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  The next second, Yu Lulu once again fell to the ground terribly, and was in a kind of awkward posture, like a dog eating feces.

  However, this time was not due to Wen Nuan.

  Wen Nuan turned around. She saw Fang Yu holding a mop in front of Yu Lulu, pointing at her nose and glaring at her.

  "How do you dare to set upmy Wen Nuan, don’t you want to live anymore?"

  Fang Yu thought that Di Juehao was too powerful and she couldn’t affordto maketrouble to him. But this white lotus flower could be smashed anytime!

  It was not easy for Fang Yu to become a designer a.s.sistant. Just because this bad woman hatedthe smell of the stinky tofu, she wa.s.sent to the logistics. When the whole company was off work, she had to work hard to mop the ground. Fang Yu was so angry and saw that Yu Lulu wanted to attack Wen Nuan from behind!

  Yu Lulu was mourning, and Fang Yu once again showed her the mop.

  "You want to retaliate?"

  Yu Lulu was simply going to give it up.

  Really, she just wanted to get up!

  "I don't!" Yu Lulu retorted.

  She moved again and Fang Yu poked again.

  Yu Lulu was made very awkward.

  Wen Nuan squinted at the ceiling, pretending not to see them.

  "What are you doing?"

  In the low voice, there was a great anger.

  Yu Lulu, who had just curled up, suddenly seemed to be full of blood and resurrected. She extended the tone of mourning and shouted: "Juehao..."

  Di Juehao walked quickly towards Wen Nuan, and the cold eyes seemed to make a hole in her face.

  "Wen Nuan, you went too far!"

  Wen Nuan thought: Did I go too far? Didn’t you go too far by leavingbehindyour newly married wife to meet the mistress?

  Wen Nuan immediately put a serious look, and asked coldly: "President Di, may I ask which of your eyessaw I went too far? What did I do?"

  Di Juehao was stunned.

  Indeed, Wen Nuan did nothing. She just looked aside.

  The cold eyes of Di Juehao swept Fang Yu.

  Fang Yu poked the mop to the ground and lifted her neck. "President Di, don't blame Wen Nuan. It wasIwho hit her!"


  "However, I am out of self-defense!"

  "Absolutely not!" Yu Lulu shouted onthe ground. "Obviously you werebullying me and making a surprise attack from behind!"

  Fang Yu put the mop in front of Yu Lulu and she was scared back.

  Fang Yu was staring at Yu Lulu in a higher physical position, "Yu Lulu, you are soshameless!Who wasbullying you? If you didn’t want to hit Wen Nuan, would Iraid you? No, it wasnot a surprise attack, I washelping my friend!"

  Fang Yu turned to look at Di Juehao, and she said in a seriousmanner: "President Di, I just used the wrong word. It was not a self-defense, I was helping my friend!"

  The cold eyes of Di Juehao fell on Fang Yu, and he could not wait to cuther into eight pieces.

  Di Juehao thought:What a stubborn woman!

  He thought that Fang Yu was not seeking progress at work, and every fight was related to her!

  Di Juehao thought: She was justthesame person asWen Nuan!

  Di Juehao was wondering: After Wen Nuan left awayand I bought Wen’s company, the reason why I hired this woman was due to her good relationship with Wen Nuan. Iwanted to get some Wen Nuan’s informationfrom her. Unexpectedly, this woman was becoming more and more ignorant.

  The eyes of Di Juehaosquinted slightly, and it seemed that any look of Fang Yu was disgusting.

  "Take your own things and leave away!"

  Fang Yu took the mop and was shocked.

  Yu Lulu smiled happily, and took a provocative eye on Fang Yu.

  She thought: Hey, can you poke me again?

  Fang Yu was so angry that she threw the mop. She said seriously: "Hey, if it wasnot because Wen Nuan is here, and I am afraid that she will be bullied by you, I would quit the jobimmediately!"

  Wen Nuan stopped her and asked her to be calm.

  Di Juehao looked at Wen Nuan with some sudden expectation.

  He was wondering: When the Di family made her a lot of scandals and asked her to leave the house without anything, she was able to fight back and win herself 10% of the shares. This time I made trouble to her best friend, what would she do?

  Wen Nuan took one step forward and looked at Di Juehao. She asked him modestly: "What is the reason for President Di to expel Fang Yu?"

  "For those who disobey the company management, and deliberately fight with others and make trouble, the company can fire themdirectly without paying liquidated damages. This regulation is clearly written in the company’s employee contract. Since Miss Daisy has studied the company regulations for an afternoon, should you know this?

  Whenever Di Juehao was extremely unhappy with Wen Nuan, and wanted to deal with her in a public way, he would call her English name Daisy.

  Wen Nuan thought: You want to talk about the company regulations, right?

  Wen Nuan smiled slightly, "OK, it seems that there is such a regulation."

  She turned around and shrugged helplessly toward Fang Yu. "How many times have I told you that the impulse is the devil? Why can't you remember it? This time I can't help you. Pack your things and leave away!"


  For a time, Fang Yu did not realize Wen Nuan’s intention, and her mouth was widely open.

  On the side, Yu Lulu moved her lips and said, "Fang Yu, you are fired! Do you understand?"

  Fang Yu’s face was pulled down. She was just looking forward to that Wen Nuan could save her. But the result...


  She was a typical moonlight clan. If she lost the job, she wouldn’t have money to eat, orto pay rent, and she had to sleep on the road next month!

  Fang Yu stretched her armsand wrapped around Wen Nuan’s neck. She was screaming: "I was fired because of helping you. You have to raise me!"

  Wen Nuan lift her head and smiled, "Of course!"

  Fang Yu reached out and pinched her pink face, "Hey!"

  The intimate relationship of the two women made Di Juehao very angry. Under his cold eyes lit up two small flames.

  He thought that who said that the s.e.xual orientation of the woman was normal, she must be retested tomorrow!

  Di Juehao was wondering that these two people were already so intimate in public, if she lived in Wen Nuan’s home...

  The face of Di Juehao was suddenly getting black like the bottom of the pot.

  Seeing that Di Juehao was only staring at Wen Nuan and Fang Yu, without paying attention to her, Yu Lulu moved her waist and she pretended to be screaming: “Hey—”

  This screaming tone really killed people!

  Fang Yu reached out and rubbed her ears. She asked Wen Nuan: "Would you like me to cover your ears?"

  Wen Nuan’s heart pa.s.sed a burst of laughter, but her face kept serious. She reprimanded Fang Yu: "Why we cover? Since President Di appreciates this tone, as his staff members, we should be close to his aesthetic!"

  "I am not, oh, you are still his employee!"

  The two women made some ironic comments on the side, while taking the corner of theireyesto look at Di Juehao.

  Di Juehao's cold eyes fell down on Yu Lulu's face, like a flying knife.

  He always knew that Yu Lulu liked to make troubles. As long as she didn't touch his bottom line, he would tolerant her without limit. But today, he never found out that Yu Lulu’s embarra.s.sing att.i.tude was so annoying!

  Yu Lulu was scared by the cold eyes of Di Juehao, and she climbed up from the ground quickly.

  Once she loosed her grip, the long slit on her short skirt cracked open.


  Fang Yu and Wen Nuan laughed unkindly.

  Di Juehao's face turned livid with rage.

  He thought that this stupid woman was actually bullied like this, if it was Wen Nuan...

  Suddenly aware of his own thoughts, Di Juehao quickly stopped and retracted his thoughts. He said: "Don't you go back and change it?"

  Yu Lulu took an awkward and angry look at Fang Yu and turned to leave.

  Wen Nuan showed a smile and shouted: "Wait! Things are not finished yet!"

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