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Chapter 5.2 –  Snowlike Blade, Flowerlike Figure

Han Piao carefully stole a glance at Bai Feng Xi, who was asleep on the boat, as if pondering upon something. Even after all this time, he still could not understand, how can this person be the famous Bai Feng Xi whose name is renowned throughout the world?

Travelling from city to city, Bai Feng Xi is interested in essentially only two things to do: eat and sleep. She always seems sleep derived, except for when she is standing. She just need sit or lie down to immediately soundly fall asleep! This really makes Han Piao admire her!

But how much does she eat, omg …! To think that on the first day, Bai Feng Xi ate, for breakfast, the two days' worth of food that Zhong Li and Zhong Yuan had prepared for Hai Feng Xi, and then calmly went to bed.

So, the rest were forced to stop by the road to look for a small restaurant to eat. Just as the food was brought up, they were so hungry that they were about to devour the food like tigers. Yet, Hai Gongzi (Hai Feng Xi) just glimpsed at the food. Without even touching a chopstick, he got up and went into the carriage. Only a moment later, from the carriage sounded a thundering soar, a sound of cursing and insulting: “Black Fox! I will kill you! ”

Zhong Li, Zhong Yuan and Old man Zong all kept their heads low, as if they did not hear the rumbling in the carriage. Only he, Han Piao, anxiously looked at the carriage, fearing that the properties will be damaged and people will be killed. He forgot all about eating the rice until old Zong rea.s.suringly patted his shoulder. Of course, in the end, the two Feng Xis were not as riotous as to cause murder and n.o.body was hurt. Han Piao thought to himself that these skilled fighters were truly not the same as ruthless brutes.

Yet, at this time, Bai Feng Xi seemed like a proper lady sleeping on the boat, with no concern about her surrounding, or the men around her. The sky was her curtain and the ground was her bed, allowing her to sleep comfortably.

With one hand behind her head and one hand on the side, her long black hair fluttered over the deck like a piece of black silk. The river breeze glided smoothly and the silk strand floated in the air, with some hair falling onto her white dress like smoke wrapped around a cloud. Other strands are waving in the air, some are slipping down her cheeks as if they cannot bear to part her jade-like face, truly alluring…

Hai Feng Xi suddenly turned around and caught Han Piao staring at Bai Feng Xi. Within the young boy's eyes were traces of enchantment, doubt, fascination, respect, complaint… Such look filled with deep thoughts were not suitable for his age. Hai Feng Xi stretched out his hand and patted Han Piao's head. Han Piao turned around to look at him, half mad half trying to swallow it in.

Suddenly they heard a sound of “Oomph”. The two people simultaneously looked back to see that Bai Feng Xi was gone - there were only bubbles of water splashing against the nose of the boat. After a little while to regain the composure, they quickly realised: Bai Feng Xi had fallen into the river!

"Does she even know how to swim?!" Han Piao let out a horrific screamed, preparing to jump down and rescue her. Yet, Hai Feng Xi stopped him and gently counted “One, two, three, four … ten!”

Water from the river water shot up and splattered all over. Then, Bai Feng Xi floated up.

“Acckk, acckk, you see people dying yet you ignore them….you fox!” She half coughed half swam towards them.

“Woman, I admire the way you sleep, you can even sleep in the water.” Hai Feng Xi praised her, though is not difficult to spot the sarcasm in his words.

Bai Feng Xi jumped up from the water, splashing water all over the boat and causing the other two people to get wet.

“Enjoying it alone is not as fun as enjoying it with many people, look at this cool and refreshing water! I will share it so you can have a little enjoyment.” Bai Feng Xi walked towards the head of the boat, happily watching the two people on the boat getting drenched.

“Huh!” Feng Xi looked at her with disapproving eyes: “Woman, although you are extremely lazy, you never slack to develop your body". He scanned her down from the top and meticulously evaluated: “It's big where it should be big, and not big where it should not be big. Regarding this point, you deserve a little praise.”

