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156. Armor's weakness

TL. Dragox

"Unhurt against the sword of the empire sir Albert, archduke Zest's strongest subordinate, and the beast king second to none1! Fuhahahaha, As I thought, this is the proof that this armor is the strongest! The devil king wouldn't have been afraid of anything."

In front of the laughing Heinz, two people were panting on their knees.

They weren't the only ones... the holy knights, and the black knights teamed up to launch their consecutive attacks without any real result.

"Lady Kachua seems to be out of magic power... What should we do, master?"

"Hey, Suu. Have none of you truly noticed? Or are you just pretending?"

While she was making a surprised face with a *Kyoton*, behind her, without giving up on her plans, the her Majesty the Beast King Elenora could be seen swinging her axe while trying to cut her objective in two. She doesn't seem to learn.2

Is having muscles for brains a racial trait?

"Have you tried using appraisal magic on that armor?"

"Naturally. It was impossible for me to appraise it."

"...Really. Then, is it impossible unless one got enough magical power? No, is this a characteristic of light attribute...?"

"Master what did you see?"

"What to do, your Excellency?"

While talking, Albert rushes to my side, and both siblings looks at me with the same expression.

They really look like siblings right now.

"When you line up like that, you really look like siblings."

"Master, you really are taking it easy... Haah. What is the weak point?"

"...?... Oh, as expected from your Excellency! to be so relaxed."

Albert makes his own judgment without understanding anything at all.

Suu looked like she hasn't a worry.

As proof, both of them were looking at me with a look that there was no problem at all.

"Hey! stop chattering with archduke Zest, and help over here!"

While breathing heavily, Elenora raised her voice.

However, it would be meaningless to help her right now.

"Her Majesty Beast King, how about a little break? He won't move from there for a while"


"...Kuh! What do you mean!?"


/> After explaining, everyone in this place stared at me like saying 'What is this guy saying?'.

"The armor seems to have the effect of absolute defense. Although it surely invalidates any attack , it seems that he will be unable to move in the mean time. It will be fin if one just waits until the effective time is over..."

Aside from Heinz who was biting the back of his teeth, the rest were dumbfounded.

In this awkward atmosphere, only Suu was smiling with a rope in hands.

... You were already prepared, didn't you?

"So there's still time, right?"

"I think there's enough time to enjoy some tea."

"Archduke Zest, you should have told us sooner..."

"Your Maejesty, it's your own fault for attacking so suddenly."

Those were the exchanges between the refrigerator and me, and between the Beast King Elenora, and prime Minister Emilia.

With Heinz bounded with a rope by Suu, I dragged him with some black iron chains that the black knights prepared.

Naturally, since I'm using magic strengthening, it won't be a simple matter to disengage... such a blockhead

"The preparations for the tea are ready. Since lady Tsubaki, and the other n.o.bles have already taken refuge, I guess we can take it easy."

"Oh, thanks for your troubles. Everyone, please come."

In a certain sense, only the parties involved remain at the hall.

Only those related to the Holy Country of Lilac, and the Beast King men.

Also the war maidens, and the black knights.

Oh, the elven Queen Elisha is also here.

We all sit around the table that Suu prepared, we need to decide what to do next.

"So, is it possible to defeat Heinz?"

Queen Elisha was the first to bring it up.

As the incident happened in this country, and the queen being the top authority in the current time, she naturally was in charge of taking care of it.

Although he is in a state where he can't move, he can't be leaved as it is.

"Well, the armor seems to consume a ma.s.sive amount of magic power. It would be impossible for that man to activate it again. So in normal

normal conditions... it would be possible."

"In that case, may I ask archduke Zest to take care of it?"

"I do not mind, but there is a problem... To tell you the truth due to the properties of the armor's structure, its weak point attribute will change according to the affinities of the user. Furthermore, even without the effect of absolute defense, it has the ability to greatly strengthen the user's abilities. If I fight, it is possible to defeat him... but the conflict might end destroying half of the castle."

"Ha!? Is that even possible!?"

It certainly has attacks invalidation, but it seems it wasn't thought against bindings... so unreasonable.

Moreover, he can't speak right now since Suu stuffed a cloth into his mouth.

But when he becomes able to move again, this degree of retrains will be easily broken... hard to say if it's a strong or weak opponent.

"Furthermore, it seems this fellow possesses the light attribute. The same as me... So attacking from the front would make the surrounding's damage to increase. The weak point is darkness attribute, so who inside the country of elves..."

"Haa... There's no one with the darkness attribute in my country. What about the holy kingdom or the Gryphon country?"

