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Chapter 1127 1127. Spending Ruling Powers

"d.a.m.n you…!!" Eurdrasill cursed.

He flapped his wooden wings and a powerful explosion shot him forward. This time, Master no longer barred Eurdrasill's path. Master flew back to the palace as well.

Arriving above the open-air throne room, Eurdrasill landed on one of the palace tree's mighty branches. He looked at the throne. An outworlder sat on that throne. Ashala was nowhere to be seen. He could sense her aura lingering around the ground near the throne, though. He knew then that what Master said was the truth.

Master was floating not far away from Eurdrasill. He said to the dragon, "You are Aurebor's country guardian. The position is still open to you. Be one and protect your new queen."

"I will do no such thing! I will destroy you to avenge Ashala…!!" Eurdrasill exclaimed. He lunged in Master's direction. His huge claw came at high speed.

Master was casting a spell as the dragon approached. But a quick interrupt spell from Eurdrasill caused Master's spell formation to fizzle. Master was slapped by the ma.s.sive claw and was brought slamming down onto the throne's floor. His earth t.i.tan's suit crumbled then.

Eurdrasill was flying down with his jaws opened wide. He was about to chomp master to pieces when black fog enveloped Master. Eurdrasill continued chomping the black fog but he didn't feel that he had bitten anything.

He turned and saw Master in another place. Next to him was a dark-robed person with a skeletal face carrying a long black scythe.

"Vekja, why is a demiG.o.d like you protecting an outworlder?" Eudrasill asked this skeletal person.

When Vekja spoke, those who heard the voice felt the hairs on their bodies stand on end. They couldn't tell from the voice if Vekja was a he or a she.

"This outworlder is under the protection of our G.o.d. We don't mind if he is defeated by his peers, that will be his own foolishness. But if an eternal-grade being such as you attempted him harm, we will have to interfere."

Eurdrasill growled at the words. He looked around him. There was nothing left to save. Ashala was gone. The throne was taken. He slammed one foot on the floor, causing a huge hole in the throne room's floor. He then flew up.


He stared at Master and said, "Outworlder, you've better watched out. I will come and take my vengeance when you least expect it."

With that threat, Eurdrasill flew away.

Master watched the huge dragon that was getting smaller in the sky. He muttered, "You are the one who should watch out. I will be the one who comes for you when I'm strong enough."


When Jack returned to the upworld and then teleported to Thereath palace, it was nighttime. He slept in the palace and went to the throne room the next morning.

At that moment, Mistress was still on her way to meet Ashala. So, no one knew yet that the monarchy in Aurebor Dynasty was about to change hands.

What Jack knew was the Aurebor Dynasty was mobilizing their troops to engage the Liguritudum army at their border. War summon quest had been announced. Many Aurebor players joined the army and were on their way, including Wicked Witches players.

Even Jeanny took a large portion of Everlasting Heavenly Legends members and joined Aurebor's side. She couldn't summon their guild army but she could support Aurebor by fighting directly with the members.

Jack was tempted to join and help Aurebor as well. But he was no longer a common player who could join any battle he wished. He was the sovereign of a country. If he showed up there, he might become the main target instead.

John was in the throne room. He didn't join Jeanny in Aurebor, which puzzled Jack. Usually, this dude was the first to go if there was a war involved.

When Jack asked why, John answered that he was not interested since they couldn't summon their guild army, and the Aurebor's army sure won't listen to his strategy. He would just be a common player there.

John also said that he thought it was strange for Liguritudum to show sudden aggression against Aurebor considering they were allies not long ago. The wiser strategy would be to join forces and attack another country first, limiting the loss of their troops.

Jack was pondering if the war went on for long, he might send a message to the elf queen of Aurebor, offering to send the Themisphere army to help the war effort.

Aurebor was far, though. His army would have to go through a large portion of the Dorwin region to arrive there. It was not an ideal trek. If he could cut through the territory owned by Hydrurond Dominion, that would've been better. But considering what had happened between him and Hydrurond's diplomat several days earlier, he doubted they would let his army pa.s.s.

Jack didn't ponder too long about the matter. He would adjust his plan depending on how the war in Aurebor transpired. He sat on his throne and used the monarch system. It was one month now, and he received 70 ruling powers from his level 7 sovereign. Two weeks had also pa.s.sed since he reclaimed the Boundless Cache, earning another 10 ruling powers. His ruling powers totaled 158.

He spent 80 ruling powers and used Call to Arms and Ma.s.s Drill. He also spent 486,000 gold coins for manual drafts and training at each settlement. 364,000 new troops joined their army from those combined efforts. Their total troops now numbered a bit over three million. They almost replenished the number of troops they lost during the invasion war.

The draft and call to arms reduced some of the population in Thereath. Since John wanted Thereath to become the first Megalopolis, Jack aided by spending 10 ruling powers and used Increase Population on Thereath.

100,000 new natives were summoned into Thereath. Thaergood immediately arranged for his officers to organize this new population into the prepared residential houses.

John also asked Jack to use his ruling powers to hasten the construction of more residential houses and some population-supporting building, so Thereath could reach ten million population faster.

Jack complied, spending 36 ruling powers on multiple buildings. This cut down a total of 360 days which was almost one year's worth of construction time. His ruling powers were down to 42 afterward. He hoped the Megalopolis was worth it.

He saved these remaining ruling powers. He might need them to boost their troops in case a war broke out.

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