He said and nodded.

Bai Feng Xi's whole body is now wet. With the white fabric clinging to her body, her beautiful curves are clearly visible. Her black hair fell onto her back as a drop of water fell out of it, her face was like a pure white pearl soaked in water, alluringly pure, charming like a seductive siren from the water.

Although he is still young, Han Piao hurriedly turned away upon seeing Bai Feng Xi and closed his eyes closed, remembering the teaching of his old instructor "Do not look when it is considered bad-manner".  Yet, in his heart he sceptically thought, for people like Bai Feng Xi,  is there such a thing as manner?

Bai Feng Xi had just discovered his own state. However, Bai Feng Xi lives up to the name of Bai Feng Xi, even in this situation she cannot show embarra.s.sment. She threw her wet hair to the front and obscuring some parts of the spring scene, laughing it away and joked, ” To be praised by the renowned Hai Feng Xi, I feel so honoured!”

Before her laughter even finish, she tossed herself in front of Hai Feng Xi with her hands open, her soft body spinning like a seductive demoness: “How is this compared to the ladies at Heavenly Flower Brothel and A Thousand Flowers Brothel?"

She continued to spin faster as she taunted Hai Feng Xi, droplets of water flew around, creating a layer of fog which surrounded her body, make others unable to see clearly, as well as drenching Hai Feng Xi in water.

“The ladies at Heavenly Flower Brothel and A Thousand Flowers Brothel are all gentle and caring, which really touch your heart. They're definitely like you who find it fun to drench others in the water." Hai Feng Xi smiled painfully.

“Huh, really?” Bai Feng Xi stopped smiling as she tilted her head and asked. Her eyes radiated a pure, cool light.

“Mm, it is right that you are bad-tempered and impatient, but none of the ladies at Heavenly Flower Brothel and A Thousand Flowers Brothel has the gut to get me." Hai Feng Zi wiped his face and sighed.

“Ha ha …” Bai Feng Xi laughed, his eyes glancing at Han Piao's little red face. From her fingertips, she fired a drop of water onto his forehead.

“Oh dear!” Han Xiao groaned painfully and rubbed his forehead, his eyes widened in anger at Bai Feng Xi. To such a person, he really should not have considered such a thing as 'manner'!

“Little devil! Why are you standing there blankly doing nothing, quickly find some for Big Sister to change into!” Bai Feng Xi commanded.

Just as she finished saying that, Hai Feng Xi's servant brought a dress and reverently gave it to her: “Miss, please come into the deck of the boat to get changed.”

“Zhong Li, you are so obedient.” Bai Feng Xi smiled and patted the servant as she received her clothes.

“Dear Miss, I am Zhong Yuan.” The servant's delicate face flushed like the western sun.

“Huh?” Bai Feng Xi raised her long eyelashes and stubbornly said, “No problem, no matter if its Zhong Li or Zhong Yuan, you are all family."

Then, she turned around and went to the dressing room. By the time she had finished, the boat had begun to set sail.

“Where are you going?” Hai Feng Xi who crossed his arms and stood at the nose of the boat, calmly turned around and asked.

“It depends.” Bai Feng Xi nonchalantly replied, raised her eyes to the endless water: “We can go to land, or wherever."

Hearing this, Han Piao instinctively grabbed Bai Feng Xi's sleeves.

Hai Feng Xi glanced at them at lifted his mouth into a slight smile: ” Little brother Han Piao, you want to go with her?”

“Of course!” Han Piao grabbed tightly onto Bai Feng Xi's sleeves and answered without hesitation. He could not understand why every time Hai Feng Xi's eyes looked at him, a sense of coldness suddenly rose in his heart. He felt that those eyes were too deep and cold, and everything that pa.s.ses through them becomes transparent. This is also one of the reasons why he does not want to go with Hai Feng Xi.

