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Chapter 30: Deciding to leave (Little Long gong is here)

Like Huo Zaiyuan a.s.sumed, on this level, there is not only that one zombie which knocked on his door. Drawn by the string of noises and flurry of activity, several other undead quickly arrive. However, since the doorway is not broad enough, only two can enter each time. But each time, another new array is drawn by Huo Zaiyuan, resulting in the entrapment of the zombies that enter. His knife rises and falls, decapitating both in two moves. As the golden blaze from before has yet to extinguish, the freshly beheaded zombies are consumed by the flames within seconds.

Since initial zombies are mindless creatures that do not even know how to climb up and down staircases, Huo Zaiyuan is not afraid that this group of undead will endlessly pour through his door. According to his understanding of this floor's layout, there are only seven to eight households on this level, hence, even if every one of them was infected and become zombies, there will only be around fifty to sixty corpses to take care of. He wouldn't need a long period of time to thoroughly clear this floor of undead.

Two hours later, no more zombies appear at last. Huo Zaiyuan waits until the golden fire has completely eradicated the pile of corpses, then crouches down to check how many devil ants crystals there are. As per his careful calculations during his decapitation spree, he killed at least 50, so there should definitely be fifty devil ants' crystals. But as he sweeps a glance over the floor, scattered on the ground lays a grand total of seven grains.

Only seven crystals…does that mean not every zombie carries an ant in its skull?

Wrinkling his brow lightly, he picks up that few blood red grains of varying sizes and tosses them into the gla.s.s bottle. Since it is this way, he cannot simply remain in this house. If he wants to find more devil ant crystals, then he will need to take the initiative to seek out more zombies to slay.

On top of that, as time pa.s.ses, these zombies will gradually begin to figure out how to go up and down staircases. Their sense of smell and hearing will also become keener and when that moment comes, if his stock of talisman is depleted, then it is very possible he will be trapped in this house.

With this train of thought in mind, he really doesn't plan to linger here any longer. Taking advantage of these initial zombies being slow and fairly weak, he plans to slip out of the unit and slaughter his way out, picking up any crystals that drop as he advances. After all, with his s.p.a.ce and necessities, he doesn't have to worry about lacking anything.

Within the rented house, Huo Zaiyuan has never placed anything in the empty rooms, so there is no need to pack. Directly walking out the door with a sword in hand, he cautiously heads towards the staircase. There's no way he will be so stupid as to try taking the elevator. During the apocalypse, elevators are one of the most dangerous things. If one discovers something hiding within that steel trap, one's life would surely be forfeited no matter if one calls to the heavens and earth for help.

The unit Huo Zaiyuan was staying in is located on the third floor, which has already been cleared by him of undead. Moving down to the second floor, sure enough, there are many zombies wandering around, knocking on doors. The moment they see him, a living being, they once again spring forward as quickly as they can.

Cool as a cuc.u.mber, he draws forth four wooden coin talismans, shooting them left and right into the throng of zombies. A silver light flash from the four coins, forming an incorporeal protective screen that easily obstructs the approaching horde. A burning wooden tile flies towards the ten over zombies to the left before a sharp blade slice through them, chopping head after head, leaving the lifeless corpses to collapse at his feet. Finished with those to his left, he repeats the same steps with the ones to his right. This time, he manages to loot a few more crystals than before. Out of the thirty zombies killed, he receives thirteen crystals. Placing them into the gla.s.s bottle, he rushes down the stairs to the first floor.

As he saw before from the window, the main street is already one huge mess, with a vehicle zooming past from time to time at high-speed. Turning a blind eye to the people screaming and crying out for help on the road, Huo Zaiyuan cuts down any undead that jumps out at him. Although he really wants to harvest more devil ants' crystals from the numerous zombies roaming the neighbourhood, but with only two or three coming at him at once, using one tile to clear a few bodies each time is an excessive waste of talisman.

At present, there is more undead than living humans out on the streets, but Huo Zaiyuan doesn't want to risk the matter of him having an interdimensional s.p.a.ce to be exposed to anyone. Hence, he begins to search for a working, abandoned vehicle.

Since the moment he purchased that Hummer from the black market, he really wants to learn how to drive. During his stay in the small mountain village, Shuozi's family coincidently owns an old, shabby diesel car which Huo Zaiyuan was permitted to use and learn the art of driving with.

In the span of six months, thanks to Shuozi's conscientious teaching, he has mastered the basics. Now, he has absolutely no problems regarding basic driving.

Just as Huo Zaiyuan finds a small car sitting on the side road with keys still in the ignition, a crack of gunshot resonates from a small alley. Not giving him any time to react, a shadow dashes quickly out of the alley.

(Author's note: The long-awaited meeting of little Long gong and little Huo shou ~ )

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