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The night air was refreshing. XunMi and Ou JinYan walked along the well-lit BinJiang Pier comfortably.

"Jin ge, when people die, do you think they really become stars in the sky?" The extravagent lighting on the pier couldn't compare to the night sky lit up with stars.

Ou JinYan caressed XunMi hands to make sure they wouldn't get cold. "I don't know if people will become stars. But I do know that when I die, I'll become a ghost spirit that clings by your side.No matter where you go, I'll follow you forever." He felt like he had the ability to follow Mi'er forever and ever, without end.

XunMi tilted her head to look at Ou JinYan. Her eyes will filled with emotion that even she couldn't describe. Light yet pa.s.sionate, ordinary yet intense.

Suddenly, fireworks lit the pier, and shined down on the two. XunMi rested in Ou JinYan's embrace, watching the ever-changing colors of the sky. There are always people that say, no matter how beautiful the fireworks are, they would only bloom for a few seconds. But she still liked them.

Life was like fireworks. The moment in life where everything is in full bloom was the most beautiful but also the most unique. Even if it's short, if you could leave the moment with a powerful and glorious way to prove your existence was worth it, then wouldn't that be considered a kind of forever?

After Ou JinYan sent XunMi home, he returned to his office to take care of a few things. Although they cleared up everything at the press conference today, there was still a possibility that there could be more trouble. It was time that he used the information he had in his hands.

Tang Guo'er had the a.s.sistant give all the reporters a copy of all the things that Bai QianWei did. Although she was curious about where Mi even got the information, she decided not to ponder too much on it.

On the second day, numerous large newspapers released the news about XunMi's press conference the day before. The most talked about news was her relationship with Ou JinYan. Most of the public were in support of their relationship. There were some that couldn't accept that their G.o.ddess had been stolen away so quickly. The rumors about her being kept still didn't completely die down. But the rumors of her being kept combined with the rumors about their true love. These theories were saying that the two started off as her being kept but emotions eventually grew overtime.

This was because all research showed that XunMi came from an ordinary background with not much influence. Thus, some creative minds eventually saw this as evidence that she was kept. How could a female celebrity with an ordinary background claim that she knew Ou Corporation's chairman when they were young? Wasn't that obviously self-contradictory? Even though it wasn't a severe problem just yet, XunMi's reputation did take a hit.

Tang Guo'er was completely swamped with worry over this young miss. She knew that this new matter was definitely because of Bai QianWei. She wanted to change the focus so that she wouldn't be so strongly affected by the scandal.

Tang Guo'er would have never imagined that this was actually all schemed up by XunMi. She wouldn't have been so stupid as to accidentally leave  behind unfavorable information about herself at events like a press conference. She wanted to give Bai QianWei the opportunity. It would only be interesting when someone believes they are winning but then falls from the very top.

XunMi picked up her phone and sent out a Weibo post:

XunMi is Not a Pig (v): Kept woman? Mistress? Excuse me, but I am an aristocrat myself.  [Picture]

The picture was of her narrowing her eyes and looking straight into the camera while exuding aristocratic air, taken directly from Toy's recent photoshoot.

This was only the beginning. Everything else was prepared, she was only waiting for the opening ceremony. She put on her jacket and walked out. Today was the day of Lu QianYu's movie auditions. Apparently, Bai QianWei also received an audition invitation. This female lead sure was strong.

Tang Guo'er was already waiting at the company.  Today's auditions were being held at a military base. No one knew what the audition piece would be.

"Mi, are you confident?" Tang Guo'er was more nervous than XunMi. Her hand shook as she pushed open the door.

XunMi smoothed out her hair. Today, she wore a pair of blue jeans. She was the perfect image of youth and spring, as if she was a young student walking on a school campus.
"Guo'er, you have to believe in me. I don't think it's going to be an acting test today." They had invited quite a lot of candidates. It looked like they were hoping to chose from wide variety of personalities. Moreover, the audition site was inside a military training base. There was definitely a deeper meaning they were going for.

But she was excited. She loved this kind of perplexing situations the most.

After their car pa.s.sed through registration and inspection, it stopped on the outskirts of the base. Tang Guo'er and XunMi got out of the car and headed inside. They walked onto the training grounds, where there was already people waiting. One of them was Bai QianWei. She seemed surprised to see them, as ill.u.s.trated by the fact that her eyes almost jumped out of their sockets.

Standing next to her was a tall and handsome man. His first impression was that he was warm and gentle.

She didn't recognize this man. Tang Guo'er quickly stepped forward and introduced him to XunMi. "This is this year's most probable Best Actor. He's lister Su ChenXi. He's been nicknamed the Warm Prince."

Her gaze switched to somewhere directly ahead of them. She lowered her voice. "That person under the tree over there is the Acting King, Tang XuXia."

XunMi nodded in understanding. "Your brother, I know. What, you guys are still fighting?" Based on Guo'er's expression, XunMi knew there was still some tension. But there tension wasn't too extreme. It was all because Tang Guo'er wanted to enter the entertainment industry but her brother Tang XuXia wouldn't allow her to. After all, he was already a part of the industry so he knew exactly how treacherous the field was.

He was scared that his little sister would get hurt so he wanted to stop her thoughts. He hadn't expected her to promptly move away from home.

Tang Guo'er shook her head. The problem between her and her brother had already been solved. She was just surprised to see him here so she was momentarily shocked.

"Go, you haven't seen each other in years. He must really miss you." XunMi patted Tang Guo'er on the shoulder and walked away to a nearby tree. On such a hot day, she wasn't willing to just stand there under the sun.

More people slowly began arriving. There were both men and women auditioning today. Without exception, the girls were all dressed to the nines. Even if they weren't wearing makeup, there was no hiding their aura of glamour and brilliance. XunMi was the only oddity at the site.

Under the 30-40 degrees heat for an hour, those standing within the sun's reach were seeking shelter. At least, XunMi was feeling a bit bitter but luckily she was wearing long sleeves. Although it was hot, she was doing better than those who came exposing their arms and legs and were now becoming red tomatoes.

"Didn't they say this was an audition? Where's Director Lu?"

"Why did they have to come here. I'm dying out here."

"Where are they staffers? They're not even giving water, what are they trying to do?"

"If no one comes soon, I'm leaving."

"I just got a spa treatment done yesterday. But now my skin is turning like this. Forget it, are they messing with us right now?"

More and more complaints sounded out. XunMi silently leaned on the tree trunk and kept her eyes closed.

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