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All the irrelevant personnel left. As George finished his black tea, the prop team brought in the equipment for the next scene.

It was said that a room with long history could only be found in Queens. The crew rented a single apartment in an old building. That room would be the love nest of the hero and heroine. It smelled like moss inside.

There was an old fridge, a telephone and a plastic fruit tablecloth that had been popular in the 1980s. The room felt very nostalgic. The hero and heroine fell in love with each other in that small apartment.

Fortunately, Cong Nianwei had no idea about that scene. She had left before it was shot.

This was Qin Guan's first step in the TV industry. He had met a beautiful but indifferent girl. The two of them were naked in bed. It was a pity that the girl was not that into him. She fell asleep while Qin Guan was caressing her body.

The camera was rolling. The actress was not blushing at all. Baring her upper body was nothing for her.

Qin Guan decided to act naturally. Before he took off his clothes, the silver-haired girl lay down on the bed and waved at him. "Hey, come on!"

She patted the white sheet next to her. Her nails were painted a beautiful purple color. Qin Guan looked at the director subconsciously. Brother, help me...

George blinked and turned his head around.

It seemed that he was not paying attention to details. Getting up all his courage, Qin Guan leaned down over the girl’s stomach.

He supported both arms on the bed, trying his best to keep a distance from her big b.o.o.bs. His legs and bottom were curved into a ridiculous "S" shape. Qin Guan looked like a frog squatting down on a lotus leaf in a lake.

When George turned around, he saw two large eyes, filled with desire.

"Three, two, action!" The order saved Qin Guan. Suddenly, he was in character.

"Ah... Oh..." Closing his eyes, Qin Guan felt the headboard shake. The girl under him was stunned. The flushed boy looked like he had been obsessed by another soul. He was an authentic desirable man...

It was his solo show. The man was making love in spirit, while the girl under him was indifferent.

Everyone covered their mouths to suppress their laughter. It was so ridiculous! The man with the short d.i.c.k was enjoying himself, while the girl had fallen asleep.

George closed his mouth tightly, rubbing his fingers. The Asian boy was a natural comedian. Everyone was relaxed and happy.

In two minutes, Qin Guan stopped. The girl curled her toes under the sheets. She had gotten aroused. Qin Guan opened his eyes and grinned at the girl proudly, waiting for her praise. Then he rolled away from her.

"Ha ha ha..."


"Don't worry. We’ll be editing the voices... Silence! They are acting..."

The crew suppressed its laughter. Qin Guan continued his performance.

He didn't get any response, but he was a proud man. He didn't need the girl’s praise. As he chatted with her, he picked up a pack of cigarettes from the bedside table.

Light smoke rose between them. The girl took the cigarette from his hand. The two of them lay on the bed, Their shoulders were touching, but they looked so far away. The sound of the lighter made the crew go silent.

The largest distance was the one between two hearts.

The scene finally came to an end. It had been finished without any trouble. Qin Guan got up with a smile. Before he left, the girl grabbed his jeans from behind. Her fingers were between Qin Guan's naked back and belt.

"I know an empty room around here. We’ll have a 30-minute break. Would you come with me? Or are 30 minutes not enough for you?"

Qin Guan felt as if someone had stomped on his tail. He dared not touch the girl. Jumping up, he planned on leaving as soon as possible.

He succeeded in standing up and getting rid of her beautiful hand. LEE’s hip-hugger jeans were extraordinary though.

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