The queen asks while dropping her shoulders, but the other to respond in a negative.

"There's no one in the holy country."

"It's regrettable that there's no one in my kingdom."

As you can imagine, those were the words from the fridge, and prime minister Emilia.

The beast King is eating the snacks prepared by Suu, and is not listening at all.

"In that case, do you want to bring Bea from my territory... Or maybe you would want to ask the frontier count for help? With a dragon hurrying it would take some hours..."

"In the meantime, would you suppress him, archduke Zest?"

"With just that... Let's also move the holy knights."


"Your Majesty, please do not speak with your mouth full."

Just as prime minister Emilia tried to give tea to the Beast King Elenora... that suddenly happened.

At first, it felt as if the temperature of the hall dropped a little.


a little.

But that was only the beginning.

If we use an a.n.a.logy... it felt like a moonless dark night.

If despair had a color, it would be that color.

Such a black overwhelming presence overflowed from the hall door.


"Your Majesty, please escape!"

"Wh! This intimidation!!"

"Oh, Toto's presence?"

"Suu, hide behind me."

"Master, please apologize at once."

The queen's legs gave in, while prime minister Emilia was shaking with a deep blue face.

The Beast King prepared her axe while shaking, the refrigerator had a relaxed face.

And then... their figures slowly appeared in front of us.

"Zest-sama... I heard from Albert, and Tsubaki."

'Oh, Zest-sama. I'm really glad that you are okay'

*Koton... koton* her steps resound as she walks closer.

Glancing at Heinz, he is foaming from his mouth, showing the white of his eyes.

With it being his weakness, he becomes like this from such a strong aura of the darkness attribute.

"To ruin my cute daughter's wedding... And a man with such preferences tried to attack Zest-sama."4

'So stupid... Ufufufufufufufufufufufufufufufufufufufufu.'

(Ah, dad! Mom seriously got angry, lets not disturb her.)

It can be understood just by looking. It's at the level where the aura can be cu with a knife.

I patted Toto's head who flew towards me, and sat on my shoulder.

"To try stealing Zest-sama from me... Moreover he is a man..."

'Only for me... Zest-sama is only mine...'

With a high-pitched *kyiin* resounding, Bea's magical power warped around her body.

The pitch black magical power wrapping her whole body rose like steam.

"You need some education!"

'I will never forgive you!'

Bea wore her magical power like a shinigami's mantle.

She's using her magic strengthening in serious mode... like this he can beat Albert into a pulp, and make the dragons show their belly in submission.

Her right hand is holding a black sphere made of darkness magic compressed to the utmost releasing a *gigigigigi* sound.

It sounded like the devil's voice announcing the end of the world. Meanwhile, the shinigami turned towards with a smile on her face, waiting for my answer.

"I love Bea."

(Mom, take care!)

"Ufufu, I />

"Ufufu, I will be on my way."

'I won't leave even the bones.'

While walking, the marble floor made a sc.r.a.pping sound caused by her magical power.

Bea is completely under the impression that Heinz tried to steal me from her.

... I can't stop her I can't possibly go against her.

I can only pray for Heinz to not die.

"Oh, everyone, some might already know, but just in case, she is my wife Bea."

"Toto, it's been a while. Want some cookies?"

(I want! It's been a long time, Garbera!)

"I will take good care of Tsubaki, so is it possible to get along? Please!?"

"Impossible... I can't picture myself winning against her..."

"Sister, Gryphon will get destroyed!! Please stop!!"

Except for one, every leader of each country is in a state of mayhem.

I understand that feeling... Bea is really scary in that state.

Actually I also leaked a little bit.

"Master, how about leaving the rest to the madam and have a cup of tea?"

"Lets do that, as expeted it is scary... I'm already tired..."

While Heinz's screams echoed out, our tea ceremony resumed.

It's unreasonable to try to stop her.

I don't want to die yet.

"By the way, why is Bea here?" 5

"Since the envoys from each country have arrived, it was arranged for the madam to come, as both parents are supposed to attend just for today."

"... Is that so."

I have to find out from where did that armor came from, and report it to the demons.

Bea, please don't kill him.

I was praying while drinking my tea that didn't have any taste...


1. Guessing on this one since it's really unclear what/who it is apart from being the beast king's.

2. I hope I'm not getting too liberal in this TL

3. Beats me, full mouth j.a.panese is well beyond my capabilities.

4. As in a gay man trying to s.e.xually a.s.sault Zest, the raws used pretty graphic language about this but I feel it is out of character for Bea, am I wrong?

5. Ihank goodness, I was starting to think I missed this explanation somewhere

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