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Published at 17th of September 2019 11:30:46 PM Chapter 41.1
Chapter 41 Moonlight G.o.ddess, White Clouds Floating, Part 1

*Dear readers, I know this chapter doesn’t follow the last chapter, but I can’t seem to find the raws for “The Consequences of Lying [2] 撒谎付出的代价 (二)” anywhere . [Even if it’s labeled as “撒谎付出的代价 (二)” it’s actually this current chapter . ] If anyone can find the real raws, please send me the link and I will translate it accordingly!]


Zi You did not know that Nanny Luo was secretly worried . She took out the silver needle she was carrying and wiped it with alcohol . This was her weapon . At a crucial moment, she could kill with it .

Zi You took out drawing paper and began drawing the silver needle as a hairpin she could wear . If she had a sharp hairpin in her hair, she could have taught that scoundrel a lesson in the market . She wouldn’t have ended up lagging behind .

Another thing, she had to train the slaves she bought tomorrow . She needed to prepare a training manual .

In the morning, Uncle Jiang who was Uncle You’s Deputy General, would teach the slaves martial arts . In the afternoon, she would personally teach them medicine . At night, she had to teach Shui YouLian Indian dancing . Whether Mu YingRui could be successfully seduced, this dance was very crucial .


In addition, the dance ch.o.r.eography, musical score and musical instruments for the Indian dance her mother left behind, she would retrieve after five days . If she added in tens of silvers more, the time would be shortened by two or three days .  

Mother left two Indian musical instruments behind but it was too few . If it was played with only them, the effect would be poor .

These three days, she would first teach Shui YouLian the basic dance steps of the Indian dance . When the instruments were ready, then she could officially rehea.r.s.e .

Zi You was quietly drawing and writing . It was only after hai shi [9-11 pm], she leaned back with a tiny smile into the arms of Nanny Luo who had been urging her to rest . She softly said, “Nanny, do you know I’m very happy today? Because as long as I can train these slaves well, I can protect grandfather and uncle from harm . ”

Nanny Luo did not understand . Why would Old General Mu and young General Mu need the weak Xiaojie to protect them? So she patted Zi You and said pamperingly, “My dear Xiaojie! As long as you’re not hurt, Old General and young General would pray to Buddha . They don’t need you to protect them . Go to bed quickly . Sleeping so late every night, you won’t grow taller . ”

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