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Chapter 31: The drag racer soldier

Bang -

Even before Huo Zaiyuan can react, a shadow dashes out of the alley just ahead. Following that, the roof of the small car rings as though something heavy is standing above, the roof denting in from the impact. Before his eyes, a figure wearing camouflage attire and a jacket slowly rises from his crouch.

The man sports a head of short hair, perfect facial features, a lithely slender body, his entire being giving off an unearthly aggressive vibe. It is as though he is a beast in human skin, reminding Huo Zaiyuan of a strong and healthy cheetah.

Just as Huo Zaiyuan is staring blankly at the unknown male, the guy jumps off the car's roof, smashing a fist through the gla.s.s window in order to open the car's door. With the other hand, he grabs Huo Zaiyuan and stuffs him into the car before getting into the driver's seat and starting the engine.

Like an arrow shot from a drawn bow, the car lurches forward. From the rear-view mirror, Huo Zaiyuan watches as every zombie on the street gathers together to shuffle after them. Abruptly, the car shifts into a sharp turn as the person behind the steering wheel drives as though he is in a race. Turning away from the mirror, he takes the time to study the other man.

"Who the h.e.l.l are you?" A quick sweep of his (LZY) body tells him (HZY) the guy sustained no visible injuries from breaking the gla.s.s, and had no visible zombie bites. In fact, his entire person was void of even the slightest scratch. Only after confirming that did Huo Zaiyuan relax a little.

He has never forgotten the little fact that whoever is scratched or bitten by zombies will be infected.

"I'm Long Zhanye." The man drawls as he turns the steering wheel, making the vehicle swerve to avoid several zombies obstructing the way. His sword eyebrows draw together in a frown. "What exactly happened to all these people? What did they change into?"

Early this morning, he (LZY) was abruptly awoken by a sharp screech in his hotel room. Thinking that something happened outside, he got out of bed and looked out the window only to see the entire street in disarray. A large number of people were walking strangely, swaying and shuffling along stiffly, attacking pedestrians and biting a chunk out of their flesh.

With no time for him to properly process what exactly is happening out there, the door to his room was smashed open and a pale, bloodied man staggers in, a gaping hole in his stomach, intestines trailing on the ground. Not hesitating for even a second, he pulls out his guns and blew a hole in the person's head. Who knew that the moment his gun discharged in a loud bang, the noise attracted more of these strange creatures. Panicking, Long Zhanye could only jump out from the second-floor window of his hotel room.

"They are not humans anymore. They are already infected. Everyone here has been transformed into living corpses devoid of humanity and consciousness." Huo Zaiyuan's gaze narrows in on his unb.u.t.toned jacket and the pistol strapped to his camouflage clothing. Opening his mouth, he dully asks. "You are a police officer?"

Long Zhanye looks at the cautious youth sitting with his (HZY) back to the car door and his (LZY) mouth curves into a smirk. "Have you ever seen a police wearing a military uniform?"

Heavily implying he (LZY) wasn't a police, but a soldier.

But with regards to Huo Zaiyuan, no matter if he (LZY) is a police officer or a military personnel, he equally harbours feelings of dislike. He hasn't forgotten the arrest warrant on the military's webpage either, and thus doesn't take too kindly to this drag racer soldier.

Although the apocalypse is here, it is hard to say whether or not this person recognises him and is currently planning to march him straight to the nearest prison. If that's the case, then Huo Zaiyuan might be helpless to do anything.

Not hearing any reply for Huo Zaiyuan, Long Zhanye glances at him only to find that pair of pretty, shining eyes fixed on his person, appearing to be pondering something.

"What's your name?"

From a young age, Long Zhanye was already put through h.e.l.lish training from Grandfather Long, enlisting in the military at fifteen, after that, becoming A City's senior officer. This sort of life is perfectly normal in his eyes, commonplace and dull. Although he is satisfied to simply get through life day by day, to bully the soldiers under his command a little, no one ever forgets that Captain Long possesses a far-sighted and intelligent mind.

Thus, seeing Huo Zaiyuan staring at him with those pretty shining eyes, his keen instincts tell him that the beautiful youth is somewhat suspicious of him, and couldn't help his inquisitive nature from surfacing. Based on his excellent memory, he doesn't remember ever coming across this man before.

So where did this cautiousness come from?

(Translator’s notes: The entire sky as far as I can see is dark from smoke from a bushfire. This heavy reddish tint…seems like I’m not going anywhere today. Maybe I’ll post an extra chapter later) 。゚(TヮT)゚。

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