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Chapter 3: Splitting the a.s.sets

Riding in the inner city transport car towards the luxurious residential area located north of the city, Huo Zaiyuan stares out the window at the scenery pa.s.sing by, a myriad of colours pa.s.sing across his vision. The 13th of April 2012 marks Judgement Day. When that time comes, then all these beautiful sceneries will no longer exist…

Two hours later, he reaches his destination. Huo Zaiyuan gets down from the car, heading south of this residential area, towards a very pretty small house. Here is the house he gave up once. When both parents pa.s.sed, he doesn't have any other close relatives left alive on this Earth. The pair of mother and son currently occupying this small house never had even the slightest relation from the very beginning. Recalling the last moments of his previous life when he was kicked down the mountain and fed to the devil ants by this heartless woman's own hands, Huo Zaiyuan's heart is filled with hate. Oh, how he wishes to knock her over the very second he meets her, to slap the mouth that ever stops insulting him. But he cannot do that…

Chewing on his lips, Huo Zaiyuan takes several deep breaths, suppressing his hatred and walks up to the courtyard's gate. The closed-circuit monitor screen mounted on the gate already began identifying him the moment he steps within range. Even before he thinks about reaching for his keys, the gates open.

Huo Zaiyuan headed directly for the living room because he knows that woman will definitely be there already. Walking into the hall, sure enough, he sees that delicate figure in a pearl-coloured long dress, make-up covered face and haughty-bearing woman sitting on the sofa currently conversing happily with the lawyer. Once she sees Huo Zaiyuan, her lively smiling expression vanishes.

"Master Huo really has such high value ah, needing two whole hours just to come home!"

Met with his stepmother, Zhou Huijiao's sharp tongue and sarcastic words, Huo Zaiyuan is indifferent, not bothering to look at her even once, directly going over to take a seat on the opposite sofa.

"How do you plan to split the family a.s.sets?" He goes straight to the main topic the moment he opens his mouth, clearly indicating that he has no intentions to waste time on meaningless matters like exchanging barbed words.

Zhou Huijiao didn't think that the Huo head who just a few days ago refused to sign the distribution contract even in death would today so readily bring up the subject. Because of the surprise, she didn't respond for a few seconds.

"Master Huo, before Mr Huo's death, he did not leave a will to anyone. Therefore, the matter of distributing his a.s.sets shall be left to you and Mrs Zhou to agree upon." Lawyer Zhang is someone who is accustomed to these types of situations. Saying this, at the same time he takes out a doc.u.ment from the briefcase by his side, pushing it towards Huo Zaiyuan. "Here is the summary of Mr Huo's a.s.sets, please take a look. In accordance to what I have discussed with Mrs Zhou, the final decision is, regarding properties, Mrs Zhou, second master and you will each receive three-tenths. As for the company shares, the 60% in Mr Huo's name will be split into three so each person will receive 20%.

Hearing Lawyer Zhang's words, Huo Zaiyuan was a little distracted as he never imagined the woman will make this sort of arrangement. Three-tenths of father's a.s.sets will go to her, her son will take another three-tenths, making it a total of six-tenths. Although he himself will also receive three-tenths, making it seem fair at first glance, but the truth is the one suffering losses is still him. In addition, there is also the remaining one-tenth that haven't been distributed. Is she looking to nick that portion too…

Huo Zaiyuan laughs coldly in his heart as he examines the doc.u.ment thoroughly. Confronted with his calm and collected att.i.tude, the expression on Zhou Huijiao's face turn unsightly. "Huo Zaiyuan, everyone has an equal share! What other opinions can you possibly have!"

"But I do have an opinion. All three of us will be taking three-tenth of Dad's individual a.s.sets, but what about the remaining portion?"

At these question, Zhou Huijiao's face turns green, hands clenching into fists. Just as Huo Zaiyuan expected, she really planned to take that portion for herself.

However, Huo Zaiyuan doesn't care how ugly her expression becomes and continues: "Also, you have three-tenths, Huo Mingbao has three-tenths. Together, you two would have six-tenths, but I will only receive three-tenths. Not to mention the remaining one-tenth have not been included in this. How is this considered fair?"

"We are two people, of course our share would be slightly more compared to yours!!" Huo Zaiyuan's words successfully make her blow a fuse.

"Un, two people…that's why the amount is naturally bigger. Since you said this, then I also don't wish to waste more time. I will receive four-tenths of Dad's a.s.sets, you and your son will each have three-thirds. As for the company shares, I want half of it."

"You - Huo Zaiyuan, don't win and inch, want a foot[1]!"

"Zhou Huijiao, you only desire this large sum of a.s.sets. Although I divided it so I will receive four-tenths of the a.s.sets and 30% of the company shares, no matter how you see it, I'm still suffering losses. Also…if I refuse to sign this contract, you and I can only dream about getting a single coin. This will only result in both of us not benefitting. Since you have the mind to get me to sign, then you had better be quick and decide. Else if you provoke me, this master, and I refuse to sign…"

"I accept!" Zhou Huijiao gnashes her teeth in anger.

"There's still…" Huo Zaiyuan suddenly opens his mouth again after handing the signed contract over to Lawyer Zhang.

"I said I will sign! What more do you want?!" Zhuo Huijiao is extremely furious, expression turning very fierce.

"Calm down, calm down. What I have to say has nothing to do with the distribution of a.s.sets." Looking at the fury written all over the face of that woman sitting opposite, Huo Zaiyuan smiles lightly. Inwardly, he thinks that if he manages to anger this woman so much she goes insane or bursts some blood vessels, then it can be considered as taking revenge for everything he suffered in his previous life.

"Say it!"

"This house is included in that contract. I actually ought to receive half of this house but I don't want it. However, I want to take some items away from here!" Slowly observing every inch of the house he grew up in, Huo Zaiyuan's heart feels rather bitter. This house contained all of his sweetest memories with his mother and grandparents, but he knows that this place is not suited for the current him anymore.

"You can, but everything you want to bring away must pa.s.s my inspection first!" To hear that Huo Zaiyuan didn't want his share of this house at least managed to quell her anger a little.

Since Zhou Huijiao said this, then he will not be courteous, immediately rising from the sofa and heading to the second floor's study.


[1] Win an inch, want a foot (idiom): Given something by the grace of someone but is then greedy for more.

Translator’s notes: Ah, I really want to get past all these chapters and get to the juicy bits but alas, my brain and fingers are protesting… 。・゚゚・(>д<>

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