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Published at 3rd of September 2019 01:23:17 PM Chapter 538

The Dancing Winds Palace Courtyard was filled with laughter and the smell of meat roasting over fires . Different spices tinged the air in a mouth watering aroma as everything was being prepared . It was a pleasant atmosphere, relaxing and fun as the family spent time cooking together .

Within the fragrant garden Alexi, Clovis, and Bryson tended the fires, turning the meat spigots over each of the five flaming, bra.s.s basins . Kyera, Lalia, and Raina were setting up the leaf stuffing station while Myra chopped and cooked the extra bits for the filling over a smaller fire . Everyone was laughing and doing their own little group activities as the gates to the garden opened again . Kyera sat down her burdens on the long table and wiped her hands off .

Four figures, two adults and two children made their way up the path . The servant behind them carrying a pair of baskets .  Kyera and Clovis went to meet them .

"Prince Damar, Princess Melania, what a pleasure . " Clovis greeted them both and Kyera offered a gentle smile . Melania didn't seem to know what to say, but looked uncertain .

Advertis.e.m.e.nt"Melania told me what happened in the forest . The boys and I wanted to thank you for rescuing my wife . " Damar explained as the two servants came forward . They opened the two baskets, one contained fabrics Kyera hadn't seen before but the other was pie and cookies, treats for after dinner . Kyera clapped and smiled as her own servants took them .

"That is wonderful and the treats look fantastic . Why don't the four of you join us for dinner? Lalia and Alexi are here as well as the Frost Royals . " Kyera offered with an enthusiastic energy that was almost infections . The other pair exchanged looks .

"Perhaps that would be a…" Melania was trying to formulate a way of saying no when Clovis spoke up .

"The boys could use some time with their cousins and to be honest, Brother, this isn't war . I think it's time people realize we are a family . " Clovis pointed out, meeting Damar's eyes . The battle hardened brother glanced at his wife, Melania looked back at him then at the ground submissively .

"Melania… sisters, remember?" Kyera asked as she reached for her hand . She used her right hand so that her and Melania's bracelets would catch in the sun together . These were more than just jewelry and she hoped Melania would understand that .

"What are we cooking?" Melania asked adjusting so she was arm in arm with Kyera as they both walked toward the tables .

"I think you already know . " Kyera chuckled and Melania laughed . The brothers watched as their wives joined Lalia and Raina .

"Can we go play with Raina and the baby, Dad?" Daniel asked honestly hopeful . Damar nodded .

"Don't cause trouble and if the guards or nanny say something…" he trailed off with a meaningful look .

"Listen because sometimes you can't see the forest because of the trees . " Daniel and Nathaniel spoke in unison before their father waved them away .

"You raised them well . " Clovis commented as he watched the two boys run off to be with their cousins . .

"No, Melania did . I just gave her the freedom to do what she wanted to do . " He replied with a heavy sigh . Damar scratched his beard and smiled . "Never dreamed that sweet little wife father arranged would be perfect for me . "

"You know as well as I do dad didn't arrange that . He didn't care enough to . The Empress Vivian and my mother handled our marriages other than Feya and Bastil . " Clovis replied shaking his head .

"This feels like the first time I've seen our families spend time together like this . " Alexi commented as he walked up to stand beside his brothers watching their wives and children make some sort of food . His servant handed him a gla.s.s of ale .

"Its because it is the first time . It is strange but feels right . " Damar replied shaking his head as he watched Daniel walking with his youngest cousin, trying to help her along .

"Thank Kyera for that . I don't think that woman understands the word 'rivalry' . She came back from the hunt with a friendship bracelet and stories about her new sisters rather than of the hunt" Clovis chuckled as his wife leaned over Raina, showing her how to fold the leaf .

"Speaking of, it looks like your finally over her . " Damar replied offering a soft smile . "It's good to see you smile again . "

"Yea well, you too . " Clovis smacked his brother on the back . Alexi smiled and handed Clovis a cup of ale .

"To our wives . " Alexi raises a cup . His brothers repeated it and raised their own before tossing the amber liquid back .

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