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Chapter 542 - Chapter 542: Lotus Roots

Chapter 542: Lotus Roots

Translator: Henyee Translations    Editor: Henyee Translations

Then she told her about the work in shifts and the housework that the maids should do as well as what others should do in the meanwhile, etc.

Rules needed to be set in the beginning, and people would be customized to it naturally.

Although Qiao Xuan did not care about rules, they needed to be set so as not to cause chaos.

Ms. Fang smiled. “Okay, that sounds like a good arrangement. It saves us a lot of trouble. You do not know how messy it was in the morning, when those six girls were surrounding me, wanting to get the work done.”

Yang Xiaoni was quite frightened too. “Yeah! I am not used to that!”

Qiao Xuan smiled. “Mom, you can tell them what needs to be done. Same goes for you, Third Sister-in-law. Honestly, there will be more people around us in the future!”

The breakfast served on this day was white rice porridge, steamed buns and flower rolls, as well as kimchi and chopped bamboo shoots, sauerkraut, bacon and chili, and fried garlic.

The white porridge was fragrant and thick, the porridge rice grains were distinct and full, and the taste was smooth. The steamed buns were white and fluffy, the flower rolls were smeared with scallion foam, and the aroma was tangy. The kimchi was mouth-watering and attractive. The diced bamboo shoots, bacon and sauerkraut are stir-fried, and they were spicy and fresh to the extreme, making everything look delicious.

The breakfast was simple, and full of taste as well.

Qiao Xuan converted an empty wing room in the backyard into a dining room for servants to eat, and set up the square table and stools. Chun Yu and the others would eat there in the future.

They might not be used to cutting bamboos. So, they did not wait for them to eat breakfast. They ate first, and then Qiao Xuan and Shao Yunduan went to the Zhang Village.

The couple was in a donkey cart.

As for Qu Shan, he left early in the morning.

He needed to join people from the Zhang Village and head back to the province. It could not be delayed.

Qiao Xuan and Shao Yunduan came to the Zhang Village and called some people from three families and let them plant the lotus roots in the pond.

The pond was dug years ago, but it only started storing water last month. All the trees that should be planted by the pond had already been planted.

There were two weeping willows, four peach trees, one pomegranate tree, one loquat tree, one elm tree, one locust tree and two mulberry trees.

Planting lotus roots was a rare thing. So, many people were attracted to come and watch the scene together. “Lotus roots? That doesn’t look very good.”

“So what? I heard they taste good!”

“l have seen the flowers before. They are beautiful!” “Can they be planted here? Planted in the pond?”

“Yeah, didn’t hear that before!”

Qiao Xuan and Shao Yun ignored these gossips. They watched Lin Mian and Qiao Shisan planting lotus roots by the pond, but what Qiao Xuan saw were tender, green, pearl-like lotus seeds in autumn. They could be stewed in soup, cold dressed, stir-fried, ground into powder and steamed for eating. They could also be used as sweet-scented osmanthus lotus root, or lotus root powder. That would be such a great thing.

She never worried about whether they would survive.

When the lotus roots were planted, water chestnuts would be available for planting as well.

Water chestnuts could not be planted in the pond. They needed to be planted elsewhere. The seedling could be done first, then transplanted.

Qiao Xuan entrusted Ding Erzhu and Ms. Zhou to deal with this matter.

With lotus roots in the pond, and the water chestnuts on the way, fish and shrimps would come next.

They had to fetch the small fish and shrimps themselves.

They thought about getting Qi and the others to get some fish and shrimps from the river, after they reached home..

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