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Chapter 395: Sister Xue's Idol

"Qin Guan, you b.a.s.t.a.r.d! You are a model. How dare you shoot films in New York!"

Guess who was beating the actor on the set with the whole crew looking on!

It was Sister Xue, who had travelled there from very far away.

She had been proud of Qin Guan's work during the New York Fashion Week, the Armani contract and the full pages in magazines. However, soon she had received scripts and notices from Qin Guan.

His e-mail was very concise: I realized my dream in New York. I can finally act in indie films. I have already finished shooting one and started shooting another. Don’t worry about me.

Confused, Sister Xue had looked at the script. Isn’t it a little late? When she finished reading the script, she nearly tore it apart. Naked love scenes? s.e.x in the bathroom? What the f*ck is that all about?

If Chinese people living in foreign countries sent the film to China, he would lose face!

Then she read the last sentence again. I’ll read another one. Where is the script? Is it more terrible than the first one? How dare he not show me the scripts beforehand! I should go to the US personally. I have to prevent him from ruining his career.

The first thing she had done after arriving in the US was ask Cong Nianwei about the film’s shooting location. Then she had broken in courageously.

No one can force my lovely boy to make those trashy films. There are so many chances for him in Hollywood. Why would he accept to partic.i.p.ate in such a ridiculous film?

Cong Nianwei was scared by Sister Xue's anger. She hid amid the crowd silently. She came here for revenge...

"Stop! Stop! Sister Xue! Why did you come here? You should have told me in advance. I could have picked you up from the airport!"

Sister Xue put down her bag and folded her arms across her chest. "So you could get prepared and destroy all evidence?"

What are you talking about? I’m serious about my work.

Qin Guan pointed down to his naked parts. "Elder sister, could I put my pants on first?"

"You corrupt boy! What are you doing? Put on some clothes!" Sister Xue glanced down and covered her eyes.

Their dialogue in Chinese had confused the whole crew. Qin Guan cleaned himself up and walked out of the set.

Taking advantage of this, Director George gave everyone a half-hour break.

Sister Xue read through the script quickly. Ten minutes later, she looked up with a serious expression.

"No, you can't make this film. It's too sensational. It might be nothing in American people’s eyes, but did you stop to consider the Chinese audience?"

Before Qin Guan could explain, Sister Xue turned to the director.

"Hey, listen to me. I’m sorry to say that..." Sister Xue pointed to Director George, who was sitting with his back to her.

"What’s the matter?" George Clooney turned around. His charming eyes made him look like a graceful, gentle scholar.

Sister Xue choked on her next words. She tried to gesture with trembling hands. "George... George Clooney..."

Yes, George Clooney had chosen to direct the film because he had read the novel. He would also be playing a small part for fun. He hadn’t acted in a film in a long time.

Sister Xue looked like a fish out of water. Her mouth closed and opened without making any sound.

My idol... I want to kneel down and worship you!

"What’s the matter, my beautiful lady?" George had grown a moustache at the time, but he was still handsome.

"Nothing. I just wanted to tell you that my client is a green hand. Just urge him on! Don’t feel embarra.s.sed by my presence!"

"As for me, I’ll help you finish the film successfully! Don't worry about a thing!"

Her eyes were shining brighter than the lamps on the ceiling. She looked like a soldier expressing his loyalty to the general before going out into battle. George smiled gently before he replied, "Your actor is pretty good!"

The battle between the director and the agent was over. Sister Xue had lost.

She walked up to Qin Guan joyfully as if she was floating in the air. Suddenly, she seized his arms. "Behave yourself, young man. Surprise everyone for me! You shall never lose face for the Chinese. This is such a good film, such a good opportunity. You should take advantage of it."

Hey, what were you saying just now?

Sister Xue decided to stay for a while. She booked a room at a hotel close to Qin Guan's apartment. She was planning on having a discussion with the magazines to arrange Qin Guan’s schedule for the whole year. The film didn't need her attention after all.

She left the studio with Cong Nianwei without hesitation. Before leaving, she picked up Qin Guan's car keys. She had decided that Cong Nianwei would be her driver.

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