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Chapter 1170: A New Development

Many halls within the palace continued to collapse and countless stone pillars came crashing down.

All the students were filled with delight as they cheered happily. Everyone looked at the three figures in front of them in admiration.

Three Greater Heavenly Resonances had fought off a True Devil!

Just thinking about it was enough to make their blood boil. With such an amazing feat, these three would likely be known amongst all the major ancient colleges.

Li Luo was also surprised by the trio's attacks. Ning Meng, Jiang Qing'e, and Wu Changkong were truly the cream of the crop from the two colleges. Their earlier strikes were so fearsome that ordinary Quasi Dukes would likely flee at the sight.

They were truly frightening.


His eyes turned towards the collapsed halls. The White Eyed True Devil had been buried under the debris. The trio's combined attack should have caused a considerable amount of damage to it. However, it was uncertain if it was enough to end it.

Others had always been known to be extremely tenacious.

After this setback, the White Eyed True Devil would not dare to underestimate the trio anymore. This was not the time to relax yet.

Glug! Glug!

At this moment, a strange sound could be heard from the heavy debris. Li Luo and the others looked over in a hurry and noticed an eerie aura overflowing from the wreckage. White substance secreted out of the debris, and within it was a vicious-looking face that seemed to be struggling.

The substance started to flow out at a faster speed. Soon, it completely covered up the debris, and the area turned into a white pool.

The pool continued to expand before finally condensing back into a figure. Its white hair flew in the air and the only features on its face were its cold, white eyes.

It was the White Eyed True Devil.

However, it now had three deep scars on its body. Although it was not bleeding, countless layers of pale skin were underneath the injuries. It was an unsettling sight.

A terrifying, cold air continued to exude from the White Eyed True Devil. Its white eyes, filled with murderous intent, locked onto the trio.

Clearly, the injuries had infuriated it.

The White Eyed True Devil stretched out its hand with sharp claws and gestured towards the white pool under its feet. The liquid churned, then an object gradually arose from the depths, ending up in its hand.

It was a Soul-calling Flag. The flag was pale white, as if it was made up of human skins. Terrifying faces were packed tightly onto its surface. Enormous amounts of corruption surged up, and the sky above was filled with thick, black clouds. Countless strange whispers echoed in the air with its presence.

The White Eyed True Devil waved the Soul-calling Flag and took a step forward. The void vibrated in its presence before it vanished.

In the next instant, it appeared directly in front of Wu Changkong. The Soul-calling Flag was smashed down onto his head so quickly that it resembled a beam of white light.

Wu Changkong's golden battleax had returned to its original state. Seeing the White Eyed True Devil coming for him, he dared not let his guard down. He pushed the resonant power in his body to its limits, causing his resonant palaces to shudder wildly. The Heavenly Resonance Diagram above him glowed brightly as it continuously took in the worldly natural energy in the surroundings.

Wu Changkong was currently in his best state with the boost from the Crimson Heart Golden Seal from Li Hongyou. He planned to endure the strike from the Soul-calling Flag with all his might.


The battleax collided with the flag. Cold energy swept through the battlefield as a result. Even though Wu Changkong had defended with all his might, he could still see white glaciers flowing along his battleax towards his body.

His resonant power was shattered in a single clash with the White Eyed True Devil.

Fortunately, Jiang Qing'e and Ning Meng came to his aid. The two ladies had appeared behind the True Devil while it was focused on Wu Changkong. Light resonant power filled with holy cleansing energy flew directly towards the White Eyed True Devil.

However, the White Eyed True Devil did not turn back. The skin on its back wriggled a little, and two pale arms grew out of it. A horrifying and pained face appeared in each of the palms of those hands, and their mouths spewed out immense white light to counter the two incoming strikes.

Bang, bang, bang!

The vicious exchange caused explosions to occur in the air. Wild energy storms swept up every time they clashed, destroying the surrounding area.

