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"But they were shifters." Keen says obviously lost. Raina crawled into Kyera's lap and hugged her.

"Keen, the Dark Ones are bad people.  Bad people want to hurt good people no matter what those good people are." Raina told him as Kyera hugged her. Keen nodded slowly, looking down at his hands.

"No, the Dark Ones are not bad people, they are consumed by hatred for the race that deemed them as evil vermin. That war led many good people being burned in a pit of anger and leave behind a dark soul that wishes to destroy the Human Royals. That is why we can not let ourselves hate, we must learn to be understand and seek justice not revenge." Kyera pointed out even as she felt that fire begging to kindle in her own heart. She resisted it, knowing that the fallen would not have wanted to see her burn.

"At any rate, Daxin and the Forest Knights no longer wish to serve along side the palace guard." Kyera explained and Clovis laughed coldly.

"I can't blame them. I am so sorry about Lazren and Mally. I know you were close to them." Clovis whispered and Kyera smiled softly.

"So was he, and yet he took their lives like they were nothing. Even if he didn't hold the knife, he killed any goodwill I had to end this peacefully. Grandest Mother I told you I would consider peaceful options. I think… that consideration is over." Kyera looked to Crystalsa who sat taller in her chair.

"It will be a long war." She warned and Kyera nodded.

"I will need to gather forces and train them. Obviously I can't go to war like this." She motions to her tummy. "That gives us 6 months to prepare."

"Then so shall it be." Crystalsa agreed and Bryson nodded. They would back her decision, enough good souls had been lost.

"I will send letters to some friends of mine. They might have men willing to help take back the Forest Gate woods." Myra offered sitting a little straighter. 
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"Thank you, Myra. I… I think I will pray for guidance." Kyera replied touching the stone on her ear. It hummed with power.

"Can I come, Mommy?" Raina asked and Kyera smiled.

"Of course baby." Kyera agreed, kissing her hair. The mother daughter pair stood up from the table and curtsied together. "We will be at The Shadow King's Alter. Be safe, even here a.s.sa.s.sins can slip through the cracks."


Late that Night

Kyera stood on the roof of the palace, looking down at the world below. The Icelands spread as far as the eye could see,  blanket of fresh snow. However, just at the edge of the horizon she could see the trees beginning to turn green. That was the edge of the Forest Gate kingdom. The edge of her forest.

She heard footsteps behind her, quite as feathers brushing over sand. Kendrick sat beside her, looking out at the view. He could feel her heart bleeding, the pain and the hatred he feared would come.

"Kyera, you can't blame yourself." He told her, well aware of the wheels in her head.

"Oh, can't I?" She demands back. "I brought Cora there, I left Lazrin to protect the Empress, I left Mally there too. I made the decision to trust those people and look where I am now? Their stubborn hatred and fear killed 3 people who I would trust with my life. Talis is still there. Daxin is still there. My people are still there and if any of them are found out they may be thrown to the b.l.o.o.d.y wolves. It's my fault. I never should have trusted this fragile peace." Kyera growled as her body trembled. Kendrick felt it. The beast within Kyera was growing stronger. Her mind losing the battle for control.

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