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After a moment, Luo Wenjia went back to the original street. It was late, the street was quietly and empty, Luo Wenjia thought back what just happened, it make he suspect if he is in the dream. Fortunately the package still in the hands, and also is a bit heavy. Open it and see, but see some bright yellow things, it's a small bag of gold leaf. It's the first time that Luo Wenjia saw so much gold, he at a loss and don't know waht to do, he unclearly felt something wrong in the heart, but do not know where the wrong was. "I'll take it for a while. Wait until tomorrow I should go back, hope I can remember the way, give it back to Miss Yi Yun." Luo Wenjia try to convince himself in the heart, although he has self-confidence at his own drawing level, but he also know that it is not worth so much money.

Found a cheap inn, Luo Wenjia with his own money rented a room. But he just fall sleep, but heared someone with harsh voice shouted: "Get up! All get up! Here come the night watchman!"

Luo Wenjia confused put on his clothes, want to open the door and asking what happened. He hear a tenant joked: "I heard that there is a big case happened in the city, magistrate order the captor searching the inns in this area. Look at this, maybe it's because the magistrate's wife was raped by a s.e.x thief."

When he speak, several captors have been found here, a scary looking captor raise a whip and said: "All the people stand against the wall and accept the inspection, or deemed to thieves!"

People obediently stand against the wall, several captors broke into the room, overturn the trunks and boxes. In a moment, a captor holding a package, excitedly asked: "Whose is it?"

Luo Wenjia smelt a rat, but he still honestly said: "It's mine."

"That's the boy! Finally got you! Come with us!" A captor use a chain around Luo Wenjia's neck, wants to drag he away. Luo Wenjia struggled hard, but these captors fierce as tigers and wolves, he completely wasn't their compet.i.tor, in the blink of an eye he has been drag away by several captors. Until they go far, a few tenants are still asking: "What's going on? What crime did that scholar commit?"

"Hold court trial --" with powerful and vigorous shout, the Prefectural Magistrate Fei Shiqing sat down in the crowd of huperetess and private adviser, he suddenly struck the gavel: "Criminal Luo Wenjia. Do you know what your sin is?"

Although Luo Wenjia in shackles, he still hold head high and asked: "I do not know I have any sinned."

Fei Shiqing pointed to the package: "Are this package and these gold leaves belong to you?"

Luo Wenjia hesitated, "it was the remuneration that a girl who asked me to paint for her."

"Nonsense! Do you think I don't understand painting and calligraphy?" Fei Shiqing with a sneer, "Do you think you are Tang Bohu or Meng Haoran? How this is possible that your paint worth so many golden leaves?"

"I also know my own painting can't be worth so much money. "Luo Wenjia protested." So I'm going to sent it back to the girl wait until tomorrow morning. "

"What's the name of the girl, where does she live?" Fei Shiqing snapped.

Luo Wenjia remember his oath, hesitated for a moment, only honest replied: "I can't say. I promised the girl, not to mention her name."

"Heh heh! Much and much outrageous!" Fei Shiqing repeatedly sneered, "You can't say her name, also don't know where she lives, how could you paint for her? How could a painting be worth so many golden leaves? I think you won't cry until you see the coffin. Come here! Torture him!"

On both sides the huperetess rushed up, they grabbed Luo Wenjia's arm and wanted thrown him to the ground. But Luo Wenjia shouted: "Stop! I'm Xiucai, according to the "law of Ming Dynasty", you cannot torture me!"

Fei Shiqing with a sneer: "Unexpectedly you are well versed in "law of Ming Dynasty", very good, in that case I will according the "law of Ming Dynasty" temporarily imprison you. After tomorrow morning I will sent a letter to the Ministry of Education, first deprive of your Xiucai ident.i.ty, then let you plead guilty! End the trial!"

The huperetess hold Luo Wenjia and drag him out without any words. Until people all leave, after the folding screen there slowly strolled out two young men, one is courteous Nangong Fang, another is insidious Tang Xiao. Fei Shiqing hurrily make a bow to them: "Please Third childe and Tang childe a.s.sured, when I deprive that guy's Xiucai ident.i.ty, I can immediately let him plead guilty."

Nangong meaningfully smiled: "My Lord, you must enforce the law, don't let any criminals go unpunished!"

"Of course! Third childe can rest a.s.sured!" Fei Shiqing agreed, and see Nangong Fang and Tang Xiao go out. After several people say good-bye to each other outside the mansion, Tang Xiao couldn't help but murmured: "I don't understand, deal with a poor scholar, why should such trouble? We can directly make him missing. The Yangzhou city is very huge , n.o.body will mind if here lost a poor scholar."

Nangong Fang with a leisurely smile, in his view, it's an easy thing to Luo Wenjia disappear naturally, but if Luo Zonghan still refused to cooperate, How could he really can kill all the villagers of Luojiazhuang? Now Luo Wenjia bring about his own destruction, if he get lawsuits, if Luo Zonghan wants to save this Xiucai, the only thing he can do is to sell Luojiazhuang.

Two people smiled at each other. After a moment, Tang Xiao suddenly whispered: "Third childe, have you heared the rumors? "Secret code of Qianmen" has been resurfaced, it is said who own it who can own the world."

Nangong Fang sneered : "Hum! It's just groundless allegation, not credible."

"You are right." Tang Xiao insincerely chimed in, ""Secret code of Qianmen" it always just wild tales, n.o.body really see it. Maybe there's no such thing in the world."

Two people walk and talk, gradually disappeared in the night. In the sky, a piece of dark cloud covered the dim moon, make the world much more chaotic and dim.

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