The students below were frozen on the spot. Anyone below the Greater Heavenly Resonance Tier would be killed in body and spirit if they were caught up in the shockwaves.

They could see that the White Eyed True Devil had the upper hand in these clashes. If Ning Meng, Jiang Qing'e, and Wu Changkong were not working together, none of them would be able to block a strike from the White Eyed True Devil.

Luckily, Jiang Qing'e and Ning Meng possessed light resonances. Jiang Qing'e's dual ninth-grade light resonance was especially effective. With the two of them working together, divine energy flooded the surroundings. It was evident that the White Eyed True Devil viewed Jiang Qing'e as the biggest threat, not daring to let her strikes land on its body carelessly.

As the battle continued, Feng Lingyuan and the others began to join in. However, they did not dare to get too close and instead sent attacks from afar to distract the White Eyed True Devil.

The whole situation was extremely dangerous, but the students from the two ancient colleges managed to stabilize things a little.

Nonetheless, Li Luo did not relax for a single moment. His eyes were fixed on the chest of the White Eyed True Devil. Three twisted faces appeared in that area from time to time.

The faces belonged to the Blood Coffin Carriers from earlier.

They had inadvertently brought the True Devil Eggs here and fused together, forming the White Eyed True Devil.


Li Luo knew that there was still a fourth True Devil Egg somewhere in this All-Beings Palace. Perhaps just half an egg... It was the half that Li Lingjing had taken away.

She did not seem to be present though.

"I hope Cousin Lingjing has already left the area." A look of worry appeared on Li Luo's face. They were already giving their all to resist the attacks from the White Eyed True Devil at the moment. If it managed to absorb another half of a True Devil Egg, its strength would increase drastically. At that time, the balance would be tilted and they would definitely suffer heavy casualties.

Just as Li Luo was worrying about this, Li Lingjing was also watching the battle from the shadows far away.

Her eyes paused for a moment around Jiang Qing'e. The radiant light energy coming from Jiang Qing'e was so bright that it stung her eyes a little.

She was the complete opposite of that G.o.ddess of light; she was filled with an ominous aura, like a poisonous python in the dark.

Li Lingjing watched in silence as she held her Aquamarine Bamboo Python Staff. The staff felt cold in her hands, but it was the only strand of warmth left in her heart.

Her eyes flickered a little and she turned around, planning to leave.

Suddenly, she paused. A white substance was emerging from the ground in front of her.

The substance bubbled. A cold, authoritative, and terrifying pair of eyes emerged from the liquid.

The eyes stared directly at Li Lingjing. In an instant, she felt endless fear surging within her heart.

Li Lingjing's face changed completely. She gripped the Aquamarine Bamboo Python Staff tightly and said, "All-Beings Devil King?"

"I didn't expect a little girl like you to consume my True Devil Egg. And you've even managed to resist the call to fuse with the main body. Not bad," a spooky and indifferent voice said.

Li Lingjing frowned, slowly stepping back so she could make her escape.

However, the eyes in the white substance simply stared at her coldly. "You want the power of my True Devil Egg without paying the price for it? Do you really think I am such a pushover? Spirit Eye sent you all here to be my p.a.w.ns. How can you retreat now? You're my chess pieces. Do you think I would let you jump out of the game board that easily?"

Cold energy surged up within Li Lingjing's body, and she transformed into a black beam of light to flee.

However, she froze just as her body was about to move. She lowered her head and looked down. Without her noticing, the white substance had caught onto both of her feet. It then travelled up her legs rapidly like candle wax, completely swallowing her body up.

Li Lingjing could slowly feel that she was losing control over her own body.

However, she was not in despair yet. Instead, there was a flash of ambition deep within those eyes.

The cold, white substance wrapped her up in countless layers. In the end, Li Lingjing was completely encased in it, just like a wax figure.

At the next moment, the wax figure turned into a white beam of light and flew high up into the air. It flew across the sky and headed straight towards the center of the battlefield.

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