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Chapter 2: Learn to save money

Listening to the woman on the other side of the phone curse in rage, Huo Zaiyuan's eyebrows start to wrinkle and he puts the phone down as he knew the rants that woman spew is going to continue for quite a while. Only after she finished did he reply with a single sentence, "I'll be there shortly", before hanging up.

When Huo Zaiyuan was twelve years old, his mother pa.s.sed away from illness. Three days after his mother's death, his father brought back another woman and an eleven year old kid from outside. The him at that time absolutely could not accept the fact that his father, who had always been so intimate with his mother, would be able to do something like betraying her behind her back. Hence, he became more and more rebellious, moving out of the Huo family house and living on his lonesome outside.

It was only until six months later, when his father died in a car accident that he once more got in touch with the people remaining in that house. As soon as his father's funeral date pa.s.sed, that woman couldn't hold back anymore and already started thinking about how to split the ent.i.ty of his father's a.s.sets. As the next head of the household, he became his stepmother's biggest obstacle. And so for the next half a year, he didn't have a moment's peace.

In his previous life, he constantly rejected signing the contract regarding the splitting of the a.s.sets, dragging it out until the end of the world came about. Because of this, his stepmother and he were so at odds to the extent he had to live as a fugitive for six months before doomsday. But in the end, he still died by a kick from his stepmother.

"Tsk…looks like this woman still hates my guts to the extent of wanting to spill my blood ah." Whilst tidying up his things, Huo Zaiyuan shakes his head self-mockingly before heading out.

After receiving his stepmother's call, he can't help but recall all the events that will happen in the near future. On the 13th of April 2012, the apocalypse will begin. If he still insisted on not signing that contract, he would end up once again needing to flee like a fugitive and wait for death months before the apocalypse. He has already starved enough times in his previous life that he can't tolerate that feeling anymore, so he decides he needs a very large sum of money in order to fund his plans to start stockpiling goods.

As for his portion of father's a.s.sets - not the shares and properties but the cash and valuables -, he is very clear that the woman will certainly not easily split it between them evenly.

Since the heavens saw fit to give him another chance at life, then he will definitely grasp this opportunity well, preparing the highest quality equipment and stocking up on health potions. (Author's note: This kid played so many games his brain turned to mush.)

He wants to live.

Previously, due to taking revenge on his mother's behalf for father's betrayal towards her, he left the Huo family house. He doesn't know if father harboured guilt, but he did not stop giving him (HZY) the monthly allowance, which was transferred to his (HZY) bank account electronically, the amount being several ten thousand dollars. However, Huo Zaiyuan also flitted the money away without a care, eating, drinking, playing, buying expensive, high-quality clothes and other items. Thinking about it now, he really regrets it to the extent of turning his intestines green.

Ai, looks like during this brief reprise before the end of the world, the first lesson he must master is to be diligent and thrifty until he receives his portion of father's a.s.sets. The first thing he needs to do is to sell all the branded items he bought in the past, as well as his entire collection of limited edition stuff.

As soon as he shoulders his backpack and stepped out the door of his rented house, a taxi speedily drove over to stop in front of him. The driver is someone he is very familiar with as ever since he moved into this neighbourhood, Huo Zaiyuan had always ridden this taxi whenever he went out. Because he used to spend money extravagantly, the tips he gave this driver was not little, which was the reason why the driver's smiles are extremely bright whenever Huo Zaiyuan took out his wallet.

"Oh, young master, where are you heading to? Come, come, quickly get into the car."

Huo Zaiyuan glanced at the driver's glittery smile, the corners of the man's eyes curving slightly. A thought crossed Huo Zaiyuan's mind, and he had the sudden urge to haul that driver out of his seat and demand the man return all the tips he (HZY) gave him (driver) in the past.

Taking a deep breath, Huo Zaiyuan forcefully suppressed the ravings in his heart, curling the corners of his mouth into a small smile. "Uncle driver, I'm not going to take the taxi today."

"Eh? Oh…is that so…" The smile instantly disappeared from the man's face after hearing Huo Zaiyuan's words before the taxi pulled away hurriedly.

Staring at the distant red taxi, Huo Zaiyuan sighs lightly. If he was still the past him, facing this sort of blunt action from the driver, he would have already exploded with rage. However, as someone who has experienced life on the run before the apocalypse, he is already used to this kind of att.i.tude.

Running over to the taxi stand, he can't help but feel a little thrilled. Since childhood, he was surrounded by wealth, and even after moving out of the house, he did not lack money to squander, resulting in the fact that he never needed to take public transport within the city like normal citizens.

Translator’s notes: Might be able to get another chapter up today. We’ll see ^-^

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