers_.

KNIGHT: _The Worship of Priapus_.

KRAFFT-EBING: _Psychopathia s.e.xualis_.

LANERCROFT: _The Chronicles of_.

LETOURNEAU: _Evolution of Marriage_.

L'ESTOILE: _Confession de Sancy_.

LYDSTON: _Diseases of Society_.

LUMHOLTZ: _Among Cannibals_.

MARTENE AND DURAND: _Scrip. Ampliss. Collect._

MASPERO: _The Dawn of Civilization_.

MARTENE ET DURAND: _Coll. Antiq. Poenit._

MASPERO: _Egypt. Ant. Etud._

MAUDSLEY: _The Physiology of Mind_.

NEWBOLD: _Appleton's Pop. Sci. Month._, Feb. 1897.

PARKMAN: _The Jesuits in North America_.

PESCHEL: _The Races of Man_.

PRESCOTT: _The Conquest of Peru_.

RABELAIS: _Works_.

ROMANES: _Mental Evolution in Animals_.

RECLUS: _Primitive Folk_.

ROMANES: _Mental Evolution in Man_.

SEPP: _Heidenthum u. Christenthum_.

SIDIS: _Multiple Personality_.

SHERWILL: _The Rajmahal Hills_.

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