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Even in the apocalypse, the night sky was bright with stars. The glimmered in the sky along with the pale moonlight, shining down on the mountain in the wilderness. XunMi only felt that the ambience would be a lot better without that rancid smell that kept drifting into her nose.
In front of them was the main road. Behind them was the forests. They were currently standing on a flat area that had been cleared in a rush. It was just enough s.p.a.ce for everyone to get a night of rest. But there were too many people. The smell was too strong. In the end, those zombies that needed neither sleep nor rest followed the scent over. XunMi grasped the vines in her hand and stared at the zombies that they had wrapped up like dumplings. Her eyebrows furrowed together.

Why hadn't she felt the zombies as they appeared?  Her map was open. If red dots appeared, there would be no way she wouldn't have known. Not unless there was a higher level zombie that was disrupting her perception, or if she was under the overcast of someone else's ability.
Ye MingYe's face was still ice cold. When his gaze landed on the black off-road vehicle, his eyes narrowed.
"MingYe, there are more and more zombies around us. What's happening?" Although the zombies were encroaching, they didn't attack rashly. It was like they were waiting for a sign. Ling Chen had walked the parameter. He returned to Ye MingYe's side and whispered something. Ye MingYe immediately stiffened, releasing killing intent. He grabbed XunMi and charged straight for the off-road vehicle.

XunMi was still a bit confused. However she trusted her husband and followed right behind him.

Bang! Ye MingYe used an electric strike to blow up the roof off of the off-road vehicle. The person inside froze and looked up at them. "Bro, what are you doing?"  Yu WenBo's bespectacled a.s.sistant captain gulped as he licked his lips.

Yu WenBo had just gone off to get help from Song ZiQian so he wasn't in the vehicle. Ming Mei was there though, 'sleeping' quietly.
"What happened? What happened?" Hearing the noise, Yu WenBo and Song ZiQian also rushed back. There was still a foreign enemy. Why was there now an inner struggle?

But seeing the people involved, Song ZiQian furrowed his brows but didn't say anything. Through their two short meetings, he could tell that these people weren't rash in their actions. Moreover, Miss Ming had helped them previously. If he had to stand on a side, he would definitely choose Miss Ming's side.
XunMi stood by Ye MingYe's side. She peered in to look at those inside. She finally understood why so many zombies appeared outside without anyone noticing. The one with cloaking abilities had been transformed. Having battled over 700 zombies before, XunMi didn't even blink an eye.

However, the people awakened by the noise couldn't help but yelp. Song ZiQian's voice was cold. "If you don't want to die, be quiet." Did they think there was too little chaos around? He looked down at where his right-hand man had been tied on the ground. There was no one there. He wasn't surprised, however. Could it be that his expectations had also been affected by the apocalypse?

"Sir, I'm afraid I'll have to ask you to leave. Our place is small. We can't possibly house a high levelled zombie." XunMi held the vines in her hands as her lips curled upwards as she watched the man lower his head as if scared. But in reality, he was attempting to hide his eyes. His eyes were filled with killing intent that couldn't be hidden. His ice abilities emitted out, making a few people shudder uncontrollably.

The smart ones got the hint: this person had high levelled skills. His powers were strong, he shouldn't be messed with.
"Miss Ming, I don't really understand what you mean?" Yu WenBo's face was twisted. Why didn't he know there was a high levelled zombie in his group. Nothing had happened on the way here. But as soon as they met up with these people, problems were endless. He should be qualified to suspect that the problem stemmed from them.

XunMi wasn't feeling very patient. A vine smacked forward, heading straight for that man's head. Sensing danger, the man quickly dodged and jumped out of the car. His true appearance also revealed itself to everyone. Yu WenBo was shocked beyond word. "Little Five, you…how did you become like this?" His red eyes and half rotting face was truly frightening.

XunMi used the system to search and find out what happened. Ming Mei's healing abilities weren't hers naturally. Instead, she had stolen them from someone else. Because it wasn't inherently hers, there were some problems with its performance. If she had waited to use it after becoming a level five or above, then it would have been fine. But now, her own level was low. Using it now, only allowed her to heal half. The other half would only continue decaying. The conclusion depended on luck. The good side could potentially subvert the bad away. On the other side, the bad could swallow up the good.
XunMi tsk tsked.

Song ZiQian's men had already been prepared in ready position. As soon as they heard a demand, they would attack. The road in front had been blocked off by zombies. Behind them were forests. They didn't dare rush backwards. There would be too many lives lost if they b.u.mped into a transformed plant.
"You've got nothing to say now? So are you going to take care of him or should we?" XunMi glanced at Ming Mei, feeling that something was off. Ming Mei's condition was like she had been sucked dry of her ability. Could it be…?
Ah le, this was really just karma at work.

Ye MingYe didn't waste time. With a big power strike, the first row of low levelled zombies were flattened out. This was like a horn declaring the start of a war. Everyone raised the weapons in their possession and slashed forward.

Ling Chen went over to help out Song ZiQian, leaving only XunMi standing in front of Yu WenBo's group.
But she was more than enough to combat these people.
Yu WenBo practically hated XunMi as much as Ming Mei did. He also couldn't wait to get rid of Little Five. If not for him, they would have been able to gain the military's trust. Now he could only quickly try to remedy the current situation. He couldn't let the situation get any worse. "Miss Ming, we brought eh trouble over. You don't have to waste your energy. I'll finish off this monster myself." Completely forgetting that they had been war buddies just a minute ago, Little Five was only a monster to him now.
XunMi took two steps back, allowing him to come forth.

She turned to find her husband. When she did, she couldn't take her eyes off of him. A muscular figure with a handsome face carried a sharp killing aura. He walked at ease amongst the zombie crowd, as if doing a ballroom dance. Every step was sharp and accurate.

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