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[Amidst those who dread the world’s restless worry, fearing that this month this day will pa.s.s too easily, will there be a person on this month this day that will antic.i.p.ate for my arrival? -Xun Mi]

When she opened her eyes again, Xun Mi found herself lying on a soft, king sized bed. Above her was light blue wallpaper and a resplendent crystal chandelier currently shining magnificently due to its reflectance of sunlight. Feeling a bit of a headache, XunMi rubbed her head and thought back on the events right before she had slipped out of consciousness.

That day, she was just preparing to a celebratory banquet for her company successfully entering the stock market. It had taken her 6 years to make it to the top of B City’s list of 白富美 {T/N: a term used for women meaning great complexion, wealthy, and pretty; in this context, take it to mean most eligible bachelorette}. But she would’ve never thought that she would misstep so suddenly, causing her to fall into a sewer.

Her only thought at the time: for f.u.c.k’s sake! Which wicked m.o.f.o would steal a manhole cover?!

She thought this was her death but out of nowhere, she finds herself bonded to some system. That system seems to have told her that, as long as she finishes the missions given by the Second Female Lead’s Counterattack system and collected a high enough c.u.mulative score, she’ll be able to return home.

After collecting her thoughts, XunMi turned her gaze to the ring on her left hand’s middle finger. She silently commanded ‘System, come out.‘A lively childish voice immediately sounded in response.

[Why has Number 250 called out your cute system Bao Bao to do?] {T/N: here the system calls himself as 本宝宝, which is a cute and childish, informal way of referring to oneself}

XunMi placed her hand onto her throbbing temple and told herself she must bear with it. Bear with it…But she can’t bear it!

‘You’re the one that’s 250! You’re whole family is 250! Call me by my name. Or call me host! Or owner! If you call me 250 again, I’ll cook you alive!’{T/N: 250 is internet slang insult used to call someone dumb or mentally r.e.t.a.r.ded} Being able to infuriate the famously elegant Ms. Xun to this caliber could also be considered the system’s talent.

System BaoBao seemed to have realized his wrongs and obediently reported: [Host, you are currently in the world of “Aggressively Doting: My Cold General”. I’ll send the plot summary and the original soul’s memories to you. Please accept.]

XunMi immediately felt as if her mind was being probed, one needle after another, to the point that cold sweat gathered on her forehead. By the time the pain began to lessen, she had already accepted all of the original soul’s memory and held a book in her hands. Even after telling herself to keep calm and collected, XunMi was still shocked by the contents. She quickly recollected herself, thinking that since she’s even able to transmigrate into someone else’s body, anything’s possible now. So what if this whole dimension is just a book? To the characters in the book, this is reality. No matter if it’s a command to attack or counterattack, she’ll work hard to complete either in order to go home.

After quickly skimming the 200 or so pages of the book, XunMi only wanted to (╯‵□′)╯︵┻━┻. {T/N the author wrote in emoticons so I will keep it as such}

Is it really alright to make such a overdramatic and immature story? This dimension’s setting was not too different than that of the one she came from. Most differently, this dimension rotates around an axis with the female lead in the center. Female lead Qin HuaiSe is a illegitimate child of capital city’s Three Most Powerful Families, the Qin Family. On the day of the Eldest Little Miss Qin’ 18th birthday, the female lead was taken back into the Qin family.

Eldest Miss Qin could not accept a little sister that was only half a year younger than her, subsequently causing to a big scene at her birthday banquet. Not only did she smash her own birthday presents but her actions allowed her to become high society’s gossip topic. Father Qin thus became even more disappointed in Eldest Miss Qin and was even more doting towards his true love’s daughter, Qin HuaiSe. Eldest Miss Qin, being hurt by her father’s behavior became belligerent towards Qin HuaiSe. However, in every encounter, Qin HuaiSe is able to slip out unaffected and even outmaneuver Eldest Miss Qin. After a while, the public opinion became that Eldest Miss Qin was evilhearted and was an angel on the outside but a demon on the inside. On the other hand, because of QinHuaise’s fragile appearance, made everyone believe that she was the victim. Not only did she take away the attention that was originally Eldest Miss Qin’s but HuaiSe continuously slandered her to the point where Eldest Miss Qin lost her inheritance right. But she was just getting started.

Qin HuaiSe ordered a group of thugs to take Eldest Miss Qin and pose her for scandalous pictures that was sent to the press, officially ruining Eldest Miss Qin. Later, when she and her male idol became a couple, she even disfigured Eldest Miss Qin’s face. She then threw her helpless into a redlight district, where Eldest Miss Qin met her demise being tortured to death.

The story ends with Qin HuaiSe and her male idol’s happy ending. This is also one of the reasons why XunMi is so frustrated by the book: the male lead only shows up in the very end! The beginning of the book was filled with numerous second male leads embarking in ambiguous relationships with the female lead. And no one thought there was anything improper about her behavior?!

Alright. This is an online novel. Logic and whatever, she shouldn’t ponder too much on that. Unfortunately, however, the body she was currently inhabiting was the tragic Eldest Miss Qin. Coincidently, they shared the same name. Both were named XunMi, with the Eldest Miss Qin’s full name being Qin XunMi. Even more coincidently, today also happened to be her 18th birthday banquet. Which means, the female lead is already on her way over?

Standing in front of the bathroom’s full sized mirror, XunMi noted her new figure. Skin as creamy as milk, peach blossom eyes, with a statute as skinny and delicate as a willow catkins. With a height of 170 cm, she had perfect proportions and seductively good looks. She possessed shining black eyes that were currently open wide, both alluring and charming, perfectly curved eyebrows, a dainty nose, and apple red lips. With a tiny chin, she was exemplary example of the sunflower face. {T/N a face type that is seen as desirable, usually refers to defined cheekbones followed by a distinctly small chin to make sort of a sunflower shape I guess} Cleanly arranged wavy hair that was currently halfhearted let loose. Even when she silently stood, she exuded an aura of n.o.bility and cla.s.s. Her charisma undeniably added to her appeal. Although this body possessed the same face as hers, the first impression felt differently somehow. While this body had a fairy like element of beauty, XunMi’s original self was more of a beauty characteristic of a lotus.

After washing and changing into her prepared gown, she peaked outside her window and observed the guests that were already arriving in twos and threes. In that moment, as the sun emerged from behind the clouds and shone into the room, the sudden light illuminated the young lady at the window’s beautiful yet dangerous profile. The slightly upturned lip seemed only fitting for a fallen angel silently waiting in the shadows for its prey.

Qin XunMi. From this moment on, I, XunMi, will be you. I will make sure you get back everything Qin HuaiSe owes you tenfold. Just watch.

Since I need to help the Second Female leads counterattack in order to earn points, and since collecting points will allow me to go home, then I can only warn those Female Leads to prepare for the worst in advance. The sudden smile added even more allure to XunMi’s already alluring features, causing a certain man pa.s.sing by to stop and stare, momentarily out of focus with the rest of the world.

“Eldest Miss, the Family Head requests your presence downstairs. The banquet will be starting in half an hour.” A maid knocking on her door brought XunMi out of her thoughts.

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