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"Laugh all you want, but you're not walking out of here alive today!"

The dozen elites brought by the Elders were annihilated in the blink of an eye and turned into dead bodies on the street. As aggrieved and resentful as they might be, there was still a hopefulness in them, which seemed to result from the magic circle they were activating, but there also seemed to be something else.

"Oft Sċyld Sċefing sċeaþena þrēatum!"

Finally, the hexagram on the ground was completed and was now emanating a dark glow. The supreme elder chanted an ancient spell. "Come out, Shrieking Enchantress!"


There was a strange cry that was not entirely male or female. It was halfway between wailing and sobbing and was pa.s.sionate and chilly at the same time. The dark glow flickered around the hexagram, reminding one of a whirlpool. Immediately after that, two delicate and flawless ankles stuck out.

The legs kept rising, revealing the long and plump thighs, the end of which was covered by a piece of green skirt… after that came the tiny waist, the full bosom, and a female face making no secret of its primitive desire.

It remained upside down as if it was hanging from some torturing device and jumped out of the hexagram in that posture.

As mentioned before, the Thelema a.s.sociation carried out their practice by communicating with their guardian angels. This "angel" was in the form of intangible energy and communicating with it was extremely difficult before one's mind was opened up.

Hence, a few elders studied the secret scrolls left behind by Crowley and came up with a concretized guardian angel, whose original form was taken from the banshee of Irish mythology that brought the message of death to men with each cry.


Gu Yu eyed it curiously. The thing had a beautiful female face and long green hair. There was nothing evil about it; instead, it looked rather like a pretty green fairy.

The next second, however, he overturned that conclusion.


The "woman" made that strange noise again and opened its mouth, revealing a mouthful of beastly sharp serrated teeth that grew in successive rows. Right after that, its eyes turned red and its feet became webbed like those of a frog.

"Aroo… woo…"


The noise grew louder and more shrilling, raising a stronger fluctuation of energy. Gu Yu could sense the air around him stirring, making an alarming vibration as if a storm was coming.


Finally, the thing let out the most forlorn growl so far, drawing out the air from the entire street. Time seemed to freeze for a second.


Then, without a warning, there came a violent blast, snapping the tree trunks and sending cars into the air.

The asphalt road was crushed into powder and the subgrade beneath looked like building blocks randomly thrown into a pile. s.p.a.ce seemed to have folded on itself before being smashed towards Gu Yu, soon devouring him.


There came the second scream. The penetrating sound reached as far as hundreds of meters away, sending people guarding either end of the street into a confused state.

The less affected went unconscious and the more severe cases lost their minds, so much so that they began to shoot at their colleagues.


The third scream arrived right after that.

Unlike the first two, which were fluctuations of energy, this one was the law itself. The Irish banshee always arrived with the announcement of death! Be it the result of magic or sorcery, the fact that it showed up meant "death".

It was the same case as the binding law between the spell word and the consequence of the oriental system: once death was named, death there had to be. Of course, AA was not that powerful yet and the law was not exactly a definite law, but it was going in the same direction.

The moment the sound rang out, people on both ends of the street blanked out, then without warning, three of four people dropped to the ground, all life gone from them.

"The Shrieking Enchantress!"

Erhard, Ernese, and the others arrived at the scene in a hurry at this moment and were astonished by what they found. They immediately instructed the others to fall back and keep away from its impact range.

"What is going on?"

"I have no idea. Our young friend is in there and I can't sense him!"


While they were talking anxiously outside, the team of elders was crowing over their opponent, who had been buried under a pile of debris and made no movement for quite a while. The guy was obviously dead.

"However powerful you Chinese think you are, a single man like you is no match for our order. We have inherited from Master Crowley— what?!"

The supreme elder's arrogant smile froze on his face as smoke and dust rose up. They could then faintly make out a slender figure standing there, giving off an indifferent air.


"Sword, to me!"

The words brushed past their ears like a breeze stealing into the night. The seven elders watched this with open mouths as an overpowering pressure rose out of the dust.

There was also a glint of golden light, which contained so much energy that it reminded them of the origin of a cosmic explosion.


A golden flame then erupted in mid-air. "Die!"


The female face was now covered with terror and opened its mouth to scream again.

The sound wave met the golden flame head on, and the impact sent rippling fluctuations into all directions. The golden light flashed like rushing snowflakes, which then turned into thin threads. The enchantress' long hair flapped wildly in the wind and its skirt was ripped into pieces. The fair skin then began to crackle like broken eggsh.e.l.ls.

Green blood oozed out of the cracks and the hexagram on the ground flickered frantically, threatening to fall apart.

"T-the enchantress is hurt!"

"How could that happen?"

The team of elders was petrified and still had a hard time believing all this.

"Still alive? Interesting…" Gu Yu was surprised as well when he saw that the enchantress was still sending out energy. "Another one, then!"


There went the unmatching power of the Devil-smashing Red Sun Sword!

The golden flame expanded instantly, stretching out infinitely to the left, the right, up, and down, which almost formed a sea of flames, filling every crevice of Vic Street.


The enchantress had finally stopped roaring, now crying out in fear. Its crackling skin was peeling off and green blood spurted out, only to be devoured by the flames instantaneously.

The torrential sword energy rose tens of meters high and rushed through the street from one end to the other, which was way beyond what the four-meter-wide street could take. The entire Vic Street was almost vaporized. Everything in it was washed out by the enormous gash.

The five-hundred-year-old street was no more at that moment.


Gu Yu drew back the sword and stood there dazed for a moment. After taking out the entire elite force of AA, he did not feel any joy. Instead, the irritation seemed to be worse.

Walking out of the dust, he realized that the impulse inside did not subside at all. He now felt like a man drinking strong tea on an empty stomach, which only made his nerves more jumpy.

"Almost there! Just a little more!"

He reached the end of Vic Street, stepped over the ruins, and looked at the crowd waiting there. Men with various mysterious powers were present, among them were mages, Onmyoji, alchemist, and even African sorcerers.

"I was on the brim of breaking through and all I needed was a secluded place to digest my internal energy and settle my mind. You simply had to mess with me now. I couldn't have my peaceful moment and had to risk it, reaching the next level in this destructive way."

Cheeks slightly flushed, Gu Yu almost looked inebriated. He was now at a confusing and critical moment; even the look he was giving the others was filled with impulsion and disgust.

"No, no, I'm not with them!"

"We're leaving, now!"

"Please don't do this! Please!"

The onlookers were scared out of their wits. After that mind-blowing strike of sword, none of them had the illusion of fighting this man.

"Young friend, calm down! Please calm down!"

Erhard and the others rushed to Gu Yu's side. Realizing that there was something wrong with his state of mind, they dumped mind-calming magic on him like running fire hoses.

"Oh, Erhard, Ernese, Cohen…"

Gu Yu's confused mind cleared a little and he was able to recognize these few, but the next moment, that uncontrollable feeling came back.


He was about to say something when he snapped his head towards Siebengebirge on the south. From that grayish white mountain, he could clearly sense a powerful fluctuation.

"Haha! That's why!" Gu Yu let out a laughter and suddenly saw the light. "They were no idiots and I have been wondering what gave them the courage? So you're the answer. It's time to meet!"

With that, he turned into a cloud of mist and disappeared into the distance.

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