“Really?” Hai Feng Xi laughed profoundly, then said in a voice so low that Han Piao could not make out: “I want to pull you back, but … you will understand later!”

“What did Big Brother say?” Han Piao could not comprehend the words.

“Nothing.” Hai Feng Xi turned to look at Bai Feng Xi with a languid smile on his face: “You want to investigate the black-clothed group of people who murdered the Han family? Want to use yourself as the bait? ”

“In my heart, I have already determined what the bait will be. Regarding these black-clothed people…" Bai Feng Shui lifted her wet long hair, her eyes sparkled like stars, bright as the sword in the snow, which then immediately disappeared. She reluctantly said: “You must also have the same thought. Five years ago, although we have levelled Soul Scattering Sect, we did not eradicate all of them. Five years later, the Soul Scattering Sect once again appear in the White Feng country. They hid in the shades for five years, then returned even more viciously. Looking at the way the black-clothed people murdered the Han family, it is very likely that they are from the Soul Scattering Sect. The Soul Scattering Sect had only ever done work for money, so the one who mobilised them must have been very wealthy!"

"Use whatever method to achieve your goal - this is the motto of the Soul Scattering Sect!" Hai Feng Xi lifted his head. “I will follow this river to go Wen City. How about you go to the Nan Kingdom. I will help you find the origin of the black-clothed people, and you help me find where the real Xuanzun Seal is. Then, we will meet at the Huang Kingdom, okay?"

Hearing this, Bai Feng Xi turned to look at him, the light caught in her eyes flashed and disappeared. Suddenly she laughed: “Why do you insist on looking for the Xuanzun Seal? Is it true that you Hai Feng Xi want to establish an Hai Kingdom?"

"Hai Kingdom?" Hai Feng Xi smiled slightly elusive and then looked ahead: “It's just a request from somebody.”

“What person can make you work for him?” Bai Feng Xi smiled: “Is he is not afraid that he had requested the wrong man?”

“Prince Lan Xi of the Black Feng Kingdom.” Hai Feng Xi said casually, his eyes shifted to look at the Bai Feng Xi: “Last time I when helped you repay your debts, all those treasure were donated by the prince. So, you owe him a favour. The Xuanzun Seal is what he wants, so you should ask around for him a little.”

“Prince Lan Xi?” Bai Feng Xi heard this and immediately turned her head away, laughing brightly and jokingly: “I heard that out of the Four Great Sons of Eastern Realm Trieu, Master Lan Xi is a n.o.ble and dignified figure like a jade cup. I would have thought that somebody like him would already part from mortal matters. Why is he stubbornly fighting for a piece of the dirty Xuanzun Seal stained by blood? Not only that, but he also bribed people in the JiangHu. Don't even talk about being obsessed with beauty and wealth, it's always those who appear most dignified that are just a gang of dirty and smelly dogs!"

When it comes to Bai Feng Xi cursing, Hai Feng Xi seemed to have gotten used to hearing too much of it, so the light smile on his face remained. He looked at the river and said: “The boat is about to leave, do you want to go with me to Wen City? ”

“I will never go with you Black Fox!” Bai Feng Xi grabbed Han Piao's shirt and flew onto the riverside.

“Woman, do not forget our meeting at the Huang Kingdom." Hai Feng Xi casually threw a sentence at her.

“Ha … black fox, even if I find the Xuanzun Seal, I will never give it to you, I will give it to the prince of Huang Kingdom!” Bai Feng Xi said sarcastically.


As Hai Feng Xi was asking, the boat had begun to move further and further away, yet  Bai Feng Xi's voice was still as clear.

“Because it was his (Yan Yingzhou) hope, it was what he traded his life for!”

“Moreover, I've never agreed to the meeting.” Bai Feng Xi muttered as the white sail – the only white among that black boat – floated away.

The white sail finally floated toward the horizon. On the other hand, the people on the sh.o.r.e felt heavy as they looked at the blue water in the middle of the afternoon.

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